Author's Note: Surprise! Drabble time!'s kinda too long to be called a drabble. And it's really nothing more than filthy, dirty porn. And it's not even well-suited to the characters, because I didn't originally intend to write Sephiroth and Cloud, I just wanted to write penises and sex, so I wrote two other random people you've never heard of and then realized it didn't fit them, so I changed it to these two on suggestion, just to have a plausible reason for Person A and Person B to fuck each other messily. XD And, you know, so I could share the filthy smut with you guys! XD Behold, the heights of literary artistry that my porn reaches! Also behold my magnificent, creative titles! XD

Oh lord. XD

Shinra Smut

The how and why and all the rest made for a long, dull story. Suffice to say, there was no good reason General Sephiroth was stuck at SOLDIER HQ tonight instead of out, relaxing and enjoying some of his rare free time. Still, here he was, striding tensely down the hall to the training rooms, which should be empty this late. He needed to work off some of the week's frustration. The door to the training room clicked open, and General Sephiroth stopped in his tracks. There was a thin young blond boy doing pull-ups. The boy glanced in his direction at the sound of the door opening, then stopped and let go of the bar, dropping to the ground in surprise. Sephiroth nodded a greeting. "Cadet."

The slender young man jumped to attention. "G-General Sephiroth! I-I'm sorry, I didn't know you would be…that is…I'll get out of your way immediately, Sir!"

Waving a hand dismissively, Sephiroth shook his head. "At ease, Cadet. You may continue."

The cadet blushed, edging for the door. "N-No, that's quite all right Sir, I really should be returning to the barracks anyway, and, and, um…"

Sephiroth couldn't help chuckling to himself – although it probably didn't show beyond the faintest smirk on his lips. These new recruits are always so in awe of me. It was mildly amusing, usually. Sometimes annoying, depending on the recruit. On this one, it was a little bit…cute. "Cadet, I insist. Finish your training routine." He softened slightly and hefted some weights. "And tell me your name."

"S-Strife, Sir. Cloud Strife." The boy was even redder than before, now, and as Sephiroth lifted the free weights for some toning, the cadet almost tripped over himself as he returned to the pull-up bar.

At first, Sephiroth only grunted his acknowledgement as his muscles strained. He'd removed his coat and armor already, and when he changed weights he paused to unbuckle the straps and shuck the rest of his clothing above the waist, leaving his chest bare. Cadet Strife, he noticed, was wearing a standard-issue tank top and his uniform pants. Sephiroth also noticed the sweat darkening the fabric, and the way the young man's slender arms and chest strained with each pull-up…and he wasn't quite as skinny as he looked, when the wiry muscles in his arms flexed. He was already shaping up to be a fine SOLDIER. And…a beautiful young man.

When the cadet finished his pull-ups, Sephiroth watched him carefully, pleased to see him apparently preparing to do some sit-ups. "Cloud," he began, startling the boy as he approached, "allow me to help you."

Cloud, already sitting down, barely had time to open his mouth in protest before Sephiroth had knelt and held down his feet for him. "N-N-N-No really, Sir, that's not n-necessary at all, I'm fine, you don't n-need in interrupt your workout…!"

Eyes hardening to ice, Sephiroth snapped, "Give me fifty, SOLDIER!"

"Yes Sir!" Cloud gasped, and immediately began pumping out sit-ups with impressive speed. Sephiroth smirked and eyed the boy as he worked – the sweaty tank top stuck to his skin, revealing in beautiful detail the way the boy's abs bunched and strained with each sit-up. Sephiroth could easy catch an alluring hint of the young man's scent, here – a heady mix of fresh sweat and something sweet yet spicy. He abandoned all appearances as Cloud grunted through his sit-ups, openly staring at every inch of young, healthy male. Perhaps this evening would supply him with something relaxing and enjoyable after all.

Cloud finished, stopped, and glanced up, accidentally meeting Sephiroth's eyes for a moment before he looked down. His face, already flushed from the exercise, turned even redder with a deep blush. "Th-Thank you, Sir. You can go back to…th-that is, I'm all sweaty and you don't need to…"

Sephiroth smiled as gently as he could. "There's no need to be embarrassed, Cloud. Sweat is good. It's proof that you are giving the training your all."

