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Deidara opened his eyes wide. He was in his room. The last thing he remembered was Kisame throwing him and Danna coming to the rescue. But how had he ended up in his bed?

He tried to sit up but a pain in his stomach made him lay back down, wincing. He looked over to the side, and on his nightstand he saw a piece of paper. Gingerly, he reached out his arm and picked it up. It read:


Went to go get ice for your eye. Don't do anything stupid while I sneak back into the party for ice. STAY HERE.


Deidara frowned. They had been kicked out of the party? Sasori must have fought or something. Otherwise, how the hell did he get kicked out at the same time he did? Sasori didn't even do anything…that he remembered.


Even though he was usually cruel hearted, there were always these acts of random kindness. It made Deidara's heart swell to think that Sasori was concerned for his well-being. Deidara frowned when he remembered yesterday's conversation though. He knew Sasori would never really like him as a friend. He would have to remain a pain in Sasori's side because he could never show what he really thought in front of him. Sasori might think that he was a weakling.

Just as he thought that, the door opened slowly and Sasori came in, a Ziploc bag filled with crushed ice. Deidara felt his heart swell and he saw Sasori raise an eyebrow. Was he blushing? Deidara decided to close his eye and try not to think of Sasori.

The damp coolness of the Ziploc bag stung his eye. He winced and shrunk away. Sasori put a hand on Deidara's cheek and held the bag firm. Deidara could not open his eye but he knew he was blushing. The hard hand on his face flinched at the sight of his blush. But after the flinch, it remained.

Sasori didn't know what the hell he was doing. Was he holding Deidara's face in his hands? His heart felt like a giant bug, trying to bust its way out of its cage. He knew that he was growing nervous, watching Deidara's blush. Was it an angry flush of embarrassment or a blush meaning…?

No. Deidara would never return my feelings.

But as he held the blonde's face in his hands he knew he had to make his feelings known. But now? No, Deidara would push him away and make fun of him just as he had with Kisame and Itachi. He should take his hand off. Now. Do it hand. Get off his face. Now.

His hand would not obey.

Come on hand just get off.

It remained.

Hand, I'm going to replace you if you don't get off his face right now.

It did not move.

Sasori let out a sigh. He took the ice pack off of Deidara's eye to check the swelling. It had gone down considerably. He put the ice pack down and touched Deidara's eye gently. Deidara winced and Sasori immediately backed off.

Deidara opened his eye and looked up at Sasori. Deidara was blushing again. Sasori then realized that his other hand was still on Deidara's face. He quickly took it off and stared through the window at the sun, which was almost gone now, just a pink and orange blur in the night sky.

Sasori felt his hand being touched. Deidara had grabbed the hand that had held his face and put it on his face again, his eye closed, like his hand was a teddy bear.

Sasori chuckled and Deidara opened his eye and blushed again, dropping the hand. Sasori felt like a pure fool. He knew this was going to end badly. But at the same time…

Longing was taking him over.

Deidara was staring at him.

He felt himself grow stiff.

Deidara continued staring.

He bent low over the blonde's face.

Deidara's breath smelled like stale sake.

He let his lips touch the blonde's.

Deidara let him.

Sasori felt encouraged by the way the blonde didn't seem to mind. He came up and looked Deidara in the eye. Deidara stared right back at him. Sasori decided this was enough of a signal to continue.

Sasori rushed down this time, feeling his mouth melt with Deidara's. Almost against his will, his tongue reached and felt the edges of his partner's lips. Then, feeling no resistance, it reached in, searching the crevices of Deidara's mouth. Deidara's tongue searched his and he didn't mind. It felt good.

Then, almost as if he knew what the Sasori was thinking, Deidara started unzipping his cloak. Sasori helped him and Deidara helped Sasori. They were still locked in a kiss.

Underneath Sasori's cloak was his bare chest and his black, silky pants. Deidara had a shirt and the same type of pants. The pants were loose and, yet, Sasori could see that Deidara was as stiff as he was. This made him happy. Pulling off Deidara's shirt, he felt the blonde's hands around his neck. Sasori was no sitting on top of Deidara, straddling his waist like a horse. Deidara was sitting up, kissing Sasori with almost an urgency. Sasori let him, but at the same time he was wondering something.

How far is he going to let me go?

