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Deidara ignored the pain. Gripping his bruised shoulder, he dodged as a puppet rushed towards him, brandishing a sword. It turned to him and threw the sword. Deidara jumped to the side just a little bit too late. It sliced the side of his arm, soaking the area around the wound soak in his warm blood. The puppet launched towards him and Deidara had no choice but to be tackled. He let the puppet reach for a new sword while he slipped his hand into the clay pouch. The puppet held the sword up to Deidara's neck. Deidara's slipped out of the pouch and punched the puppet in the face. Pain entered his fists where splinters of wood dug deep into the skin. The puppet's head spun 180 degrees and Deidara scrambled out from underneath the sword, letting the clay bird he had formed fly out of his palm-mouth. It flew at the puppet as Deidara backed away. The puppet was standing and the bird was flying circles around its reversed head.


The bird exploded, sending smoke flying into the air. He quickly chewed up some clay and made a large bird. He jumped on the bird and flew up above the smoke. There he smiled, holding his bleeding arm. The smoke cleared slowly. There on the ground, the puppet master was standing stock still in the same position that Deidara had left him. Sighing, Deidara put a lock of blonde hair behind his ear and directed the bird down to the earth, beside the puppet master.

"Well, Sasori?"

The puppet master continued to stare straight ahead.



Deidara let out an exasperated sigh and whined, "Sasori, I always am training with you and when I actually overcome you, you turn all pissy, un."



Deidara sighed and started walking away from the training area.

"You destroyed it."

Deidara turned at looked at him.

"You blew it to fucking smithereens."

Was it a compliment? Deidara almost smiled.

"That was one that I spent all of the last week finishing. There wasn't a scratch on him. And you reduced him to splinters."

Deidara flushed.

Sasori looked at Deidara with eyes, cold as ice.

"Whatever, un. I'm goin' back to the lair," Deidara mumbled, turning.

Sasori just returned his attention to the spot where his puppet had exploded. It looked like he was done talking. Deidara grunted and left, walking away quickly.

Just once, Deidara thought, I'd like to hear you say, 'Great job, Deidara.'

Deidara shook his head. Sasori was cold-hearted and would never say anything of the sort. Plus, he could care less about the asshole. At least…

At least that's what I say…

Deidara shook his head again. Where in the hell did that come from? No, he hated Sasori. No question about it.


Sasori looked at the small burn mark where his puppet had been blown up by Deidara's bird. It took all his concentration not to run after Deidara and…

And WHAT? Apologize? Riiiiight.

Sasori felt foolish. Why should HE apologize to HIM? He was the one who blew up the puppet!

But it had been an amazing attack.

Sasori remembered how he had watched Deidara slide slyly from under the puppet, escaping the death grip. Sasori had been astonished at the flexibility and quick thinking of his partner. He had had no idea how beautifully Deidara moved.

Did I just describe Deidara as 'beautiful'?

Sasori let out a half-hearted chuckle. But now that you mentioned it, he did have beautiful hair and a wonderfully built body…

Stop. Damn.

Sasori felt his heart beat quicken a bit. Cursing under his breath, he tried to think of something else. All that would pop up, however, was the image of Deidara, hurt by Sasori's pained silence.

Sasori shook his head. All he needed was a little alone time. Then the stupid thoughts would leave. He did have to replace the puppet Deidara destroyed. He could work on that for a while. Then everything would be fine. He would be able to enjoy tonight's party with everyone else.

I hope…

Deidara walked into the lair, seeing no one. That was a good thing too. He felt near the bursting point.

He hurried to his room, slamming the door. Looking at the clock he saw it was almost seven. It was almost time for the party. He needed to let off some steam.

He took his pillow off his bed and threw it at the wall. It hit his wall with a soft whump and it fell onto his dresser, scattering all his various things onto the floor.

God DAMN it. Now I have a giant mess!

Deidara knelt down and started picking up the stuff. Old gum wrappers, a gift card to Hobby Lobby, ticket stubs, mission briefings, candy wrappers, corn (WTF?!), little clay miniatures, an old Thousand Foot Krutch CD, a Sweeney Todd DVD, pictures he had painted, a few paintbrushes, pencils, a guitar pick (I don't even play guitar…), and some assorted Jolly Ranchers.