"I…y-yes General." The boy blushed, smiling shyly at him through his eyelashes. "Th-thank you…"

"Mmmm," Sephiroth hummed, reaching out to brush a few fingers along the young man's jaw line and under his chin. "You are quite lovely, my dear."

Cloud's face went impossibly red, his voice trembling, his eyes downcast. "But…but I'm a…m-man!" The blurted-out answer must have made sense in his own head, but to Sephiroth, the connection wasn't obvious. Cloud looked as though logic had momentarily deserted him.

General Sephiroth eyed up the cadet, sitting there with his knees still bent. The cadet uniform was small, fitting nicely around the slim, firm male body beneath it. Licking his lips, Sephiroth imagined the skin still annoyingly concealed by drab, sweat-soaked fabric. Oh yes…this would make up for his almost-ruined evening. This would relieve lots of stress. And his little darling wouldn't be the least bit difficult to charm, from the looks of it. "I didn't mean to say you weren't a man, Cloud. I'm well aware of that rather obvious fact," he purred. "However, you don't seem aware of just how attractive a man you are."

Eyes darting around uncertainly, Cloud stammered, "A-Attractive? B-But…girls have never really seen me that way, and…"

"I wasn't talking about women, Cloud," Sephiroth interrupted. He leaned forward, over Cloud's knees, into the young man's space. Nudging his face closer, he could feel the hot, frantic pants of Cloud's breath against his lips – and Cloud could feel his own warm, steady exhalations brushing his mouth. Was that thin sound from the cadet a…moan? Sephiroth murmured, "I meant, you are irresistibly attractive…to me."

Cloud didn't get a chance to respond. Sephiroth closed the last of the distance between them, pressing his lips against Cloud' and slipping his tongue quickly into the bashful boy's mouth. He caught the sound of a surprised whimper, but he didn't let that deter him for a moment. Snaking his arms around that thin frame, he pulled – Cloud's legs straightened and fell out of the way, and Sephiroth effortlessly lifted the other man bodily off the ground. Their bodies pressed together as Cloud hung in his arms – chest to chest, hips to hips, mouths wetly colliding…because Cloud was hungrily kissing him back. Sephiroth could feel the eager tension in his body, making him press himself closer, his legs coming up to tighten around Sephiroth's hips – rubbing the fronts of their bodies together, seeking just that little hint of friction. Cloud sucked on his tongue, and Sephiroth readily gave him more, beginning to kiss him with a lustful, wild passion.

Oh Jenova, yes. Sephiroth had been aching for a good fuck. His hands fisted in the sweaty fabric of Cloud' tank top, blunt fingernails raking at the man's back as he crushed himself against Cloud. He rolled his hips forward and felt the hard bulge of the cadet's arousal, straining in his uniform pants.

"O-Ohhhhh! General…ahh!" Slender arms wrapped around his head and shoulders as Cloud alternately moaned and whimpered, then kissed him hungrily. Sephiroth obeyed his own needs at the sound, and let his hands slip down to clamp on two big handfuls of the cadet's ass. He might have been skinny, but he had exactly Sephiroth's type of ass – lean, tight, and utterly fuckable. He began to rub and grope Cloud' ass as they made out wildly in the training room. Cloud, for his part, began to lose control, rutting his hips eagerly against Sephiroth's. The feeling added to his building arousal, and his own cock began to tent his pants, pressing urgently back against Cloud's concealed erection. Hells, he was ready to fuck already!

"Call me Sephiroth, Cloud…" He growled, moving his mouth down Cloud's throat with harsh, sucking kisses, using his teeth and tongue liberally. "Just moan my name, and whimper it, and scream it when you cum…because, Sweetheart, you're going to be doing that a lot."

Panicked gasps answered him as the cadet trembled – and as Sephiroth began to quickly attack the fastenings keeping the cadet in his pants. "C-Cum? Gen…I mean, Sephiroth…you don't mean…?"

