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Naruto felt his eyes widen and his jaw go slack as he stared in shock at the person before him.

"You! What are you doing here?" Naruto stammered.

Chapter 22

"You! What are you doing here?" I stammered in confusion, staring at the very angry girl before me.

"What do you think I'm doing here, Uzumaki?" Sakura hissed, hands on her hips and eyes narrowing dangerously.

"It was you who sent the note? You made the phone call?" I gasped. Sakura? Really? But she had been so sweet to me. She said that she wanted to be my friend! Could she have been lying to me?

"What note? Phone call? What the hell are you on, Uzumaki?" The pink-haired girl questioned, her angry tone lessening to reveal confusion.

I paused. Did Sakura really have no idea what I was talking about? But the person on the phone said that they be here around now. Immediately, I whipped my head around wildly, scanning the area around me for any movement. Nothing.

"Don't you want to know why I'm here?" Sakura huffed, clearly beginning to get annoyed at my lack of appropriate responses.

"Um, go on then, why are you here?" I asked, more to humour her than anything, continuing to look around me for any sign of someone else's presence. Could they have left? Maybe they saw Sakura, realised I wouldn't be alone and just left.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. Yeah, it means I don't have to deal with any of it just yet, but it also means that I'm no closer to discovering this person's identity, and somehow I feel that I desperately need to know who it is.

"Naruto? Jesus! Are you listening to me at all?" Sakura screeched, grabbing my wrist and jolting me out of my thoughts.

"Sorry, could you repeat what you said?" I asked, watching Sakura's face with interest, as it grew steadily more and more colourful. It had passed the angry red stage, and was currently a rather interesting stage of purple.

"Listen. To. Me." She managed to breathe out eventually. I nodded absently and pulled out my house keys.

"Sasuke hates me." She said, quieter this time, but I could still hear the fury in her voice. Staring at her, I wondered what any of this had to do with me.

"I see." I muttered, musing about whether I should say add anything else. "Um, you want to come in? There's a bit more privacy inside, I guess." I finally said, gesturing vaguely towards the house with my hand holding the keys.

Sakura hesitated briefly, but after glancing around and realising how public this was, she nodded curtly.

After I unlocked the door and we both stepped inside, I led the angry girl into the living room.

"Ok, so what's up?" I asked finally, collapsing backwards onto the sofa. Sakura didn't answer straight away, choosing instead to pace up and down the room, perhaps to allow time to gather the words to express herself.

"Sasuke hates me." She repeated, her voice was softer this time, a contrast to her earlier harsh voice. She stopped pacing and looked across the room at me, and I was shocked to see what looked like genuine tears gathering in her eyes.

"I, uh, well, I'm sorry to hear that, Sakura." I said, my voice just as soft, not wanting to upset her further. "I'm not quite sure what you want me to do about it though?" I added, my tone rising a little at the end, making the statement sound like more of a question.

Sakura looked away from me at last, and tried to wipe the tears away briskly with one arm.

"It's your fault!" She accused, her voice rising again, before breaking on the final word.

My fault?

Ok, just what the fuck was going on here? I came home expecting to come face to face with whoever has been sending me threatening letters. Instead I'm listening to a pink haired girl bitch at me about how Sasuke hates her?

"How exactly is any of this my fault?" I asked, beginning to get rather irritated by this whole situation. "I'm not Sasuke's owner or anything. He can form his own opinions of people without my input." I told her, my voice getting a little cold. Sakura winced and looked away.

"You told him that I ruined your French book! It's your fault! He told me to leave you alone and that he doesn't ever want to see my face again! He was so angry. It's all you fault!" She seemed to be getting angry again, stomping her foot furiously on the last word, before resuming her frantic pacing.

I paused.

What? But I hadn't done anything like that! Sasuke had seen her give me the soaked book and formed his own conclusions. This was not my fault.

"But I didn't say anything to Sasuke! Honestly! He saw you give me the book and must've thought you did it on purpose." I suggested tentatively.

"Of course it was on purpose, you dumbass! It wasn't even fucking raining that day!" Sakura burst out, her face redder than ever, clashing horribly with her hair. I felt my stomach plummet.

"What? On purpose? Why! I thought we were friends!" I gasped out.

"Of course we aren't friends, you retard! You're my rival for Sasuke! I hate you, alright? I fucking hate you!" She screeched, seeming to have completely forgotten where she was and what she was saying in the heat of the moment.

My blood immediately turned to ice at her words. She hated me.

I thought that she wanted to be my friend. I guess I was just being stupid. I thought I was finally fitting in at this school. Kiba, Shika, Gaara. Sasuke. Maybe they all just hate me. Just like Sakura.


The silence stretched out further than was comfortable in any situation. Sakura blinked, seemed to realise that she had gone too far and stared at me with wide, shocked eyes.

"Um, I think you should probably leave." I muttered at last, my voice quiet and subdued.

"Naruto, I didn't-"

"Please. Just leave." I pleaded. I just needed her gone. I needed to think things through.

Sakura opened her mouth and closed it, before shooting me a nervous look and leaving quickly.

As I heard the door shut behind her, I brought my knees up to my chin and squeezed my eyes shut.


I know I hated my last school but at least there I always knew where I stood. Apparently at Konoha High, the people I think I can trust just hate me as much as everyone else.


A sudden noise made me jump, before I realised that it was my phone ringing loudly in the silence. Pulling it out of my pocket, I glanced quickly at the caller id. Kiba.

Sighing I let it go through to answerphone. I guess I don't really want to speak to anyone from Konoha High at the moment. I just want to be by myself so I can turn on some crappy TV, eat some unhealthy food, and then crash in bed and forget that today ever happened.

End of Chapter 22

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