Only Hope

Ok, hey! This is not my first fanfic, but I'm not ready for the public to see that story yet so here is Only Hope. I was inspired for this fic by the song Only Hope by Switchfoot. I realize it's not a song fic so chill, I was just inspired. This is Alice's POV, and she's glad she dating Kyou blahblahblah. It's an extremely short drabble, so I'll stop rambling and let you read.

Disclaimer: I don't own Alice 19th, Watase Yuu does and she is extremely lucky, because if I owned Kyou... And the people who own the song get credit too.

'this is Alice remembering Kyou's words' no one is actually speaking


He makes my heart sing.

Just the sound of his name is enough to make me dizzy.

Wakamiya Kyou.

'I love you.'

When I heard those words, I couldn't help dancing.

'I'm giving you all of me.'

Kyou is all I'll ever need.

As I lay my head down, I pray to be his. Only his.

I know now, Kyou is my only hope.

Hey yea sorry this is kinda weird. I was trying to play with the way I wrote the POV, so I'm not uber happy with how it turned out, but still I hope you liked it.