Chapter 1: Becoming a Lion's Mate

Author's Note: I know this is similar to my other stories but I just couldn't let it go. Don't know if I like the title or not and don't know where I'm going with this piece either. Guess we'll find out together. Let me know what you think!

He was having the most incredibly erotic dream of his life. Tired didn't begin to describe how he'd felt when he hit the bed some hours ago but now he writhed hotly in his sheets moaning and begging for more from the barely seen lover who was teasing his body in a way he'd never experienced before.

Powerful fingers and a hot mouth were exploring his needy body. The mouth had begun its journey by nuzzling and nipping his neck then moving down to one of his nipples and sucking until it rose into a taut peak then moving to the other breast. Meanwhile, strong fingers explored his nether regions, giving his hardening cock a passing stroke before moving between his legs to fondle his heavy ballsack.

The dark tom panted in a dream-laden haze just on the edge of waking but not quite, as the strange male pressed on until his long fingers reached the dreaming tom's female clitoris. Light stroking made the dark tom buck and cry out in surprise, golden eyes snapping open to behold a powerful lion-cross gazing down at him hungrily.

Before he could protest the invasion of his home and body, the lion swooped down and captured the dark tom's mouth in a hot passionate kiss while he plunged a finger deep within the hermaphrodite male's channel.

The tom's body bucked upward and growled in the lion's mouth with aching desire. He really should be upset at what amounted to rape, but he couldn't hold back the needy response of his body. It seemed he had lost control to the expert paws of the lion.

Only seconds later, a lightning bolt of fire raced through him. He yanked his mouth away to scream, his claws digging into the powerful body above him, as his climax charged through him. The lion grinned in triumph but he had barely begun.

The lion immediately began to thrust his fingers into the still contracting channel, two fingers now, causing the dark tom to groan and writhe again, out of his mind with pleasure. It didn't take him long to bring the tom to climax again but the lion still wasn't satisfied.

"Again..." He demanded as he thrust three fingers in a scissoring motion beginning the process all over again.

"Nooo...can't..." The tom moaned pleadingly which the lion ignored. He was being sent higher and higher and he didn't think he could take anymore.

"You will...your body wants it badly," the lion taunted darkly, bringing his mouth down to kiss the tom's mouth savagely.

When another wave of pleasure roared through the helpless tom, the lion raised his conquest's hips and plunged his steel hard cock into the fiery channel. He roared as he set a punishing pace into the virginal hole.

The dark tom was on fire. He never felt the brief pain of penetration only the incredible feeling of being filled and possessed completely and utterly. He raised his hips to allow the lion to sink deeper within him. The lion roared again and picked up his pace.

They clung together tightly as they reached the apex. It got so intense, the dark tom felt a strong urge to bite and did so, sinking fangs into the powerful shoulder, drawing blood. The sweet coppery taste made him even wilder.

"Yes...take me into your soul!" The lion shouted with joy as he opened his jaws and sank his own fangs into the dark tom's thick shoulder and sucked the blood into his mouth for a moment. It tasted of sweet nectar to him and set his heart singing.

The tom growled hotly as he was pierced by the sharp fangs. His body clenched tightly around the hard pole filling him. The lion licked the bite wound and rammed harder and deeper for a moment longer before filling the tom with his seed and bringing him to climax with him. They trembled on an impossible high for long moments before falling limply to the bed.

When he could think again, Feral stared up into a pair of amber-gold eyes. The lion's look was pure possession.

Regaining his senses, Feral frowned and pushed at the lion to make him move. The lion gave a snort of amusement but complied and rolled off to lay on his side near the tom.

"Tell me why I shouldn't run you in for illegal entry and rape?" Feral growled furiously.

"Because you don't want anyone to know you are a hermaphrodite. Your reason is a very good one. There are many outside this city that would give a king's ransom for one such as you." The lion said with a smirk.

"That didn't give you the right to illegally enter my apartment and then proceed to have your way with me." Feral said defiantly.

"Oh but that wasn't the reason I made such a bold move. Your body betrayed you. It's intense need cried out to me and I couldn't ignore it's demand." The lion growled hotly suddenly leaning forward and pulling Feral close for another intense kiss.

Feral was shocked when he responded eagerly, unable to resist. The lion rumbled his pleasure and took the dark tom soaring again and again.

Dawn peeked through a small opening in the curtains as Feral woke sore and feeling amazing. He still didn't understand why he'd allowed this lion, who still slept in his bed next to him, to take him so easily. He hadn't put up much of a fight and that just wasn't like him.

