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Chapter 16

Three Years Later…


I paced the waiting room floor as I anticipated the news from the doctor. I was once again a sophomore in college as well was my beautiful wife Bella. I know what you're thinking, why am in the hospital? Well how about I tell you?

I officially asked Bella to marry me the summer of our senior year. She thankfully agreed after some persuading but I had to change her as soon as we were wed. That would have happened if it weren't for Alice.

Alice had a vision of Bella and I a couple of years later after the wedding. Bella was holding a child with green eyes and dark brown hair. She had Bella's nose. Of course Alice told Bella, even though I asked her not too. She wanted a baby of her own, but doesn't every girl? Anyway we talked to Carlisle about it. He said it was impossible, that even if Bella were to get pregnant we wouldn't know how to take care of the baby. Bella being Bella, she didn't listen. She pleaded with me and I finally gave in. It that's what she needed to be happy, I would do all I could to give it to her.

We tried and tried but the tests always came back negative. After a couple of years she was ready to give up. I knew she felt defeated. Alice became less and less sure of her vision and I hated to see Bella in pain. We had put something in her grasp and pulled it right out from under her. That was the night I heard Bella.


I walked quietly into the house and I heard soft tears hitting the floor. I had felt something was wrong with Bella, so I had come home early from hunting. I tip toed up the stairs and listened in through the door. What I heard tore me to pieces.

Bella was crying. "Lord, I know I don't talk to you much. I'm sorry about that. Thank you for sending me Edward. I know he doesn't believe that you have room for him or my future kind in heaven, but I know you do. I have happily given up everything in my life for Edward, and if that means me not having kids, then I don't care. It's probably better that way." She paused and I was about to step in to comfort her when she continued. "Will you do me a favor God? Can you tell Eli that I miss him? Tell him that I'm sorry for what I did to him. Also tell him that he left me in good hands. I couldn't ask for anyone better than Edward. He's helped me through a lot. Just please, if you could send me a baby. Not for me, but for him. He has given me all I could ever ask for but I can't give him anything in return. Anyway thank you for Listening to me. I know I don't deserve him, but please. For Edward, Amen"

I sunk to the floor hearing Bella's prayer. She rarely prayed, but it was different this time. She was pleading with God. I stood up, my body still a little shaky and I walked into the room. Bella was still on the floor beside the bed and I sat down beside her, pulling her into my lap. I kissed her soft cheek and her fragile arms wrapped around my waist. "One last time." I whispered in her ear

(End of Flashback)

Needless to say God answered her prayer. She missed her period that month and took yet another pregnancy test. She was pregnant. We all rejoiced even Rose. Nine months later and well… here I am.

"Mr. Cullen?" I was drawn from reminiscing by a male's voice.

"Yes? Oh Dr." He reached out his hand and I grasped it in mine.

""Mr. Cullen. I am happy to tell you that Bella has had a healthy baby boy." I was so happy that I didn't see his face tense.

"Aw, thank you! Where is he? Where is Bella?" He looked down and his voice quieted.

"I'm sorry sir, but Bella isn't doing well. She lost a lot of blood in the birth. It was hard on her." That was why I wasn't in the birthing room with her. Blood.

"H-how is she?" He looked me in the eyes and then took a deep breath.

"She's stable but, she seems to be in a coma state." I gasped.

"Can I see her?" He nodded.

"Sure." I ran down the hall but stopped in front of the glass windows where the babies were lined up. I immediately knew which one was ours. He was a little pale, and he had my green eyes like when I was human. His hair was the same beautiful dark color of his mother's. Bella… I remembered why I had been running.

I stopped in front of the beige door and took a deep breath. I had to be strong for Bella. I walked in the room and a cool sweat coated Bella's face. Her hair was soaked around her face and her head was turned to the side. She looked pale and I almost fell to my knees in shock. I took long strides over to her side and I squeezed her hand. She didn't squeeze back. I knew she was in there though. She had to be. I laid down on the bed next to her and wrapped my arms around her. She did this for me.


