I know you were hoping for a chapter, but I need to inform you of a slight break this story will be taking. It honestly pains me to do this, but I'm highly upset at the moment and feel this is the best thing to do. As mentioned in a previous a/n another author is using small things from my story in his/her own. I asked that this stop, but a new chapter for the story was posted recently and used yet another of my lines in the story. If I thought it was purely coincidental I of course would not being doing this but I feel the lines being used are unique enough to my story to know they are mine and not cliche lines used in several stories. So, to protect my story and ensure that you, my readers, are getting the best story you can from me, I will not be updating until the other story is complete in hopes that he/she won't be able to take new ideas from me. I want to be a big enough person not to report this author, because the story is indeed good, but it doesn't need any more of my help without my consent. Please don't ask for the author's name or story title because, again, I want to be the bigger person. I truly am sorry that my story and your enjoyment of it has to suffer due to others. I may change my mind and update if too much time has past and I feel it would be unfair to you, but don't expect anything soon. I hope I don't lose you as readers, and thank you for sticking with the story and reading this horribly long note. Much love.