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The green lay curled up beside her no-longer-a-scarecrow-lover. A month earlier in the midst of a lightning storm, he had been struck by a strange green flame and the spell was lifted. Sounds of opening and closing cabinet doors in the small kitchen made her groggily sit up, rubbing her eyes with an emerald fist. There was a dull thud of wood to something else.

"Hey—that hurt!" shouted Arii, emerging from the kitchen rubbing her head, "Mama! Liir hit me in the head with a bowl!"

"I did not!" Liir yelled indignantly.

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did n—"

"That's enough you two! I don't care who started it or how it happened." Elphaba cut them off and got out of bed, "Liir, come over here."

"Yes, Mama…"" he sighed, his little shoulders sagging slightly.

"Oh don't look so glum about it," she sat on the bed and motioned for them to sit beside her, "I want you always to remember this: we're a family, and that means nobody gets left behind, or?" she waited for one of them to continue.

"Or forgotten," said the emerald-eyed girl softly.

The green kissed her daughter on the top of her head, "There, all better." She stood once more and moved towards the kitchen, but turned back, "I better not find a mess in there."

The twins blushed and grinned sheepishly at each other, "Maybe…"

Five years ago they had fled Oz and settled in an abandoned three room cabin deep in a forest in Fliaan. Fiyero and Elphaba had raised their children in this forest proudly. There were days when either Arii or Liir, or some days both of them would want to know what lay beyond the forest. Their green mother allowed them only to go to a small clearing, but no farther. To know their father was human and not a scarecrow was nice, but it didn't stop the fact that they had gotten quite used to a straw-filled Papa over the years.

Arii had bright green eyes, olive skin, and thick, shoulder length, dark brown hair. Liir looked much the same except his hair was kept short and his eyes were so dark brown they looked nearly black. They both wore plain linen tunics for shirts, but she wore a skirt made of vibrantly colored cloth scraps and he denim pants their mother had adjusted. Neither wore shoes; their feet had become very tough over the years. They did have a pair of woven straw sandals each though.

"Liir. Arii." The green woman called from the kitchen, "Bring some more firewood in."

"Yes, Mama," they called and rushed out the door.

Around the side of the house was a stump their father used for chopping wood, which was now much easier for Fiyero considering he now had bone and muscle not straw beneath his clothes. Elphaba never allowed them near it if he was chopping wood, but it did no harm for the twins to carry the wood in. After they had dropped as much as they could carry into the wood box the green shooed them outside to play. Laughter rang out through the trees as their father spun Arii around, tossed her up and caught her again , then proceeded to do the same for Liir.

"Again Papa! Again! Again!" both of them chanted, bouncing up and down merrily.

"Maybe later," he told them, "believe me, you two are getting big. Let's go see what Mama is making for breakfast."

They skipped ahead into the kitchen to find their mother furiously kneading some sort of dough. Her raven hair had broken free of its braid in places. Streaks of flour could be seen on her black dress, verdigris forearms (she had rolled up her sleeves) and even a slight dusting in her hair.

"Can we help, Mama?" asked Liir, peering up onto the counter.

"May, not can, Liir." Elphaba was determined to raise well-spoken—and well-read—children.

"May we help, Mama?" he asked pleadingly.

"Alright then, get your stools from your room." She acquiesced and broke of two pieces of dough for them to knead and set them side by side on the opposite counter.

"Thank you, Mama!" Arii set her stool down and Liir followed suit. Each had an 'A' and 'L' singed respectively into the tops of their stools.

They set to kneading the bread dough and eventually all three lapsed into silence. The green didn't hear Fiyero come in, but the twins turned to see, and covered their mouths with flour-covered hands to keep from giggling. He grabbed her around the middle just as she was sprinkling more flour over the dough. Emerald hands shot up, causing flour to rain down over the four of them.

"Don't do that!" she whirled around, but he caught her in a deep kiss. When they broke the twins could hardly contain their laughter. For kissing was a very silly thing to them. "Are you done with that dough yet you two?" their mother asked and they faced the counter once more, pulling, squeezing, rolling, and pounding their bits of dough.

"I love you, Fae," Fiyero kissed his green love on the nose.

She fingered the emerald triangle hanging from the chain around her emerald neck, "and I love you, Yero." Elphaba clapped her hands together, but regretted doing so when the large cloud of flour dust made her sneeze, "Now, let's set this dough aside so it can rise, and who wants breakfast?"

"We do! We do! We do!" Liir and Arii jumped up and down to see what Mama was keeping warm on the back of the stove.

"Calm down, calm down." She unveiled a plate piled high with pancakes and they followed her hungrily to the table, a tin plate and cup in each their hands. "Really Yero, it's like we never feed them or something."

They all sat at the little wooden table in the little wooden chairs that had been left behind contentedly eating their pancakes. Maple syrup was among the rationed foods, so only a dab for the twins. Elphaba and Fiyero didn't much care for anything on their pancakes and it tasted just fine. This was normal life for the four of them, and a very comfortable life it was.

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Oh, and my obsession before Wicked was the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder (and anything else dealing with pioneers for that matter) just to let you know, so that did influence this first chapter somewhat. The green flame mentioned in the begining that Fiyero was struck by is an actual meteorological phenomenon known as Saint Elmo's Fire that occurs during heavy lightning storms. Arii is based on Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame in appearance. Incase you didn't figure it out from the time frame in regards to Trust Me, the twins are 5 now. The 'and that means nobody gets left behind or forgotten' is from Lilo and Stitch (Ohana).