"Mmmmmm." Sephiroth ripped the cadet's shirt over his head, sparing a moment to remind himself not to injure this boy…and then forgetting that thought as the smooth, warm planes of Cloud's chest were laid bare before him. His hands immediately went to the firm chest, fingers rubbing circles around both pinkish nipples as he mouthed Cloud's throat even more freely. "Means…I'm gonna fuck you, Cloud. Right here, on the….mmmmm floor."

He didn't get an answer to that, but Sephiroth took that moment to attack the buckles of his boots and kick them off, returning quickly to continue to kiss and suck along the line of Cloud's clavicles and the curve of his shoulder. He was pressing close again as if there had been no pause, sweating as his skin slipped against Cloud's body, their peaked nipples catching against each other as they rubbed together. Sephiroth pulled the man up into another passionate kiss, and only then did he begin to notice Cloud stillness.

Drawing back, he noticed that the blue eyes of the cadet looked…stunned. Sephiroth actually paused at that. "What is it?"

"I…I n-never expected…I mean…" Cloud's words were nervous little gasps. Sephiroth's eyes narrowed.

"You have some objection?" This didn't happen much…

"No!" Clear eyes looked straight into his, then the boy colored pink and looked away. "I…I'm honored, Sir. It's just that I haven't…ever…"

Frowning, he asked, "Cloud…are you a virgin?"

The color the young man's face turned immediately answered everything. Sephiroth's cock throbbed hard in his pants. With a heavy groan of pure lust, he pushed Cloud onto his back on the workout mat. God, the sight of him – laid out like a delicious meal, his body so slim and lovely, skin all flushed a dark pink, sweat giving him a glistening look in the bright industrial lighting…and the front of his pants nearly bursting open with the size and strength of the virgin's erection…! Sephiroth couldn't resist, and for one moment, he cupped his own cock and rubbed himself vigorously as he gazed at the tempting young man. "Oh, Baby…you're so beautiful…" he breathed, leaning down. "I'm going to blow your little mind tonight."

"General…Sephiroth…" The whisper was a little frightened, yet the quiver in Cloud's voice wasn't from fear – it was need. Lust. Pure, desperate arousal – and Sephiroth was going to satisfy him to the core. He turned all his attention back to Cloud, pinching and rolling his pretty little nipples with his fingers, sucking wet, pleasuring kisses all over his chest before shifting to close his mouth around one of the achingly hard little peaks. "Aghhhh! Sephiroth!" Cloud cried aloud as Sephiroth sucked his nipple into his mouth, flicking the nub with the tip of his tongue, then rubbing it with the hot, wet flat of his tongue instead. When he pulled off, the nipple was red from the attention, and shining with Sephiroth's saliva.

Cloud threw his head back and forth as Sephiroth lavished just as much attention on the other one – at the same time, ridding himself of his pants. He bridged over Cloud in nothing but his tight black underwear now, his cock making a thick outline where the fabric pressed his skin. But there would be time for that later, Sephiroth told himself. First, he had to see to Cloud.

Licking a path down the young man's stomach, he made short work of the fastenings on his pants. He had to lift Cloud's hips a little to drag the clothing off, but the eager virgin helped, rising as far as he could so that Sephiroth could strip him. He was wearing…tight little white shorts underneath. Hells. Sephiroth wisely decided not to comment on that. Cloud was quickly loosening up and seemed more and more willing each moment – best not to embarrass him and scare him back into his shell.

Instead, Sephiroth put his mouth around the outline of Cloud's cock in his underwear and hungrily mouthed over the swollen length. Cloud's hips jerked upward as he moaned throatily…and Sephiroth couldn't stand it anymore. He tugged at the waistband and slipped Cloud's underwear down, pulling it out from under him and letting it hang around his legs. Cloud would have to kick it the rest of the way off.

