Avatar: the Adventure Continues

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Darkness had crept over the world again. The pirates have banded together. They have used seven out of the eight dragon talismans to conquer the world. To some hope is lost, but to many others hope is still there. The 'gaang' mat be split up, but hope is not lost; as long as the avatar and his friends exist, the world is never doomed.

A hooded figure walked through the streets of a small city. The sounds of wooden doors slamming shut, and shops closing for the night echoed through the lantern light streets. Most people were going home to bed, they all ignored the hooded figure. He was not an unordinary person to them, but he was unordinary.

The figure stopped at a house. He pulled out a small letter. He read the descriptions at the bottom. Eyeing the house carefully he justified the house was the right one. He entered, as he did so he noticed that the room was completely dark. There was no light in the room. He closed the door and waited. Then he heard someone's voice, "So this is the mighty Kuzon," a strong elder voice broke out, "I expected you to be taller." Kuzon put his hood down, trying to find the source of the voice.

"You called me here?" he asked the voice. "You said you had a way to stop the pirates."

He heard laughs as the voice said "Always one to get to business, I see you are well suited for this job. Yes I do have a way to rid us of these pirates." He paused "Let me first explain the situation. You see Pirates have united themselves under one banner and one man. This man has established himself as the Pirate Emperor. He has chosen six men to rule under him. They are also his personal safes, used to protect one of the seven talismans they have in there possession. They lack the eighth one, which is good for us, but only for the time being.

"Your mission is simple enough: I will give you a location of the pirate lord. You will go in and kill him, take the talisman, escape, come back here, give it to me, and I will give you the next target and we will continue doing this until the Emperor is left." Kuzon listened intently to the man's plans. They were well thought out and well organized, but some thing was wrong.

"How do I know you won't use the very talismans I give you against us?" he asked, challenging him.

He laughed again "Very good! Trust no one, I have chosen the perfect person for the job. Fear not, I mean to destroy them. They are to powerful in any man's hand. I cannot let them be used again."

"Then how come you are using me, when you could be doing this job." He asked again.

"Because, I am old now, I cannot hope to achieve what you can." He said, almost remorseful. Kuzon was satisfied with what he had heard; besides this would give him a chance to kill these pirates for good.

"Where would you have me begin?" he asked.

"You will start in Omashu. The palace is most likely where the pirate is. I do not know much else that is your job. Before you go, it might be helpful if you had weapons." With that, two candles were lit on a nearby table. The light still wasn't enough to see who his informer was, but Kuzon didn't care. Walking to the table he examined the contents. It contained weapons, all different kinds, swords, guns, grenades, and more. It also had ammo and medical supplies. Kuzon noted a sword, unlike the others. It was still the same sleek silver, but it was different. Wondering what it was, he picked it up. "Ah, I see you favor my spirit blade." The voice started. "Gotake it, it can be yours." Kuzon did as he said. "You see, I aquired that blade on an expedition many years ago. It is said to have been empowered by the spirits. The blade never dulls nor breaks. It will glow depending on a persons liking to you. It will glow blue if he or she is friendly, and red if the person means ill intent. It will only work when you want it to." Kuzon unsheathed the sword he had crafted himself and noted the scratches and nicks in it. He set it down on the table and replaced it with the spirit sword, the weapon was perfect.

He also chose six flintlock pistols, and two knives. He strapped four of the six to his sides. The last two he put on his belt which contained extra powder and shot. Also he carried extra bandages and other medical supplies. He strapped two knives to his boots, one on each. He needed nothing else, he left into the darkness, and out of the darkness he would strike his target.