Previously on NCIS

S4's Angel of Death

Gibbs: FBI being polygraphed?

Fornell: No. This net is being cast

strictly over NCIS.

Gibbs: Who are they after, Tobias?

Fornell: Your boss.

Ziva entered the lift at NCIS headquarters on Saturday morning, hoping to find some answers as to where Tony could be. Originally, the entire team was supposed to meet at the bar last night. Gibbs hadn't shown either, but he never said for certain that he would be coming. On the other hand, Tony said he would be there, and now he was unreachable. As Tony's partner, Ziva was a bit concerned and had a strong feeling that something was wrong.

As the elevator doors opened, she was surprised to see McGee standing there. McGee lied at first as to why he was at the office on a Saturday. However, Ziva quickly explained that she was worried about Tony, since he had not been at the bar and was unreachable by phone.

Ziva once again became angry that she did not know the reason that both McGee and Gibbs had spent the night at headquarters. When Gibbs finally arrived, Ziva shouted at him.

"Teams do not have secrets, Gibbs!" As Ziva shouted this at him, he turned around in surprise.

"Ziva? Is something wrong?" Gibbs asked in concern.

"Tony is missing. He never joined us at the bar last night." Ziva explained.

"Awe, Ziva. Tony is probably just with his girlfriend." Gibbs smiled slightly as he tried to reassure her.

"She had to work last night. He never called to say he was not coming. I cannot reach him by his home phone number or his cell phone number." Ziva quickly pointed out to him. Gibbs' expression then got serious, too.

Ziva finally broke the silence. "What were you two doing here last night?"

Gibbs explained how he had McGee hack into the CIA for information on La Grenouille. Gibbs explained that he needed to know the reason why the director was so aggressive in her pursuit of him. He also believed this to be the reason for the polygraph test that they were all being subject to take next week. During their discussion, Jenny Shepard walked up to them.

"Does the director know?" Ziva asked.

"Know what?" Jenny asked.

"That it is Saturday. And we're all here on our day off because we love our jobs." McGee said, trying to cover up their conversation.

"Except for Tony, who is missing." Ziva added, which redirected Jenny's attention to why she had come to them in the first place.

"McGee, I want you to triangulate a cell number." Jenny said. "202-555-0177"

Gibbs noticed how quickly Jenny refocused her attention, after Ziva said Tony's name. He remembered that Ziva said that he has been out of reach since last night. Gibbs walked over to stand near McGee at his computer.

"DiNozzo in trouble?" He asked in an accusing manner.

"The woman Tony has been seeing, Jeanne Benoit, is La Grenouille's daughter." Jenny looked to all of them as she explained but focused on Gibbs' reaction. Ziva looked horrified, and she looked over at Gibbs hoping that he knew about this. McGee stopped what he was doing to look at Gibbs and the director.

"He's been on assignment?" McGee asked and also looked to Gibbs hoping that he had known something about this. McGee's eyes followed Gibbs as he approached Jenny. Gibbs hadn't blinked and focused his infuriated eyes on her.

"You did plan to tell us at some point. . ." Gibbs asked hoping there was truth to his assumption.

"If it led us to her father, yes." Jenny answered.

"Yeah, did it?" Gibbs asked.

"I don't know." Jenny answered honestly, which only angered Gibbs more.

"You want to tell us what you do know, director?" Gibbs growled back at her.

"Tony just contacted me using his alias' cell. It was a prearranged signal-- used only in emergency if he thought his cover had been blown." Jenny completed. Gibbs quickly moved his head side-to-side in frustration, trying to redirect his anger at something. Everything that Jenny had to say either made him angrier or more worried. After McGee had directed their attention to the plasma, where he was triangulating Tony's location, the director stated that they needed to move this to MTAC.

McGee followed the director's orders. Angrily, he moved back to his desk for a moment. Gibbs and Ziva started to follow the director. But, Gibbs stopped her a moment. Gibbs looked to both McGee and Ziva.

"Did you two know anything about this?" Gibbs asked looking at both of them when he said it.

"No." McGee said in an angry tone, which he hadn't intended to do, especially toward Gibbs. Then Gibbs looked to Ziva.

Ziva sighed and didn't make eye contact. "I had this feeling that something was 'wrong' about her, but I did not know she was La Grenouille's daughter. And, I did not know that Tony was on an assignment." Ziva explained, looking totally lost in her thoughts. Gibbs nodded at her. Ziva's comments almost seemed to reassure Gibbs that there was no way he could have stopped this.

