Back in Tortuga, Roxxi and Jack were hosting a dinner party at their house for surviving their latest adventure, when Phebe ran up to Roxxi. "James proposed to me! I'm going to get married!" She said, excited. "I've dreamed of this day for so long!" Jack looked confused. "Didn't you two just meet?" He asked. Roxxi shook her head. "The Norringtons lived next door to our family in England. Those two used to play together."

"So that's how I recognized you in Port Royal?" Norrington said. She glared at him. "Yes, that's right. I'm still mad at you, just so you know!" She said. He gave her a confused look. "For what?" Roxxi rolled her eyes. "You used to call me crazy for wanting to be a pirate!" She gave him a playful smack in the back, or at least, it wasn't supposed to hurt him...

That night, Roxxi dragged Phebe out to the docks. "Phebe, I'm so sorry that I can't come for your wedding, but I'll give you your present early!" She said. "Now you stand there and be ready. Watch the water!" Roxxi then grabbed a small bottle out of her sash, poured a powder into her hand, and blew it out to the water. The kraken reached it's tentacles out of the water, then started to glow.

Suddenly, a Chihuahua, wearing a green collar, jumped out of the water and into Phebe's arms. "Angel?!" She said, hugging her dog. Roxxi looked at Angel. "I thought Davy said in his log that the kraken was a dog, not a deformed rat." She said, disgusted. "Phebe, why do you have a deformed rat as a pet?" Phebe rolled her eyes. "She's not a rat, she's a Chihuahua!" she said. "I bought her from a breeder of exotic animals back in England years ago!"

"You know that those aren't exotic." Roxxi said, pointing at Angel. "You can find those on the Black Pearl in any size and black, gray, brown, or white! And take as many as you want, cause they're free!" Phebe rolled her eyes. "Angel is an exotic breed of dog, not a bloody rat!" Roxxi raised her hands up. "Calm down, I'm just teasing you!"

Meanwhile, Jack was in his son's room, playing with him, when Slick Snake came in. "I heard that you've always protected Roxxi, is that true?" Slick Snake asked. Jack nodded. "I love your daughter and, even if you hate me, I'll always love her." Slick Snake sighed. "I'm proud that she married a good man." Then he left, and Jack turned back to his son, and stuck a bottle into his mouth before he could start crying.

Else where, Will and Elizabeth sat next to each other in Jack's backyard. "Will, what do you think will become of us when we return to Port Royal?" Elizabeth asked. Will shrugged, then looked at his wife. "I don't know, but I can go through anything with you by my side." Elizabeth smiled, then kissed him...

Somewhere in Japan, a geisha was entertaining men in a tea house with her traditional singing and dancing, when a man walked in. He walked over to the table closest to her, and watched her. When she finished, she ran over to him. "Sao Feng! You came!" She shouted, bowing in front of him. "Megan-chan told me you were dead!" He placed his hands on the shoulders of her kimono. "I'm fine, Jade! My most revered uncle's charts are gone, but I'll get them back."