It was a dark stormy night as Jack ran through the empty streets of Tortuga. He was both excited and nervous about being back since he and Roxxi finished moving into their first house together, two years ago...

When he got to his house, he started walking to avoid slipping and falling into his wife's rose garden, which was full of both roses and thorns. Jack didn't know if he was more afraid of the thorns or Roxxi's rage. Once he made it to the door, he took out his key ring and once he found the right key, stuck it into the door and opened it. He found it safe to assume that Roxxi was asleep since the house was silent. He crept up the stairs, down a hall, and opened the master bed room door, and found it empty. Jack walked over to the bed and found a crystal ball. He rolled his eyes, knowing exactly what it meant.

He ran back out of the house and straight to the Faithful Bride, the town's bar. It was full of pirates, who were gambling or telling various stories of treasures or curses, or in some cases, both. Jack smiled, since he had seen all of the things the other pirates were talking about. There were also the usual barmaids, who usual had bad tempers, as Jack had learned years ago, in his old boat...

Then he saw a familiar person walking up to him. "Jasmine!" Jack said. The women look angrier after he said her name. She slapped him. "How could ye just leave yer wife all alone-"

"Have you seen her anywhere?" Jack asked, rubbing his cheek. The Jasmine rolled her eyes. "She told me that she was heading to Port Royal to drop off something, then she was going to go find ye. She told me to slap ye for her if I saw ye." Jack left, with a bottle of rum.

Back at the Black Pearl, Jack walked into his cabin, dripping from all of the rain water he had been walking through, and sat down in his chair. Jack was just started relaxing when Mr. Gibbs ran in. "Heading, Captain?" He asked, causing Jack to roll his eyes. "Port Royal. We need to get there before Roxxi gets there.

A week later, they got to Port Royal. Jack decided to wait until nightfall to go into town. That night, Jack was walking through town when something grabbed his arm, causing him to jump. He turned around and saw Barbossa standing there, trying not to laugh, with Jack the Monkey on his shoulder, not hold back his laughs. Barbossa then rolled his eyes. "Can't find Roxxi, can you?" He asked. Jack was surprised by the fact that he knew. "How did you know?" Jack asked.

"How can find Roxxi?" Barbossa asked. Jack nodded, agreeing that Roxxi was the type of person you can't find, but you'd have to wait until she finds you. "So, what are you doing here?" Barbossa sighed. "I'm looking for Young Master Turner." Jack shook his head. "No. I mean what are you doing here, in this world?" Jack asked, gesturing around them. Barbossa glared at him. "Would you like to be in the next world?" He asked through clenched teeth. Jack looked at the sky. "I'll have to say no to that offer. We should also be hiding somewhere before we find that Bloody Admiral." They both looked at some shops and saw the Blacksmith shop...

The next day, Will walked in, threw his jacket, and was about to get to work when he saw Barbossa standing there, waiting for him. Will was not happy to see him. "Barbossa!" Then he felt a tap on his shoulder. Will turned around and saw Jack, holding his jacket. Will was surprised to see them getting along. "So, you two have finally partnered up?"

"NO!" Both pirates shouted, scaring the monkey, who was sleeping on a beam above Will's head. Will caught the monkey and handed him to Barbossa. Jack rolled his eyes at Barbossa, then turned to Will. "William, has Roxxi been here yet?" Will nodded. "She left a week ago." Jack sighed. "I heard that she had something to leave here?" Will looked at him, surprised that he didn't know what the something is. "Jack, you don't know what she left?"

"William, I have not seen the woman in two years. How would I know what she left here?" Jack asked. Will rolled his eyes. "So, Barbossa, what are you doing here?" He asked. Barbossa pulled his sword out of it's scabbard. "I just came to get my sword sharpened." He said, handing his sword to Will, who was shocked about that fact that Barbossa was here for such a simple reason. "I can fix this, but I can't have stay in here, Mr. Brown should be coming soon."

"You the old guy that smacked me in the head with the rum bottle the first time I was here? You still work for him?" Jack asked. Will nodded, then he pointed to the back of the room. "There's a hallway over there, if you go down the hall, there's two doors. Go into the door on the right. Mr. Brown never enters that room. Be careful of where you walk, there's a bird's nest somewhere near the room's window."