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Drop Your Oboe


Elphaba watched her sister and Boq stare daggers at each other. Both were irritated the other had stumbled back into their lives. She was glad Fiyero was behind her. He grounded her; acted as her gravity.

"How did you get your heart back if a spell can't be reversed?" Nessa spat at Boq, commenting on his human appearance.

"Because it isn't his." Elphaba cut in and placed a hand on her sister's shoulder.

"Then who's is it?"

"It was from someone who died with their heart intact. Magical transplant." The green woman shrugged. Over the course of the conversation she found herself wishing more and more that Nessarose wasn't really alive. True, she loved her sister, but having her around just complicated things further. She glanced at the glowing ruby shoes. Fifteen years ago she had enchanted them. The wearer was bound to them for the course of their life, or as long as they were in this world. So her sister's life was bound to a functional piece of fashion.

"Enough of this. We need to go back to the palace and continue this conversation there. Crope, Nessa, you come too." Glinda took command of the situation quickly and waved the reunited Charmed Circle. Worry tugged at the back of her mind, worry for Poppy. She ushered all of them into the carriage.

The trek back to the Palace was an odd limbo between courtesy and discomfiture. No one seemed to want to say anything in the claustrophobic confines of the carriage. When the gates came into view, Glinda realized she had been holding her breath. She let it out a tiny bit, but still couldn't quell the panic brewing inside her. She told herself it was irrational.

The door was answered by Isida, who had been kept on as Popiela's nursemaid. Her face was almost as pale as her cap. She swallowed noticeably and motioned for Glinda and Boq to follow her. The door to their daughter's room was closed as per usual. Inside the heavy curtains were drawn shut and a dying fire flickered in the small hearth. In the bed Poppy lay very peacefully and Glinda had to rush over and lay a finger on her pale neck to show there was nothing to be worried about.

"Momsie…" Her daughter whispered without opening her eyes.

"I'm right here sweetie," she held a thin hand to her face to prove her point.

"I'm dying Momsie." Poppy sighed.

"No. You're going to get better." Glinda said forcefully to keep herself from crying.

"The medicine doesn't help anymore…it's only a matter of time. Please don't cry Momsie…" she hadn't opened her eyes once, but felt a salty tear along her fingers pressed to her mother's cheek.

Boq stepped forward and planted a gentle kiss on his daughter's white blonde hair. The three simply sat huddled together without another word passed between them. For days, then weeks, which in turn became two months Poppy was confined to her bed. At the end of the first month she was too weak to open her eyes even if she wanted to. A week later she couldn't lift her head. Every day she looked more like the bleached cotton sheets around her. When it had nearly been two months her breath got shallower and her heart beat slowed.

After two months at EC high everyone had fallen into the daily grinding schedule of life. Arii had found a great friend in Caris through their common unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Liir, his roommates, his cousins Irji and Manek, and their roommates formed a ragtag bunch of adolescent boys. Nor preferred to keep to herself; Saiya and Zoie were near well inseparable. On the weekends students had the option to go home provided they could pay for their roundtrip train fare. Most of them stayed to work on assignments or just hang out with their friends.

"Let's play 'ten fingers'." Manek suggested one Saturday when somehow all of the siblings, cousins, and roommates were gathered in the shade of a few overreaching oaks. Kairo and Goron, the instigator's roommates, were quick to agree.

"There is no way you'll be able to keep this age-appropriate." Nor remarked to her brother and folded her arms.

"Who said anything about this being age-appropriate?" Tenorai smirked, leaning back on his elbows. His mop of black hair swept across his forehead. He winked at Nor who ignored him and looked at a bright blue bird sitting in one of the oaks. But her cheeks flushed, a few glances were directed his way.

"You never know, maybe you innocent little girls will learn a few things." Liir commented with a shrug.

Arii dropped a thick book, Common Sense and Rationalization, on his head, rattling his teeth. "Hopefully some of that leaked into your thick head." She managed to whip him with her long braid when she turned around as well.

"Hey! What was that for?" Liir rubbed his head.

"You're an idiot." Arii snapped in Arjiki.

"I am not," Liir shot back in the same tribal vernacular.

"You're both idiots," Irji cut in.

"As interesting as this is to listen to…the rest of us have absolutely no idea what you're saying." Caris remarked, voicing the confusion of the rest of the group for the most part.

"I think that may be their point." Nor smirked and blew a piece of her hair out of her face. "Let's start. Whoever wants to play, stay; if you don't: go."

No one made the move to leave. In fact, they settled in more. Varei, one of Irji's three roommates, volunteered to go first. He was Glikkun, with dirty blonde hair that was cropped short and small gray eyes.

"Never have I ever…jumped on a bed." He stated in all seriousness.

No one put a finger down, most looked at him incredulously.

"You mean to tell us you've never in your entire seventeen year life jumped on a single bed?" Okir, one of Varei's roommates, shook his head.

"Ha! You spoke next so it's your turn Okir," Irji pointed an accusatory finger.

"Never have I ever cheated on a test."

Gwenda rolled her eyes, "Well, at least we know he's honest."