Almost as if the blonde could hear his thoughts, he started taking his pants off, revealing boxers. Sasori followed the example, knowing this was going in the direction he had hoped for since the first kiss. Then both of their boxer shorts dropped and they fell onto the bed.

They were gripping each other, still kissing. Deidara seemed to not want to stop, but Sasori knew they would have to eventually.

Surprisingly, Deidara was the first to break the kiss.

"I guess I'm bottom, un."

"I'm guess you are."

Sasori rolled on top of his partner and kissed his neck, going up and down a few times. Deidara was warm. So was Sasori. It felt like he was covered in a raging fire, a fire that wanted to be spread.

Positioning himself, he put his hands on Deidara's waist. Then he shared his fire.

Deidara moaned, whether in delight or pain, Sasori didn't know. Deidara squirmed and moaned once more as Sasori exited. Sasori found it hard to control himself when Deidara squirmed.

"You can't squirm."
"I can't help it."

"Then I'll have to make you stop."

Deidara looked up at him with a worried glance.

"I swear it won't hurt you."

Sasori summoned up some chakra strings and attached them to Deidara's limbs. Deidara looked scared. Sasori smiled.

"You're my little puppet."

Again Sasori entered Deidara and he watched as a look of complete peace washed over his face. Sasori felt the same way. Closer to God.

As he exited Deidara couldn't wiggle.

But Deidara did giggle.

Sasori chuckled and repeated the sequence, which made Deidara giggle insanely. Sasori started laughing too. They continued doing it as they giggled, like they shared a secret together.

When Sasori finally stopped, Deidara managed to gasp, "Lemme go, Danna"

Sasori kissed Deidara on the neck while whispering, "And why would I do that?"

"To have some fun."

Sasori smiled, his eyes closed. "Like?"

"Well I must say when you made yourself, you sure gave yourself a rather masculine body…"

Quickly, the chakra strings were off.

Deidara sat up now, while Sasori laid down, his head at the end of the bed. Deidara leaned down to his waist and started kissing him down from the waistline. Sasori felt warm down where Deidara was kissing and Deidara noticed. Then Deidara hit the hottest spot of all.

Deidara was all over his body then, kissing everything from his toes to his hair. Then they kissed one last passionate kiss and then lay still.

Deidara woke alone.

Don't tell me it was a dream.

Then he heard his shower running.

Deidara let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding. Looking around he saw that all of his clothes were still on the floor and Sasori's cloak was the only thing of his that was still there. Deidara looked around and found his boxers just as Sasori came out of the bathroom, fully dressed. Deidara blushed and Sasori looked away. Deidara grabbed his things and hopped into the shower, having a major hangover.

Sasori watched as Deidara closed the door to the bathroom. Sasori felt like a fool. He had taken advantage of a drunk. He felt like a total asshole. But at the same time, he felt good.

Deidara came out of the shower, fully clothed. They both looked at each other a long while. Then-

"I'm sorry, Deidara."

Deidara looked confused.

"I took advantage of you."

Deidara shrugged, "So?"

Sasori had a stare of complete shock on his face.

"Listen," Deidara said, "I've liked you ever since I saw you, un. I just don't think I realized it until last night. So in a way, it was a good thing, what happened."

Sasori was silent for a moment. Deidara just stared at him.

"It's weird," Sasori started, "I think I just realized that I liked you yesterday. After I saw how…"

Deidara waited for Sasori to continue but seeing that he wouldn't he said, "How…?"

Sasori smiled slightly and said, "After I saw how I reacted when I was being held back while they beat the crap out of you. I screamed at the top of my lungs and leapt at Kisame. I probably would have killed him."

Deidara frowned.

"It was my fault, you didn't need to…"

"That wasn't it."

Deidara was silent.

"I just didn't like watching them hurt you like they were."

Sasori was embarrassed but when he felt Deidara hugging him, he knew it wasn't foolish to feel that way.



"I love you, un."

Sasori knew that if he had skin, he would be blushing.

"I love you too, Deidara."

Sasori was right. It wasn't foolish. It was love.



"I'm hungry."

Sasori felt a sweatdrop roll down his head.

"Alright, let's see what's left over from the party."

"Oh! Think there will be any Italian Beef left, un?"


"Hope so, un!"

Sasori looked at his smiling partner and felt a smile slip in between his lips. For some reason, Sasori knew he would be smiling a lot more than usual.

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