As he was putting these things back on the shelf, he accidentally kicked something. He heard it slide on the wood floor and saw a glimpse of whatever it was go under the bed. Sighing, he knelt down on his knees and looked for whatever it was. He saw a lumpy, solid shape among the dirty clothes and dust bunnies. He grabbed it and pulled it out into the light.

He had a small wooden bird in his palm. It looked exactly like one of his clay birds. He felt around its smooth edges and felt that there were some thin, clear plastic strings attached to the wings. He lifted them and it lifted the wings. It was a bird puppet.

Deidara felt the wrapping of the present. It was a thin, waxy paper. It was very cheap.

"Thanks, Kakuzu."

"Ah, it was nothing."

Deidara ripped the paper and opened the box. Inside was a gift card to Hobby Lobby. Deidara nodded in appreciation and set it aside, smiling. He watched as everyone else opened presents except Hidan. Christmas was not in his religion after all.

Soon the small party was over and people were going about their daily duties. Nobody noticed that Sasori had been watching the whole time. Deidara went over and smiled.

"Whatcha make off with, un?"

Sasori was silent.

"You mean no one gave you ANYTHING?"

Sasori just shook his head. He shrugged and said, "I don't really care anyway."

Deidara frowned.

Sasori got up to leave. He pulled something out of his pocket and thrust in Deidara's hands.

He mumbled, "Merry Christmas," and disappeared down the hall. Deidara watched in silent awe. He looked down in his hands and saw a small wooden bird. He picked up the strings draped over its beak and the wings went up.

Deidara looked down the hall and frowned again. He saw a glimpse of Sasori's red hair as he slammed his door.

That Christmas, Sasori had shown more friendliness than he had in years. It had changed his perspective on Sasori. But even after that, he had never opened up to him.

Deidara carefully slipped the wooden bird into his pocket.

Sasori could see his reflection in the plastic eye. The eye was perfect for his new puppet. It was a sky blue.

He carefully placed the eye into the puppet's empty shell of a face. He had yet to put a nose, mouth, or hair onto it. He sighed. Looking at the clock he saw it was almost seven. The party would be starting soon. Then he could relax the rest of the evening. Sighing once more, he tried to work on the nose to the puppet.

Nothing he did worked. He couldn't take his mind off that face.

Deidara had looked so sad. Why? Had he really been that mean? But among other questions, one bothered him the most:

Why do I care so much?

Sasori got up, hitting the workbench. He hated feeling like this. It was always the same. He would think of Deidara and all of the sudden he would feel so utterly…alone.

Angered by his stupidity, he sent out chakra strings and brought the nearest puppet. It's blank, staring eyes held no emotion. Sasori stared at it, trying to see it he had somehow captured an emotion somewhere in the eyes. The harder he looked, however, the more he became frustrated. Finally, letting out a yell, he pushed the puppet, releasing the chakra strings. It crashed into his workbench. One small trinket fell off the table onto the ground. Sasori growled and picked it up. It was a fist-sized miniature of a crow, a salamander, and an ant, all lined up with a small figure behind them, chakra strings attaching the animals onto the figure.

Sasori knew Deidara had seen him looking at him while he examined the Christmas present he had given him. Feeling like a fool, he locked his door after that, waiting for the day to pass and morning to come so that he could go and escape into the crisp winter air. Perhaps then no one would care.

Sasori watched as Christmas came to a close, the sunset scorching all of the snow. Soon all of the stars lit up the sky, orbs of glowing light. The moon was full as he watched it rise and then fall in the sky, like some silver, glowing basketball. Slowly the sun started showing through the cracks of darkness. Sasori got up, determined to leave for his alone time before anyone woke. Then there would be no questions.

When he opened the door, he nearly stepped on a wrapped box. Curious, he looked at the tag.

It read: "To: You From: Deidara"

As simple as Deidara himself.
Sasori quickly unwrapped the package and saw a fist-sized miniature of a crow, a salamander, and an ant, all lined up with a small figure behind them, chakra strings attaching the animals onto the figure.

Despite all of Sasori's dignity and pride in keeping an indifferent approach to everything, he smiled. Somewhere down the hall a door slammed. But not before Sasori saw Deidara's yellow hair fly away in front of it.

Sasori frowned. This wasn't helping.

He put the figures on his workbench next to the puppet head. He turned away from both and headed out the door.

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