A/N: Setting the stage… It is after Twilight and Edward has already told Bella he doesn't want her

A/N: Setting the stage… It is after Twilight and Edward has already told Bella he doesn't want her. Bella wakes up with horrible nightmares. Jake will not be a big part of the story. Bella is in a major depressed state. Don't worry; I know what you're thinking. Edward will come in eventually.

Disclaimer: I sadly don't own all the characters in this story. I only own Eli! You will find out who he is later! ;) I still love Edward, and Ebay won't sell him… so I'm stuck imagining him in my mind…. How sad!

Chapter 1

I woke up as usual in a cold sweat. His perfect face instilled in my mind. I trembled from the pain. His words kept ringing in my mind "No, I don't want you". He didn't want me. I understood. I didn't deserve him. He deserves someone who is smarter and prettier than me. I clutched my side and curled into a ball. I told myself to be strong.

"Bella, keep yourself together." I whispered to myself.

It had been two months and I was still trying to hold myself together. He had told me not to do anything drastic before he left but I seriously thought about ending it all there. I had decided not to. I thought of Charlie and Mom. Maybe they didn't love me anymore, but I still had a family. I glanced at the lighted clock. It said 2:15 am. I knew I had to get to sleep, but his face was always in my dreams. I could feel his touch on my face. I could almost smell his scent and feel his breath on my neck.

"Snap out of it Bella." This time it wasn't my voice that said it.

"Bella, you have to stop this. You will get over me. Stop trying to remember me. I don't want you anymore." The voice was almost perfect inside of my head.

I laid back down on my bed. He was right. I needed to get over him. How could I still want him when he had put me through this pain? I placed my head back on my pillow and slipped into a dream.

Eli's POV

"Eli, it's time to start your new school today." Emma called from downstairs.

"Coming!" I turned off my iPod and slipped it in my coat pocket along with my cell phone.

"Must we go to school Emma?" Addison skipped down the stairs.

"Yes Emma. If we want to look somewhat normal you must go to school whenever possible." Emma was always patient with Addie's groaning.

Let me explain for a second. My name is Eli Allen James and I'm a vampire. I know go run away screaming. Actually my coven and I are some of the only vampire covens that don't drink human blood. We try our hardest to drink only animal blood. My coven all decided to adopt the last name of James. Emma Ann James and Carson Lee James play the parent rolls. They are happily married. My sister's name is Addison Paige James but most of the time we just call her Addie.

Emma and Carson have enough money to last us a lifetime. We don't usually flaunt it other than buying cars. We try to keep life normal. Carson is a lawyer for just about anything. He never misses much. Emma usually finds an Animal Shelter or Clinic to work at when we move. We move constantly never being able to stay in the same place for long since we don't age.

Addison and I are both playing the senior roll this year. We will be starting school at a little high school called Forks High. What a creative name. Carson and Emma supposedly adopt Addison and me.

"Come on Eli, we're going to be late for our first day." Addison usually being hyper just about ripped my arm out of its socket.

"Fine I'm coming." I rolled my eyes as we walked out the door. I stopped in my tracks when I saw our apparent new neighbor. She was breathtakingly beautiful. Her brown hair spilled over her face as she kicked her truck and screamed.

"Come on Eli." Addison begged from the passenger's seat of my Mustang.

"I'm coming." I climbed into the driver's seat and raced to school.


I woke up yet again alone. I rolled over and looked at the clock. It was 7:30 I slept a little later than planned. I didn't care though, I had no one to impress. I climbed into the shower and quickly went through the repetitive process.

I grabbed a light green sweater and some black jeans while putting up my hair. As I rushed out the door grabbing my books I ran out to my prehistoric truck. I grabbed for the handle and fail at opening it. I always stuck when I was late. I kicked the truck door.

"Grrrrr." I screamed and then glanced next door. There was a green mustang in the driveway. I hadn't noticed the new neighbors. It probably had something to do with the fact that I never left my room. I grabbed the handle again and successfully opened it.

I finally got to school and took the last parking space next to the green mustang. I hopped out and ran toward my first period. The day passed rather quickly as I ran through the schedule I already knew. By the time lunch came around I had already heard the rumors of the new kids at school. Evidentially there were two new kids. Both of them were seniors and one was a guy and one was a girl. They guy was described as gorgeous by Jessica Stanley. Mike Newton called the girl beautiful. I figured they had to be my new neighbors.

I walked to lunch but was stopped by a pair of amber colored eyes. They were the eyes I knew oh so well. They looked like his eyes. I felt the pain as I took my usual seat next to Angela Webber. We weren't best friends, but she was my closest friend since they left.

"Hey Bella, are you alright?" Angela snapped her fingers in my face.

"Yeah, sorry." I replied shaking my head.

"So Bella, have you heard about the new kids?" She was rather excited.

"Yeah, they live across the street from me." As soon as I said that I felt like someone was watching me.

I looked up and saw the table that he and I use to sit at together. The usually empty table was now occupied. He watched me from across the lunchroom. My eyes met his golden eyes. I studied his face as I took all of him in. He had shaggy brown hair, almost skaterish. It had natural brown highlights like he spent a lot of time in the sun. His muscles were defined as it showed under his thin coat. Angela kept blabbering on.

"Bella, Bella!" I looked up. "The new kid is staring at you Bella." She laughed and I blushed.