Still frowning in confusion, he made to get up when a powerful arm wrapped around his waist and yanked him back. Before he could gather his wits, the lion rolled the tom to his stomach. He immediately covered the Kat's body with his own, grabbed the scruff and pressed his hard cock against the Kat's tail.

Feral felt a hot fire overtake him and without thinking about it, he raised his body into a submissive position. Rumbling in pleasure at the tom's surrender, the lion plunged into the Kat's female sheath and pounded into him hard.

Feral felt like he was flying. Everything in him surrendered to the possession of the lion. They flew fast and furious coming like a comet together. The lion released his grip on the Kat's scruff and gave a wall rattling roar. Feral screamed as his body came apart.

He collapsed to the bed with the heavy weight of the lion pressing him down. It felt amazing and frightening at the same time.

As he panted for breath, he asked in bewilderment, "Why?...Why am I responding to you this way? I've never let anyone near me and now I've let you take me...why?"

The lion's hot breath washed over Feral's cheek making him shiver but not in fear.

"As I told you last night, your body and soul called to mine and I could not resist the call. You are mine now, my precious jewel." He murmured as he lazily stroked Feral's body idly with one paw.

"And just who are you? You told me your name and that you work for a security firm. Was that all a lie?" Feral demanded, completely shaken by this turn of events.

"What I told you was the truth. I am Tendaji and I do work for the Kymer Security Firm. But I am also a member of the Zuberi Pride. I will present you to my Kgosi, our King, so that you will be recognized as belonging to the pride and to me. Until then, you must be on your guard for enemies of mine that wouldn't hesitate to steal you. Trust me when I say, I will kill any that dare lay a paw on you." He said, tone dark and certain.

Feral shivered again. Things were happening too fast. As he lay there under the powerful lion his mind went back to the day before when he had been introduced to Tendaji during the security convention being held in Megakat City's premiere hotel, The Avangarde.

He had attended to see if he could pick up any recruits, news on possible threats outside Megakat City, and any new advancements in techniques and/or weapons to protect his city.

As he circulated the room, an acquaintance approached him with the lion trailing behind.

" glad to see you here. Let me introduce you to Tendaji. He works for the Kymer Security Firm. They are the ones developing that new high tech non-lethal capture grenade that's showing such promise." A lean gray tom from the Silver Lance Security Firm told him.

"Oh yes! I've heard of that, I'd really like to get a chance to see one in action. It would be a great help here with some of our more non-Kat like enemies." Feral said with interest as he reached out and shook the lion's paw.

Tendaji's eyes seemed to glow as he beheld the powerful looking dark tom. He shook Feral's paw but held it for just a moment longer. He'd felt a jolt of attraction, his body tightening hotly, the reaction was disconcerting.

"Please to meet you, Commander Feral. I've heard of the rather weird stuff you have to deal with in your city. Perhaps we could sit down and talk a bit?" He asked politely, releasing the paw finally.

"Certainly, how about we go to the buffet and take a seat?" Feral agreed equitably. The lion fascinated him but he wasn't certain why, that pawshake had shaken him.

The lion cross was handsome, dressed in a dark blue suit with a powder blue shirt and dark blue tie with red bulleyes on it. His patent leather black shoes gleamed and he stood as tall as Feral. His fur was a golden brown with hair of spun gold that reached his shoulders. His piercing golden amber eyes were the most arresting thing about him. A brief thrill of heat chased through Feral's body before he squashed it ruthlessly. He was the dominate one in all his encounters and firmly kept his other half in check.

He'd made a firm promise to his mother and father that no one would possess him. They had warned him of the dangers from those that found his uniqueness a thing of value and would do anything to own him. He'd kept that promise all these years despite the feeling of emptiness it caused him.

The gray tom that had introduced them trailed behind as they made their way to another room where a mouth-watering buffet had been set up. Not having eaten lunch, Feral's stomach was growling. He stepped up to the line and in very little time they had filled their plates and were sitting down at a table that overlooked the bay.

They were joined by a couple of other Kats, Feral and the gray tom knew and soon the table was filled with technical talk as information was exchanged.

Tendaji's attention was constantly distracted by the dark tom. Commander Feral was handsome in a rugged kind of way with dark brown fur and short buzz cut ebony hair. His eyes were a beautiful gold color and he had a strong commanding air about him but he wasn't really the type of tom Tendaji took notice of. So why... 'What is it about this tom that has me so hot and hard?' He wondered.

'I must know!' He said to himself as he sniffed the air to capture the dark tom's scent. 'My mother would be very angry at me for doing this,' He thought when in the next moment the odor of something that was damn rare, hit his nose. He nearly gave himself away by roaring. He quickly downed his drink to cover his consternation.

