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Full Summery:it's the 1400's and Bella is a slave with Edward being Prince. Her life is being harassed by jealous women and running from hormonal men , his life is putting duty after duty while putting up with dimwitted girls and there attempts at bedding him. When they meet sparks will fly but can a slave and prince really be soul mates?


Beyonce- flaws and all

Until the end of Time- Justin Timberlake feat. Beyonce

My Love- Justin Timberlake

Bubbly- Colby Colait

Authors Note: Last one I swear on my life, anyway I'm not going to ramble on anymore. If you don't already know why I am doing this please check out my other stories and read the authors note at the summery : ) R and R if you like the idea.

Love: Under-theOcean--again :)