Just like Tsunade

One day, five-year-old Tenten told five-year-old Neji, "I want to be just like the great sannin, Tsunade."Neji made a face and wrinkled his nose.

"What's wrong?"asked Tenten.

Neji shook his head. "Nothing."

"I heard that she also has super strength ,"Tenten giggled.

"What?"Asked the curious little Hyuuga.

"She almost killed Jiraya, the perverted sanin."Neji shivered.

"And they say she has a bad temper, whenever she's angry ,she blasts people out."Neji's face was a face of horror.Then quickly he hugged Tenten.


"Tenten, I don't want you to be like Tsunade,"mumbled Neji.

"Why? She's strong and beautiful."

Neji hugged her tighter."Cause you're going into turn very bad tempered person and you're going to blast people out and…….."


Little Neji blushed."And I won't be able to kiss you,"and quickly Neji kissed her on the cheek.