a/n: this is my first attempt at a werewolf imprint story. it's Paul/OC. I wanted to try my hand at how this werewolf with a bit of a temper would handle falling in love. I've had a lot of ideas for new stories lately and this one stuck out to me more, but i might not be able to update very often since i'm trying to get other stories in order but we'll see how it goes. just as a heads up, Jacob will be in the story and may seem OoC bc i'm not having him all mopey over Bella bc she more than likely will not be mentioned in the story and I didn't want to explain Jacob in Paul's story. i hope that doesn't bother anyone. I also hope you enjoy and i would love your reviews!! tell me what you think! love!!

I pulled the curtains back from my window, and I gazed out over the greenery that was Forks. My newly found residence. I had moved here with my mother a few days ago and I had a feeling it would take a while to get used to all the green. Plus the rain. I didn't really mind rain all that much, as long as it didn't prevent me from going outside. I hated being cooped up in the house. Just thinking about it now made me want to get out.

"I think I will," I said to no one. It was still early, only 8:30 in the morning, but I didn't care. My legs were itching to run. I quickly changed out of my pajamas and into some shorts and a t-shirt. I shrugged into my black zip up hoodie but left it open. I made my way downstairs where I found Boomer, my husky, lounging on the couch where he knew he shouldn't have been.

"Boomer," I said warningly. His ears perked up and he immediately jumped off the couch, tail wagging. "You better not let Mom catch you up there." He just continued to wag his tail at me, making me smile. "Wanna go for a run?" His tail started wagging even faster if that was possible. He loved going running with me no matter what the weather or the time of day. I went to the hook beside the door where his leash was hanging just as my mother walked through the door looking ragged.

"Hey, Molly. What are you up to?" my mom asked me.

"I just thought I would go for a run with Boomer. How was work?" I asked in return. Mom had gotten a job working third shift at the hospital in Forks, so this would probably be the most I saw her all day. She would be getting home as I would be leaving and I would be going to bed when she was off to work.

"It was work. Although, there was an extremely handsome young doctor..." she trailed off, and I silently hoped she wasn't getting ideas. I knew she still had feelings for my father even though they divorced over a year ago. She seemed to want to squash those feelings by dating frequently, often with younger men. "Well, I'm off to bed. I'm glad you got me to unpack when we got here instead of putting if off. I am dead on my feet and there is no way I would have been able to do it after working all night. Have a good run. I think there is a beach nearby. You should check it out."

"I might. Sleep well," I said.

I hooked the leash to Boomer's harness and stepped outside. I shivered slightly against the cold of the early morning and the fact that it was just now getting to become Spring so it was still cold out. I took a deep breath and the cold air hurt my lungs, but it felt great. Boomer tugged against his leash and whined, indicating that he wanted me to get going. He was a rather large dog, almost outweighing me, and could easily drag me anywhere, but he was also a very well behaved dog. "Hold your horses." I pulled my brown curly hair up into a high ponytail and tied my sneakers. "Alright. Now we can go."

We started running in the direction opposite of town, toward the La Push Reservation. My mom had bought a house right on the outskirts of the reservation and after only ten minutes of running I crossed the La Push line. I had found my rhythm in running and was only aware of my breath rising in puffs in front of me and the even thumps my shoes made against the ground. It was easy enough to lose myself. The scenery didn't change much, just green and more green. Trees, grass, bushes. Everything. Green. Even in the very earliest of Spring. We were nearing some of the more residential area of the reservation, I guessed, because I began to see a few small houses scattered about.

Boomer started tugging at his leash and whining again. He never did that while we were running. He was always content to run beside me. If I sped up, so would he. If I slowed down, so would he. At times when I could tell he was getting bored I would unhook his leash and take off in a sprint to race him. I don't know why he started acting like this.

"What is it, Boom?" I asked. Then, without warning, he took off running, jerking the leash from my grasp. "Boomer!" I yelled as he disappeared around the bend. I ran after him, not wanting him to get lost. "Boomer!" I rounded the bend in the road and saw Boomer running towards three extremely large guys with dark hair and very tan skin that were standing in a yard. My steps faltered for a moment as I was taken off guard by the size of them. I watched as Boomer ran right up to them. I picked up my pace again as one of the guys leaned down and pet Boomer's head.

"Sorry about him," I said as I reached them. The three guys looked up at me. "He doesn't usually run off like that, especially not right up to people."

They straightened up to talk to me and effectively towered well over a foot above my five foot one inch frame. "It's ok. Maybe we just smell good to him or something," one of them said with a laugh. "I'm Jacob. That's Embry," he pointed to the guy to his left,"and that's Quil," he pointed to the guy handing Boomer's leash back to me.

"Nice dog," Quil said.

"Thanks," I said, taking the leash. "I'm Molly, by the way, and this," I reached down and scratched Boomer's ear," is Boomer."

"I don't think I've ever seen you around before," Jacob observed. "Are you new?"

"Yeah. My mom and I just moved to Forks a few days ago," I could hear the slight resentful tone to my voice.

"You don't sound too happy about that," he mused.

"Yeah, sorry, it's just...I didn't expect my crazy mother to move across the country right before the end of my junior year--" I stopped myself before ranting on about my mom's antics to complete strangers. Luckily there was a noise from inside the house that was cause for distraction. It sounded like a rather loud thud followed by a string of curses.

"Damn it, Embry! If you don't learn to pick up your stuff so people don't trip all over it," the door to the house burst open revealing an equally large guy who was shaking slightly.

"Calm down. It's really isn't something to get all worked up about," Jacob said evenly, as if to a psychotic person that was about to have a breakdown. I noticed Jacob's eyes cut to me briefly.

"Well, he needs to learn--" the guy's eyes landed on me and he stopped short, his shaking ceasing. He just stared at me with something in his eyes I couldn't really decipher. Soon Jacob, Quil, and Embry were looking back and forth between me and the other guy. I felt my face warm as I looked at them all staring at me.

"Well, I, uh, better get going," I stated, feeling extremely awkward. "Come on, Boomer. See you guys around," the last part came out as more of a question, but I just felt the situation becoming more uncomfortable.

We jogged back to the road where I abandoned my quest for the beach and turned back toward my new home, I glanced over my shoulder once and saw the guy on the porch still watching me. As soon as we passed back through to the Fork's side, I stopped and unhooked Boomer. "Wanna race, boy?" I needed something to help rid this overwhelmingly feeling of pent up emotion that seemed to be making me antsy all of a sudden. Boomer barked in response and waited for me to get ready. "One," I started counting us off, "Two...Three!" We both took of running as fast as we could. I could feel my legs and my heart pounding in protest but it felt so freeing. As soon as the house came into view, Boomer let out a hidden burst of sped and bounded onto the porch, beating me.

"No fair," I panted out, resting my hands on my knees while I regained my breathing. Boomer just bark jovially in response. "Shh, boy. You'll wake up Mom." I patted his head lovingly as he followed me inside. I went upstairs and as I opened the door to my room Boomer jumped up on my bed and laid down. I grabbed some more clothes so I could take a shower. I was really just going through the motions as my mind was still down the road in La Push.

Who was that guy and why was he staring at me like that?