I woke up and I was in a meadow. Not the meadow that use to haunt my dreams, but a different meadow. It was twilight and the fireflies dance around me as I stood up. On the far side of the meadow was the outline of a gorgeous white gate. It seemed to be made of pearls.

"Edward, look at this." I pointed at the gate and looked around for Edward. He had to be here somewhere close. He never would let me venture to some random meadow by myself.

He didn't answer. "Edward?" I shrugged my shoulders and moved toward the gates. Maybe someone there had seen him.

I started for the gates and I saw the outline of a person. I gasped. It couldn't be. The gates opened and standing inside was Eli. How could that be? I ran toward him and he stepped out of the gate to meet me. I ran to him and jumped into his arms. He swung me around and placed me down kissing my forehead.

"Eli? How? Why? Where are we?" He laughed and pulled me toward the gate. A bench appeared and we sat.

"Bella, can't you see? We're in heaven." I gasped.

"Really? So you do go to heaven. I knew you did!"

"Yes Bella. If all is right then yes, believing helps though." His thumb caressed my cheek.

"I need to tell Edward." His thumb stopped and the took my hands in his.

"Bella, you can't stay here though." I shook my head.

"Why not? Do you not want me?" A tear threatened to spill over.

A loud voice boomed from inside the gates. It was oddly familiar. "Child, it is not your time. You have a baby on earth that I have given you. Take care of him and Edward."


"Yes child, it is I. Now say good bye to Eli and go back to earth." He paused. "And remember, there are only happy tears shed in Heaven." Laughter shook the gates.

"Thank you God. For everything."

"Go my Child."

I turned to Eli and kissed his cheek. "Thank you. I love you."

His hand brushed against my cheek and I noticed suddenly that his hand was warm. He caught my surprised expression. "Everything is alive in Heaven."

I stood up and everything washed away bring me back to my mind.

"Bella, love. You need to wake up, for me. Please Bella. Wake up." Edward's voice filled my ears as well as the sound of his dry sobs.

My eyes moved around under my lids but I found it hard to open them, almost as if I had forgotten. Finally they seemed to work. "Edward?" My voice was scratchy and unpleasant.

"Oh Bella." His strong arms wrapped around me tightly and I turned my head to look at him.

"Edward, I saw Heaven. Well not all of it but the gate, I saw it. Eli was there and I met God." His finger brushed over my lips making them tingle.

"Shh, you need your rest." My eyes became droopy. "You can tell me later." I nodded and snuggled in closer to his cool chest.

One month later…

"Alice, can you get Embry? He's crying again." Alice walked in the kitchen holding the green eyed baby.

I held out my arms and she handed me him. "Why hello there, how is my favorite green eyed boy?" I kissed his cheek and rocked him back and forth singing my lullaby to him.

"He looks tired, and so does mommy." Alice smiled at me.

"Yeah, I'm going to put him to sleep. Is Edward still hunting?" Alice sighed.

"Yeah. He's just too darn precocious." I smiled at her warmly.

"I don't mind. I hate when he's gone though." She placed her hand on my shoulder sadly knowing how I longed to be one that hunted with him.

"Don't worry Bella. Soon, I can feel it."


I rocked Embry back and forth as I walked up the stairs to his nursery. I kissed his sleepy face as he yawned. "I love you my miracle child." I placed him in the crib and sat down in the rocker in the room that use to be mine.

I feel happily into a deep happy sleep. One filled more with memories than of dreams.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife." Edward's cool lips touched mine as I remembered the day of our wedding AKA The happiest day of my life.

"Mr. And Mrs. Cullen, what would you like to name your baby?" The nursed came in with the papers as I held our newborn in my arms. Edward was sitting on the bed beside me. We had already come up with a name.

"Embry Josiah Cullen." The nurse smiled.

"What a lovely, unusual name." Edward laughed.

"Well our family is weirdly unusual." I blurted out and she wrote the name on the card. My beautiful Embry in my arms.

I woke up in Edward's arms. "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." Nestled next to him and planted a kiss on his neck.

"Nonsense. I can't sleep without you anyway." He smiled and kissed my cheek.

"Now sleep my angel."

And I did.

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