'How did a prize like this fail to be noticed by my pride or other or even the slavers that would covet such a male?' He wondered staring at the tom in question with new eyes. 'At the very least, he should have already been taken by someone but his scent says he's never been touched. How can this be?' He asked himself. He spent most of the meal trying to puzzle out this mystery.

As they all parted at the end of the day's events, Tendaji couldn't help but watch the Commander's form cut through the crowd as he left the hotel. A paw dropped on his shoulder and a familiar voice spoke in his ear.

"Hey Ten! I watched you practically bore holes in that tom. What's so fascinating?" His best friend and pride mate asked.

Tendaji shook his head and gave his friend a small smile. "I'd rather not say where others might hear. Let's go up to our room." He said looking around to insure no one was close.

His friend's brows raised, burning curiosity in his eyes, but kept silent and followed Tendaji back to their hotel room, four floors up.

When they'd reached their room and were safely locked behind its door, his friend couldn't bear to wait any longer.

"Okay, what's with the mystery and extra caution?" He demanded excitedly.

"Commander Feral is not a tom!" Tendaji announced, turning away to hang his business jacket up in the closet.

He turned back around and saw his friend's mouth gaping open. He smirked at the sight and began to undress.

"Say what? I saw that Kat closeup and there's nothing female about him." His friend finally sputtered.

"Yes but you didn't take his scent!" Tendaji said easily as he reached for a robe and put it on.

His friend grimaced, scandalized, "You didn' did! Ten, your mother would be shocked by such behavior. What possessed you?"

"I had to find out why that tom made me hot enough to want to jump his bones right there and then." Tendaji said firmly.

"What?" His friend was getting really steamed by the short and uninformative answers Tendaji was giving him. "Will you make sense for our Goddess' sake!" He growled irritably.

"If he looks male but isn't then what is he?" Tendaji said, refusing to make it easy for his friend.

"Argh! You drive me he looks very male but you say he isn't that just leaves...holy shit! He's a hermaphrodite?!" His friend half asked, his face a picture of stunned shock.

"You got it in one!" His friend smirked.

"Well, hell! But why do you care? Wait!...You said he turned you on big time? Wow! That means you've found your soul mate!! You lucky stiff!" His friend said jubilantly, pounding Tendaji on the back. "What are you going to do? He didn't strike me as the type to allow himself to be possessed. If anything, he reads as a really dominant personality, Ten." His friend said thoughtfully.

"Yes, I got that sense too but when two souls are drawn to each other this strongly, its impossible to fight the compulsion. But I'm certain he would try anyway if I gave him the I won't." Tendaji said, a cunning look in his eye.

"Oooh so you going to woo him or take him by force." His friend said, a lecherous note in his voice.

"Neither! I'll find out where he lives and take him in his sleep." Tendaji said with a dark smile.

"Hah! Good luck with that!" His friend said skeptically.

"You'll see!"

By the next night, he had obtained Feral's home address and slipped into the building then made his way to the roof. From this vantage point he was able to watch for Feral to arrive home which he did a couple of hours later.

He could see with his binoculars that the tom was very tired. Tendaji waited patiently for most of the night to pass. He wanted to catch the tom deeply asleep.

When midnight arrived, he walked down the short flight of stairs to Feral's floor. Looking around, he noted the hallway was empty and silent. He slipped out the roof stair door and moved to the dark tom's apartment just near where he had been hiding. He deactivated the alarm then jimmied the door. He slipped into the dark and silent apartment without a sound. He secured the door behind him and made for the bedroom.

In the small amount of moonlight streaming through the curtains he saw his target. Feral was lying on his side and facing the door to the living room.

Tendaji stared down at his soon-to-be-mate and his body stirred at the sight. Taking a deep sniff he moaned inwardly, catching fire from the scent. He moved around the bed and carefully lifted the sheet.

Using gentle and slow touches, he began to tease Feral's body to arousal.

Now in the dawn's early light, his face was flushed with his successful mating. His prize lay beneath him with a troubled and confused expression.

"Do not be upset my mate. All will be revealed in due time." He reassured the dark tom, leaning down to bestow another heated kiss.

Feral felt overwhelmed. He had allowed the one thing he'd promised to prevent. There was nothing he could do about it now and as he resigned himself to the loss of that part of him. He was surprised to note that he felt complete for the first time in his life. His body was sated and his heart felt no longer alone. What an amazing thing! But on the heels of that realization came the reminder that he was now known for what he was and would be a target of those his parents had warned him of.

'Crud! I'm in trouble now!' He thought in dismay.

He didn't realize how prophetic that thought would be in the weeks to come.