Blood Needed


She came awake to the sound of her own sobs.

She must have been crying even in her forced sleep. Looking around wildly she saw nothing but darkness. Her hands were tied too tightly up above her, sending needles of pain down her arms until she sat up straight.

Gone where her travel worn clothes along with her weapons, instead she were a long, silk dress that she could feel pooled around her and a silver necklace that weighted much more than is should have. Her thick, sturdy boots were gone, exchanged for soft, satin slippers.

She felt her stomach turn.

She looked around at the darkness through her tears, hoping to catch a glimpse of something that would tell her everything would be fine. "Xirena! Xenos!" she called, hoping, praying for a sign that they were there with her, like they always were.


"Xirena! Xenos!" she cried between sobs. "Please," she whispered, letting her head drop. "Please say something."

They're dead, a small, hollow voice whispered in her head, making her weep harder. Or don't you remember?


She struggled furiously against the rope binding her wrists for a few moments, trying to out run the reality that wanted to destroy her. Finally she gave up.

"No," she whispered to the still blackness. "No, no, no! No! No!"

Because they were dead, oh blessed Mother, they were dead and it was all her fault.

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