"Ah…" Sephiroth stared, eyes hot, then swallowed and looked up at Cloud, who had just managed to open his eyes and look down at him. "Remarkable. Such a thin little thing, and yet this part of you…" His usual stoic manner was fizzling around the edges, enthusiasm for his new prize toy taking over as a slightly mad light entered Sephiroth's eyes. "My Angel, you are huge. This cock must be a foot long. And so thick!" Cloud's cheeks flamed, and Sephiroth took the cadet's massive dick in both hands. "Look at this big, hard shaft. You're like hot iron, you're so hard. And these big, full balls down here…" he shifted his hand to rub and fondle them. The large testicles rolled around in the ample, soft sac. "You must cum like a fountain, you pretty thing. But don't worry – I'll drain you dry, Sweetheart…I'll make you shoot every last drop of your hot juice tonight…"

Quivering and trembling, Cloud moaned aloud – and clear precum beaded at the tip of his cockhead, dribbling from the slit and trickling down over his shaft. Sephiroth began to stroke him, smearing the fluid as it continued to ooze from the flexing little hole. He couldn't wait to see warm cum shooting out instead. "Yes, Cloud…enjoy this. Start imagining it right now. I'm going to fuck you so hard, fill you up and slam my hard cock into your hungry little asshole until you scream…"

"Haaa…haa! Ahhh!" Cloud couldn't answer at all. His mouth hung open, eyes glazed with lust, hips pumping automatically, trying to get some friction around his dick. Sephiroth was happy to help with that. Bending down, he sucked Cloud's large, heavy balls into his mouth and began rolling them around with his tongue, while his hands set up a hard, fast rhythm, jerking that massive cock until the precum was actually spurting from the tip. Then, all of a sudden, he let go. "Aaghhhh, noooo!" Cloud whimpered, almost crying.

But Sephiroth had other ideas. Pushing Cloud's legs up, he opened the young man up, exposing his virginal little puckered asshole. Sephiroth wasted no time in licking a long stripe along the young man's crack – by this time, his own neglected cock was getting painful. He needed to hurry up and fuck this eager virgin…but preparation had to be taken care of properly. Plunging his tongue into the tight opening, Sephiroth began to tongue-fuck his pretty virgin with speed and force.

Cloud's voice went whispery – air escaping him in a scream that was almost soundless. His body was rigid with unreleased tension, but he was opening his legs for Sephiroth, angling his ass up and twitching his hips eagerly against the invasion of Sephiroth's tongue. One thing was obvious – he loved Sephiroth fucking him with his mouth.

Pulling back for a moment, Sephiroth groaned as he watched his own saliva drooling from the tight, pink little orifice. "I need to get you looser, Sweetheart." Plunging two fingers into his mouth, Sephiroth quickly slicked them, then returned to Cloud's virgin hole. Pushing in deep, he thrust his fingers in and out slowly, tongue tracing the rim as it stretched around his digits. Splayed out over the floor, Cloud sobbed with pleasure, alternately clenching and jerking slightly at the new sensations. Sephiroth slathered more spit onto his hand. "Relax for me. That's an order, Cadet." Then he added a third finger, twisting them around as he finger fucked the pretty young man.

The young man obeyed, relaxing his muscles and allowing Sephiroth to stretch him, but he couldn't quite seem to hold still, and the jerking movement of his hips was getting troublesome. It was also making his big, full balls jiggle right in front of Sephiroth's nose. Tempted more than he cared to resist, Sephiroth moved his mouth back to Cloud's balls, slathering them with warm spit and slurping greedily at the soft flesh. Cloud keened, trembling as his body tried to arch off the floor, yet Sephiroth's mouth sucking on his balls restrained him from trashing about.

The virgin entrance was wet and open now – if not exactly loose, at least loose enough. Sephiroth groaned, biting the inside of Cloud's pale, slender thigh. "Cloud, prepare yourself. I'm going to fuck you next."

His answer was a harsh whisper, a litany over and over – "Yes yes yes yes yes General yes fuck me oh please General yes yes fuck yes!"

Cock throbbing and oozing precum, Sephiroth moaned. I need some sort of real lubricant. I can't take this virgin with nothing but spit… He pulled away from the writhing male and thought fast. Massage oil. For muscle injuries. In the supply cabinet. Sprinting with inhuman speed, faster than they eye could follow, he was there and back in a heartbeat, bottle in hand.