As they sat in MTAC with Jenny, more details of Tony's undercover assignment unfolded. McGee had brought up a picture of Tony's car using his cell phone signal. As they watched his car, they continued to express their concerns. They didn't understand why Tony was not answering his phones. And, they wanted to know if he was following someone or being followed himself. Then, the room froze as Tony's car was blown up. They each exchanged horrified looks. Gibbs continued to stare at Jenny, who was looking frantically around the room with her mouth wide open. Ziva and McGee turned to look at Gibbs.

"Ziva, McGee, contact Ducky, tell him what happened. Let Abby know, too." Gibbs ordered in a soft tone, as he continued to stare at the director.

When the two of them finally left MTAC, Gibbs finally broke the silence. "Director?" He said in an angry and accusing tone. Jenny looked like she was in shock and breathing heavily now.

"Gibbs." She said, trying to explain her side of the situation, but the words didn't seem to want to come out. Gibbs continued to give her a hard stare, wanting answers from her.

"Jethro, we need to get to the scene." She finally said in her director voice. Gibbs shook his head and approached her.

"Was Tony's cell phone signal really for letting you know that he was compromised or that he was with La Grenouille?" Gibbs asked, but Jenny didn't answer. "When we found out where Tony was, why didn't you send in any backup?" Gibbs asked.

"It wouldn't have changed anything, Jethro." Jenny answered, avoiding eye contact.

"How long has he been undercover?" Gibbs asked, though he had a rough idea of the answer. "He was most likely compromised months ago, and you kept this going." Gibbs accused her. He then left her in MTAC, after she once again did not answer.

Ziva and McGee approached their desks in silence. Ziva dialed Ducky's home phone number.

"Ziva, I am surprised that you are calling me on a Saturday." Ducky said.

"Ducky, we need you to come in and do an autopsy." Ziva started to explain.

"Ziva, you are at work? Why?" Ducky asked.

"It is a long story. I originally came in to find out where Tony was last night." Ziva continued to explain.

"And, did you get your answer? Is he there, too?" Ducky asked.

"I still have not found out where Tony was last night." Ziva said. "Ducky, Tony is dead. His car exploded. That is why I am calling and why we need you to do an autopsy." Ziva explained, still in shock as she explained the details.

Gibbs quickly approached the bullpen to grab his gear. Gibbs was very determined now to discover who had bombed Tony's car.

"Ducky and Palmer are both here now." Ziva explained softly. "Abby is ready in her lab."

"Let's go then." Gibbs said as he headed quickly to the elevator. As they entered the elevator, Jenny joined them. Gibbs avoided eye contact with her. Ziva and McGee kept glancing at each other, to Jenny, and to Gibbs.

"The body in which I am performing an autopsy -- is not Tony's." Ducky made the powerful announcement to everyone. The statement was music to everyone's ears, but it did not explain what had happened and where Tony could be. The team refocused their attention to Tony's last known whereabouts, when Trent Kort of the CIA walked in.

"Director Shepard." Kort said as he approached. Gibbs looked up and looked away, just as quick. What now? He asked himself in frustration. Why would he be here? Gibbs listened to their brief exchange.

"Where is he?" Kort asked giving a big sigh.

"It depends on who 'he' is?" Jenny asked sarcastically.

"DiNozzo." Kort quickly answered. McGee jumped up from his desk in confusion, which caught Gibbs' attention. Gibbs finally got up and stood beside Jenny. Tony "was" already compromised, wasn't he Jen? Gibbs thought as he quickly glanced at her.

"I honestly don't know, and even if I did, I wouldn't tell you until you explained to me why you're looking for him so urgently." Jenny retorted.

"La Grenouille flew to D.C. this morning. He didn't arrive at his safe house and his satellite phone has stopped transmitting." Kort informed them. Gibbs swallowed hard at the news, though unsure of what it meant. He really didn't like the CIA, and he really didn't trust this man.

"Mislaid your arms dealer--that's got to be embarrassing." Gibbs snapped back at him.

"I don't know what NCIS is up to, but I want a private briefing in your office now." Kort barked back at Jenny.

"I'll decide what briefing you get, and where you get it, Mr. Kort." Jenny informed him. Kort and Jenny continued to exchange threats, until Kort turned to leave. Gibbs caught up with him quickly, hoping that Kort did have some information on where Tony could be.

