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OK, so what this is – this is a good old internet meme found on DeviantArt via theisraelproject107. Take 10 random songs from your playlist and write "drabbles" from them. I think that's the idea. So, since I phail at drabbling and always go on forever, each "drabble" will be a chapter in this little collection.

Apologies in advance for any and all OOC-ness! This is my first time writing some of these guys – that's my excuse! Also, I like to screw around with characters. ;D

Warning: While some of this is lame and tame, I reserve the right to be totally hardcore without warning.

Disclaimer: None of the songs or characters are mine, nor will they ever be.

Update of 2009: The Drabble Series clearly now goes beyond the borders of a 10 song meme. Henceforward, I shall write drabbles whenever I damn well please and pitch them in here like this is my fanfic junk drawer where everything goes when I don't know what to do with it. ^_^

Break-Up Song by Reliant K

"It's not you, it's me."

God, not again.

There were two things Leon hated. One was a song. Not a particularly unique or memorable song, just an ordinary, forgettable, depressing song about breaking up. The other was that stupid, cheesy, lying line that had ended his last five relationships.

"I'm really sorry, Leon. I just need some time..."

He knew how the speech went. He didn't even need to listen anymore, just wait two minutes and then nod quietly. He kept his head slightly down, his gazed fixed and apparently listening, as he waited for the two minutes to pass.

Don't listen, don't think about it...think of something else.

Think of what? Anything. I need to get away…it's been forever since I had a vacation. Or just went for a nice drive…

With that, Leon's mind was off, remembering the feel of wind in his hair, the fluid turns and rise and fall of the road, the powerful rumble of a bike under him…and the feel of the slim, muscular waist under his hands, the scent of the bike's owner so strong as he buried his face in the back of that jacket…


It was another bad direction for his thoughts, but this time, Leon didn't notice. There was a sinking feeling that accompanied that name whenever he remembered it...whenever he remembered his first heartbreak.

They had been young...they met during their freshman year of college. Neither of them had ever been with another man before – hadn't even thought about it – but when they met, the attraction was just so strange and powerful, they couldn't resist.

At least, Leon had felt that way.

He wasn't even drunk at the party when they hooked up. Not after only two beers. And yet, he hadn't even thought about resisting. The moment a much more drunk Cloud had reached for him, he was in the other's arms...

Of course, there was the aftermath. Cloud had panicked a bit...Leon could still remember waking up the next morning, watching Cloud wake up, seeing the realization hit him and feeling his heart drop into his stomach as Cloud's eyes widened with shock.

He couldn't take watching the blond turn a disgusted or horrified face on him, so he just turned away, pulling the sheet around him (noticing that they had made it back to Cloud's room somehow). Hunched up and miserable, he figured he had nothing to lose.

"Cloud I love you." He tried to force out more words, some apology or explanation…but his voice refused. Instead, he began to get dressed as quickly as possible. He heard Cloud sit up quietly and turn away. He glanced behind him at the blond's back – Cloud was sitting on his bed with his head in his hands. His radio alarm went off…oh, a song about breaking up…perfect. Leon had thought bitterly. Cloud quickly shut it off.

Leon expected they would never speak again. Cloud had surprised him, stopping him before he even got out the door. Leon knew this was a bad idea – he could see that Cloud wasn't sure, that the blond was just letting his desire take over – Leon knew this was going to hurt eventually, but…he couldn't help it. When he felt that kiss, he automatically surrendered.

He had no idea how much pain he was in for.

The whole four years of college seemed like an endless cycle – mutual lust and overpowering desire taking them both down, then Cloud's uncertainty pulling them apart. He never spoke of it, but Leon could see the doubt as plainly as the face in front of his – the face of the one he loved and wanted with all his being.

Distance and then suffocating closeness. The worst part was the secrecy…but Cloud never agreed to stop hiding. He was too afraid. It was torture, but Leon had long ago quit caring about that – he had known it from the beginning, it would be torture either way. And he chose torture with Cloud.

Until the end of senior year. In a little café on campus, with a sad song playing on the radio…a song about breaking up…"It's not you, it's me." The first time he heard that horrid line, and even then he couldn't believe anyone would say such a silly thing.

I know already Cloud…it's always been you. Who else would it be? You are the one who has never loved me.

Cloud had gotten himself engaged to some girl within two months, and Leon had stopped keeping track of him from then on. Yet, like some kind of curse, some thorny reminder of his broken heart, that line kept coming back. And here it was again…the thing he hated, reminding him of that song, reminding him of Cloud.

Oh shit… The present had come back in a rush, as a touch on his arm told him he had missed the two-minute mark. Well, better late than never. Leon gave his usual nod. That seemed to help. Ex Number Five relaxed and said her quiet goodbyes.

Leon had a headache. He walked home, trying to clear his head with the night air. But it wasn't enough…there was no breeze. He really needed to get away, go for a drive or something…but he was in front of his apartment building before he knew it. He sighed with frustration at the hulking brick building.

And then he sucked in a breath suddenly. His heart seemed to stop. A motorcycle was parked on the street out front…he knew that bike.

He couldn't move…he didn't know for how long. I can't do it again, I can't, I can't…I can't, but…

He still couldn't help it. He took the stairs two at a time.

He knew what he would see. The figure waiting outside his door didn't surprise him in the least…but he still gasped.

Their eyes met. Cloud…

Leon was ready. He knew what to expect. He moved forward to unlock the door. Cloud would act naturally until safely hidden inside, behind a locked door. Leon was ready…he knew he would bury all the pain all over again just to be held by this man…

And then arms were around him, clutching him tightly. Cloud's face was buried in his shoulder…he was sobbing! Leon was confused…he glanced around. They were still in the

hallway. What was going on? There were people talking at the end of the hall, someone had their door open….they were still in public, visible! Leon was frozen with shock.


"Leon I love you. I…" The blond choked on his tears. Unable to speak, he reached forward, pulling the brunet's body close, and kissed him passionately.

Leon's eyes were wide, his body frozen, his mind blank. When the lips drew back, he could only stammer, "C-Cloud…there are people…"

"I don't care." The decisive tone caught Leon's attention. He looked into those oh-so-familiar eyes…but they were different. He had never seen them so…sure.

"I love you. I always did but…God Leon, I'm so sorry. If you can…forgive…if we can try again…this time…I'll make you happy."

There was music drifting out of the open door down the hall. Leon could hear it clearly…that damn breakup song again. But this time…Like hell. Not this time. This time, Leon knew they would be OK.

"Promise?" Oh I love you so much Cloud.

"I promise."


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