Kneeling on the floor again, between Cloud's spread and trembling legs, Sephiroth looked over his delicious conquest, enjoying the sight of that slim, pretty body covered in sweat, chest heaving for air. Cloud was blushing like – well, like a virgin – but his massive cock was quivering eagerly, and the pretty cadet couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from Sephiroth's cut, masculine physique. Smirking, Sephiroth palmed his concealed cock, feeling the wet patch from all his precum – and enjoying the hitch in Cloud's unsteady breathing as his eyes were drawn downward. Cloud's own precum was trickling down his cock fast, soaking his scant, downy little patch of golden pubic hair. Deciding not to tease anymore, Sephiroth hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his underwear and pulled it down. His thick, uncut cock sprang up, slapping against his abs for a moment. Cloud's Adam's apple bobbed as he gulped, then moaned with wanton lust. Sephiroth was impressive at eight inches long – not as massive as Cloud, but perhaps that was a good thing. The virgin wouldn't be too terrified at the sight of him.

Sure enough, no trace of fear darkened Cloud's pretty eyes as he watched Sephiroth slowly stroke his own cock. Nothing but pure, ravenous want showed on his face. Sephiroth squirted lube over his shaft and fisted himself, stroking to spread it. "Starting today, my pretty Cloud, you are going to learn to crave this cock of mine." Then, smirking down at the virgin he was about to deflower, Sephiroth growled, "Tell me what you want me to do with this, Cloud." He rubbed his slick cockhead against Cloud's twitching hole, prodding the wrinkled flesh before sliding along his crack.

"General…General…" Cloud sobbed desperately, arching to push himself against Sephiroth's cock.

"I told you to call me Sephiroth, Cadet," he warned sharply.

The young man's eyes rolled back as he whimpered. "Seph…Sephiroth…"

Purring, he rewarded the cadet with another digging prod at his virgin hole. "Good boy. Now…what were you going to ask for?"

Shivering and blushing, with tears leaking from the corners of his eyes, Cloud begged, "Don't…I can't say something like…"

"Yes you can, Cadet," Sephiroth purred, repeating the tease. The very tip of his cock pushed inside for a moment before slipping away again. "Just tell me you want my big, fat cock to fuck your tight virgin asshole. Tell me how hard you want me to ram it into you. Tell me how wet your dripping sluthole is for my fucking hot cock. Come on, Cloud…say it!"

"Oh fuckSephiroth!" Cloud's head fell back, his balls tightening like he was about to come. "Fuck, I…oh please, General Sephiroth I want you to fuck my virgin ass…I want you to pound my wet little asshole with your huge, hard cock. Oh please, please General Sephiroth – fuck me until I cum! Fuck me hard, I need to cum so bad!"

Fuck. Yes! "Good boy," Sephiroth grunted as he nudged his cockhead deeper into Cloud's quivering asshole. The wrinkled skin stretched smooth to accommodate his thick girth as he forced his way deeper and deeper, the tightness closing around him like a hot vise. Cloud was scrabbling at the exercise mat with blunt fingernails, screaming in agony and ecstasy with every inch he took of Sephiroth's cock.

Without rushing, but without relenting either, Sephiroth pushed all eight inches of his thick cock into the velvety heat of his shy little virgin. He didn't stop until his hips were crushed against the lean muscle of that skinny ass, his own balls pressed tight to Cloud's crack. He looked down at his new conquest. His spiky blond hair was a mess, falling into the boy's eyes. Cloud was sobbing, tears streaking his face and running into his ears…but his massive cock was still flushed and dripping a constant flow of precum – he hadn't softened in the slightest. Sephiroth's eyes wandered to the erotic sight of his cock embedded in that sweet little ass. His deep voice was a purr of dark, possessive pleasure. "Fuck, Cloud…you're so fucking tight. You feel amazing…" He started to pull out, watching every inch reappear with a soft, wet squelching sound. "Do you hear that, Cloud?" He slowly pushed back in, rocking his hips up and down to make as many wet noises as possible. Sephiroth was almost whispering as he spoke filth to his new toy, corruption for his virgin purity – pouring lust into his very soul. "That's the sound of me fucking you, Sweetheart. That's your juicy wet ass sucking on my cock, just begging to be pounded hard."