Manek moved to call her out but she beat him to the punch, "I know, I know, it's my turn. Never have I ever…flown on a broom." She shrugged, but noticed when Arii and Liir each put a finger down.

"Hey, how is it that you two have flown on a broom when everyone in Oz knows the only person to ever fly on a broom died a little over fourteen years ago?" Caris raised an eyebrow quizzically after noticing they were down to nine each.

"Because she's our mom…" Liir shrugged.

"And she doesn't let us use it anyway. It was only when we were little." Arii retied the purple ribbon around the tail of her thick plait.

"Wait…so your mom is the Wicked Witch of the West?" Goron asked in disbelief, scratching his head.

"Yes, and after this game we'll go into more detail." Arii ended the track the derailed conversation was on. "Caris spoke first, so she goes, then Liir, then me."

"Never have I ever seen my parents naked." Caris said definitively.

Several people who had had the misfortune of walking in on their parents begrudgingly put down a finger each. All eyes were on the twins at that point. Liir shifted a bit, Arii pressed the tips of her fingers together in thought. With a sigh of 'let's get this over with' he made his declaration.

"Never have I ever gotten drunk."

"And I'm sure you'll be very proud of yourself when you get your first hangover." Arii reassured him before forging on with her own. "Never have I ever been in love."

"Love is strange: it's a choice, a state of being, an emotion, an involuntary reaction, a completion." Saiya waxed philosophic and Nor found herself embarrassed she had considered her roommate a stereotypical blonde.

Zoie smiled, at Saiya. "Love is its truest when it breaks alliances—the greatest chains and even if there are consequences the people involved don't care."

"Remember mom and dad's song? 'Say there's no future for us as a pair and though I may know I don't care'." Arii asked Liir somewhat, but really no one in particular.

Saiya found all eyes on her in anticipation. "Never have I ever watched someone die."

Lynn was the only person to put her finger down. "My little brother…he ate something from a plant. I think it was called hemlock… The doctor did as much as she could…but it wasn't enough. He was too young, he had eaten too much, we realized too late… I stood next to the bed they had him on and held his hand. Then he was just gone…" She sighed and looked up towards a lone puffy white cloud making its way across the cerulean sky, "Was two years too long, Rey?"

"You don't have to go next if you don't want to." Aliena set her hand on the shorter girl's shoulder.

"I'm fine." Lynn took a breath, closing her eyes. She held her head high full of a simple strength from deep within herself. "Never have I ever…had a crush on someone's parent." Her eyes flashed with a mischievousness no one had known her to possess.

Manek, Kairo, and Goron all simultaneously lost fingers. "Staisie's mom has got it going on." They said in unison after regarding each other with a nod.

"Do you have anything better to think about besides sex? Wait. Don't answer that. It's rhetorical." Nor shook her head in mock hopelessness, then deliberately turned to Tenorai. "Never have I ever cross-dressed."

"Of course you haven't sister." Manek scoffed and put another finger down. "Aliena goes next."

"Never have I ever gone a week without showering." The girls all made faces; all but Liir put their fingers down among the guys.

"That's disgusting." Gwenda deadpanned. "Eh…Goron, you're up."

Goron winked at her, flashed a smile, her ears reddened. "Never have I ever stolen."

"What about a heart?" Gwenda murmured softly.

"Alright. Can anyone tell me how this suddenly got so lovey-dovey?" Arii raised an eyebrow, watching Tenorai and Nor, Varei and Okir, Saiya and Zoie, Gwenda and Goron. Every pair was either knowingly or unknowingly blatantly flirting.

"They're twitterpated." Caris decided.

"Twitterwhodawhated?" Liir's forehead scrunched in confusion.

"Twitterpated: deeply in love to the point that they block out everything else." Caris explained and rolled her eyes.

A stiff school official approached Arii, presented her with a letter, then left before anyone could blink. Arii turned it over to examine the wax seal that held it closed. Purple with an image of a broom imprinted in it: from her mother. She broke the seal and quickly read through the letter.

Arii and Liir:

I'm not sure how to write this without sounding to blunt…Poppy has passed on. Her weak little heart could no longer sustain her. Your father and I will make arrangements with the EC High officials if you wish to attend the service and wake.

Your mother,

Elphaba T. Tiggular.

"Oh no…" She covered her mouth with her hand and passed the letter to her twin. She ripped out patches of grass from under her hands. Her viridescent eyes hardened. The ground whirred by, followed by a concrete path that lead to steps, through a hallway, up two flights of stairs, fumbling with a key, a door swings open, she throws herself on the bed at the end of the room. She sobbed into her pillow for what seemed like hours and probably was. The moon had replaced the sun.

Caris convinced the other girls to stay near the door to give Arii some space. She rubbed small comforting circles on her roommate's back. She was the oldest of seven girls and remembered doing the same thing to all six of her little sisters to help them sleep. Once she was convinced Arii was slumbering calmly she pulled off her shoes and tucked her in. She motioned for the rest of them to go to bed as well. Before extinguishing the lights she checked the other girls, slipped into her nightclothes, and sent them into enveloping darkness.

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