"He is not." I tried to deny it even though I knew he was.

"He is to. You are such a horrible liar. You should go introduce yourself." Angela practically pushed me out of my seat.

"No, I'll have to meet him soon enough. I don't feel like making an idiot out of myself. He probably isn't even interested in me." I remembered the first day that Edward stared at me in the lunchroom. I smiled at the memory.

I was lost in thought when the bell rang. Next was chemistry. I hated it. That's when it hit me. He had golden eyes. His skin was unbelievably pale. He couldn't be… he was a vampire?

I quickly took my seat in Chemistry as I noticed someone sitting in Edward's empty seat. It was him.

"Hello, I'm Eli." I hesitated and figured since his eyes were golden he wasn't too dangerous.

"Hi. I'm Bella. I think you're my new neighbor." I smiled warmly at him.

"Oh, yes I saw you this morning while you were attempting to get into that thing called a truck." He smiled and surprisingly enough I wasn't offended like I usually was.

"Eli, I know what your are." His head snapped up and his face looked a little threatened.

"What are you talking about?" He tried to shake if off.

"Eli, I know you're a vampire." My voice shook a little not knowing how to respond to this.

"Wait, how do you know about us?" He placed his hand on my shoulder and then wincing, pulled it away. "Wow, you've been through a lot."

"Do you have a power?" I watched his eyes and they grew cloudy.

"Yes, but I think you need to explain yourself." I nodded.

"After school meet me at my house." He nodded and we concentrated on the lesson.

The rest of the day just about killed me in anticipation. Finally the 3:00 bell rung and I rushed to my truck. A couple of minutes later I was inside the house when I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door to find an antsy Eli standing on my front porch.

"Hey Eli, come in."

"Hey Bella." He walked into the house and I immediately liked the way he said my name. It was so angelic.

We sat on the couch and he started with his first question. "Okay, so how do you know about us."

I took a deep breath ready to spill out everything from my love to the pain. "Well, there was another coven living here earlier. They left about two months ago. Their leader was Dr. Carlisle Cullen. There were seven of them and I was deeply in love with their youngest son. His name was-"

"Edward." Eli cut me off growling at his name. "Sorry, continue."

I sighed at his name. "Anyway, Edward met me and my blood was the sweetest he had ever smelt. It took all his strength not to bite me. We fell in love. I was watching the Cullens play baseball when three nomads came and asked to play. A tracker named James led them. He nearly killed me when he got me alone. Edward never forgave himself for leaving my side. I ended up in the hospital badly injured. My eighteenth birthday was a little over two months ago. I got a paper cut. Edward tried to protect me from his brother and pushed me out of the way and I landed on some glass. A couple of weeks later he came to me and.." The tears misted my eyes. I felt his cold hand on my shoulder.

"He told you he didn't want you anymore?" I looked in his golden eyes and collapsed in his arms.

Eli held me and I felt comforted by his touch. He reminded me so much of Edward. He didn't shy away from my touch though. He didn't look phased by my touch.

"I'm sorry, I must be tempting you." He laughed and rubbed my back as I pulled away.

"No, I have lost count on how old I am. The scent of human blood doesn't affect me much." He responded as if I were another one of them.

"So, how do you know Edward?" His eyes darkened as I said his name.

"Edward and I met when he was apparently not an animal eater. He attacked a human girl I was rather fond of. She died." I winced.

"Edward said he only hurt the ones that tried to hurt others." He looked at me confusingly.

"That's how it was at first, he was a hero until he took her life. I have never forgiven him for that." I rested my head on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't be telling you my depressing story." He laughed and I loved the sound of him laughing.

"You've been depressed for a long time haven't you?" I shook my head.

He pulled me onto his lap as if I were a little kid. "Let me tell you about my life then." I laughed.

Eli's POV

"Well, I don't remember much of my life. All I know is my name is Eli Allen. Our coven accepted the last name James. Emma is my mother and Carson is my father. I have one sister named Addison. Emma is 30 years old and isn't getting older. She has strawberry blonde hair and she's very pretty. I do think that you give her a run for her money though Bella." She blushed. I loved her blush. How could that monster give up something so precious? "Carson is a lawyer. He has a lot of money." She laughed as if she thought every vampire was rich. "He has red hair. Addison is the same age as us, well physically. She has chestnut brown hair and she is a shopaholic!"

I finished my story and saw a tear in her eye. "Bella dear, what's wrong?" I wiped the tear from her eye.

"Nothing, it just reminds me so much of them." I pulled her into a hug when I heard the sound of a car outside.

"I think your father is home." She jumped up.

"You absolutely have to meet him!" She pulled me to the door as a man in a chief uniform came to the door.

"Hey dad! How was your day?" he looked at her questioningly as I appeared in the doorway.

"Fine, and who is this?" He gestured toward me.

"Hello sir." I stuck out my hand and shook his firmly. "I just moved in across the street. My name is Eli." He seemed to approve.

"Well nice to meet you boy. Maybe now Bella will leave that depressing room of hers sometime." I grinned at Bella and she blushed.

"Thank you, do you think Bella could come over to my house for a while? I wanted her to meet my family and my sister." I figured if Charlie said yes she would have to come.

"Sure, as long as it is fine with your parents I don't see why not." I grinned and whisked Bella out the door. I was bound and determined to make her forget her worries for at least the rest of the day."

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