Through his sobbing, Cloud gasped, "Nnh…mmh, ahh…G-General S-Sephiroth…y-yes… Please…please d-do it…!"

Sephiroth pulled out and gave a teasing half-thrust in. "Do what, Cloud? You can ask better than that…"

"Ahhh!" Cloud shrieked as Sephiroth rolled his hips, grinding his cockhead hard into the cadet's prostate, breaking apart his shy hesitation. "Ahhh, fuck! Fuck, please! Please fuck my greedy wet asshole with you massive, hot cock! Ram my virgin fuck hole hard, oh please, please fuck me until I'm loose like a whore, oh please make me your slut, I'll be a slutty little hole for you to fuck any time you want it, just nail me, please Sephiroth!"

Even as he begged, Sephiroth began to give it to him, driving Cloud into an even wilder frenzy of lust as he cried out and gasped and his sweet little lips poured filth like a professional whore. Even as he drove his cock in deep again and again, building up a good pace and rhythm, Sephiroth smirked. "Now, where did a sweet little virgin like you learn such language, Cloud? Do you secretly watch sex vids and jerk that monster cock every night? Do you masturbate and then cum all over yourself until your whole body is dripping with your sticky white semen?"

But all Cloud could do what whisper in a high, needy gasp, "Please please please harder oh fuck harder Sephiroth, fuck me harder!"

Deciding to be nice to Cloud – it was his first time, after all – Sephiroth leaned forward, bracing one hand on the floor, the other grasping Cloud's lean hip in a powerful grip. With that, Sephiroth began to violently pound into Cloud's ass. No warning, no buildup – he just started fucking Cloud as hard as he possibly could. His hips pistoned hard, forcing a strangled scream of pleasure from Cloud with each thrust. Skin slapped wet skin loudly as Sephiroth rammed his cock in over and over and over, again and again, feeling the impossibly tight heat squeeze him with the best friction in the galaxy. He couldn't stand much more of this. He was going to cum. His balls were slapping Cloud's ass too, and each jolt added an extra spike of pleasure to the molten ecstasy building in his groin. His cock was about to explode, sweat was pouring off his body, his long hair was sticking wetly to his back, and Cloud was gasping and crying and moaning incoherently. He was writhing on the table, arching up to press his huge, burning cock against Sephiroth's torso whenever he could.

So Sephiroth gave it to him. He closed his fist around Cloud's shaft and pumped him hard a couple times – and almost immediately, Cloud screamed and orgasmed. Rapid, powerful spurts of cum shot from his cock over and over, splattering across his face, covering his chest, and finally gushing in a steady stream over his already-drenched stomach. By the time he collapsed, his cum was running off his heaving body to pool on the mat beneath them. And Cloud was sobbing again, tears mixing with his own fluids on his face.

As Cloud was shooting, Sephiroth kept fucking him good and hard, nailing him deep with every thrust – but he stayed inside longer, pulling out less so that he could feel every quiver and squeeze of that tight asshole caressing his cock. The spasms of Cloud's orgasm drove him wild, and as the young cadet finished, Sephiroth was more than ready to shoot. And he knew he would be giving this pretty cadet the greatest possible honor. Thrusting deep and hard, he began cumming with a long, low groan…deep inside his new pet's hole. His semen shot into the deepest part of Cloud's body, pumping him full of the hot, white mess as Sephiroth marked him with his cum, claiming this shy little ex-virgin slut for his very own personal sex toy. With each huge spurt of cum he shot into Cloud, Sephiroth made the young man his bitch. And dazed, heavy-lidded blue eyes watching him, feeling him cum, and with a whimper and a gasp, Cloud's cock shuddered and squirted a few more bursts of semen as Sephiroth moaned his name.

When his cock was no longer shooting, just dribbling a stream of semen, Sephiroth drew slowly out and began rubbing himself between Cloud's legs, against his cum-soaked cock. They both jolted with the sharp sensations of post-orgasm, but Sephiroth kept sliding his hips languidly, gently frotting against Cloud and smearing his cum over both their cocks. With his fingers, he stroked Cloud's well-fucked, dripping hole, feeling his own hot come leaking out of the stretched orifice. He caressed the rim with sticky fingers, rubbing his semen into Cloud's skin. "You did well, my dear," Sephiroth murmured…then leaned down, crushed his chest to Cloud's sticky body, and kissed him.

With a moan of pure erotic pleasure, Cloud opened his mouth and gave Sephiroth his tongue, licking and slurping at his mouth in desperation. Sephiroth smirked to himself before giving Cloud the passionate kiss he clearly wanted while he cooled down from the first fuck of his life. As they tongued each other sensually, Sephiroth traced fingers down Cloud's chest and flicked and pinched at his pretty pink nipples. Then, smearing semen as he went, he moved his hand down and put it between Cloud's legs, again playing with his anus. He thrust his fingers back inside Cloud's ass, finger-fucking him softly and pushing the trails of his dribbling cum back inside his pet's body. The soft, squishy sounds of his fingers squelching inside Cloud were music to Sephiroth's ears.

"Do you hear that, Cloud?" He purred into the cadet's mouth. "That is what your body sounds like after it's done its job." He twisted his fingers inside the young man, flicking a teasing touch over Cloud's prostate and watching the cadet gasp as his body jolted from the tiny touch and the aftershocks of pleasure it set off. "This is your fuckhole now, Cloud, and it's mine. I am going to use you raw whenever I want. You are now my pet, and I am your master."

A little trickle of saliva leaked from the corner of Cloud mouth as he stared glassily up at Sephiroth. "Yes, General Sephiroth. Use my body…however you want. I'm your bitch…" he sighed, his oversized cock twitching against Sephiroth's stomach.

"That's right, you are. My bitch." He hummed with satisfaction. It had been a perfect night, after all. Sephiroth doubted he'd be going out much for a while. "Now, thank your master properly, Cloud."

The flushed, teary-eyed cadet answered meekly. "Thank you for fucking me, Master. And thank you for cumming inside me."

Excellent. "Mmm…did you like that, my pet?" The faintest smile was working around the corners of Sephiroth's narrow lips. His eyes were warm with approval.

"Yes, Sir. It felt so good." With an almost catlike, sinuous grace, the young man pushed up, wordlessly begging for another kiss. Sephiroth, feeling generous, decided not to reprimand him for being demanding, and instead gave his mouth a good tongue-fucking for a minute.

Rumbling against the young man's lips, Sephiroth commanded, "Now, say you love me, pet."

Blue eyes met his, and Sephiroth was slightly surprised to see sincerity in their depths. "I do…I love you. Love you…all my life, General, I've…I mean, M-Master. I…love you."

Hm. Unexpected. Sephiroth regarded the beautiful specimen of youth and manhood – the purity he had claimed, the obedient cadet who would now service him in every way. Better than expected, he decided. Having access to such excellent sex will considerably improve my work. And it would be excellent, he knew. Cloud's body was perfect, his obedience was perfect, and if he was motivated by sincere feelings, it would make him even more willing and passionate – and Sephiroth vastly preferred a partner who eagerly begged for every depraved little thing he wanted to do. He was, after all, the greatest SOLDIER ever created. He deserved worship, and Cloud's would satisfy him.

Sephiroth simply had no idea, yet, how badly he would come to crave the worship that Cloud longed to give.

For now, he merely nodded approval. "Good. Very good." Rising from his ex-virgin sex toy, Sephiroth watched attentively as Cloud stiffly sat up – clearly already feeling the deep soreness of having been fucked so forcefully. "Now then, Cadet. In the future, I will summon you whenever I want. You will come immediately when you receive a summons from me – regardless of what you were doing or who you were with. No other orders are to interfere with mine. You will come when I call. Do you understand?"

"I will come immediately, Master." Cloud knelt before him, cum dripping off his body onto the floor. "I am honored to be accepted as your slut. Please fuck me any time you have the slightest desire."

"Oh I will, pretty Cloud." He gave the cadet a slight smile, then bent and lifted his lovely face with a finger under his chin, and kissed his sweet little mouth, imagining the dirty, lustful uses he would give it…the obscene things Cloud would say…the pretty pink of these lips stretched around his cock… "I certainly will. Trust me."