"Special agent DiNozzo's car was bombed this morning, but I guess you knew that." Gibbs directed his question at Kort.

Kort turned slowly to answer him. "He wasn't in it." Kort began to say, as he smiled at Gibbs.

"Thanks for sharing." Jenny said.

"The agency had 'nothing' to do with it." He said seriously to Jenny.

Gibbs continued to stare at him. Is that your way of saying that you are solely and personally responsible, Kort? Gibbs wondered.

"Is that when you lost your frog in all that confusion?" Gibbs barked back at him. Kort smiled and turned as the elevator doors opened, to reveal Tony standing inside. Gibbs took in a sigh of relief.

"Hey, my car blew up this morning. Did you do that?" Tony asked pointing at Kort and giving a laugh. Gibbs quickly took in how Tony didn't appear to have a scratch on him, but his eyes did seem bloodshot. He, also, was in the same clothes that he was in yesterday morning.

Gibbs was then caught off-guard when Kort went to grab Tony and slam him against the elevator wall. Gibbs quickly grabbed his gun and pointed it at Kort. McGee and Ziva quickly followed Gibbs' lead.

When Kort finally left, Tony moved up closer to Ziva and McGee, who seemed very relieved to see him alive. Tony gave Gibbs a quick, worried, glance. Gibbs seemed to be inspecting him, and Jenny gave him a scolding look.

"Whaaat! No balloons?" said to Ziva and McGee to let them know he was okay.

"Tony." Jenny said very strongly and turned to go to her office. Gibbs turned to look at her a moment, surprised by her reaction. Gibbs put his watchful eyes back on Tony, who gave another quick smile to McGee and Ziva. He then carefully glanced again at Gibbs and started to head toward the director's office. Gibbs quickly followed him. As he followed Tony up the stairs, he saw the colorful, new bruise on the back of his neck. Gibbs caught up to Tony just before entering the office and grabbed his arm to stop him.

"You all right, DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked, looking at him straight in the eyes, wondering if Tony had a concussion. Tony just nodded and didn't go out of his way to convince Gibbs that he was fine.

"Who gave you that?" Gibbs asked pointing to the backside of his neck. It took Tony a minute to remember.

Tony almost looked relieved at what Gibbs was asking. "Oh, that happened last night." Tony started to explain. Gibbs expression indicated that Tony needed to elaborate quickly.

"I was knocked out by a drug dealer, when I was in a hostage situation at the hospital." Tony answered quickly and plainly. Gibbs gave him an intense look, indicating that he wanted Tony to explain what happened now.

"Tony!" Jenny said from her office. When Gibbs and Tony entered, Jenny was pacing back and forth. She had put the footage of the car explosion up on the plasma. Jenny wasn't shocked that Gibbs had followed Tony to her office. She knew Gibbs wouldn't leave, so she didn't attempt to argue with him about it.

As they sat down to listen to Tony replay everything that had happened, Tony gave Gibbs a very apologetic look before starting. Gibbs wasn't sure how he felt about this secret that Tony kept from him for so long. Part of him was shocked that Tony could even keep something like this a secret. Though, Gibbs always had given Tony little hints in the past that he didn't want to hear about Tony's dating. As a result, Gibbs wondered if he had blinded himself to any of the signs that Tony may have given him about this assignment.

As he listened to Tony replay the events, he noticed how personally and emotionally connected Tony seemed to be to this, specifically to Jeanne. He really did fall in love with her. I wonder how long Jenny has known this. She should have ended this op--it went on too long. Gibbs processed.

Gibbs then noticed how personal Jenny's questions were getting. Gibbs wondered if he should intervene, since it really was none of her business what Tony and Jeanne said to each other. But, then, Gibbs couldn't help but smile openly, Tony had actually told the director to "back off", in his own way. Good job, Tony. Gibbs thought.

Then Tony gave the director, what she wanted to hear the most. Tony may have delivered The Frog to Jenny, after all. Gibbs listened as Tony gave details to the last discussion that he had with The Frog about his plans to contact Jenny.

As Tony finished, he gave another worried and apologetic look to Gibbs. Gibbs nodded at him and then gave a concerned look. "Have Ducky check you out. Then go home, Tony." Gibbs ordered, not even looking at Jenny for approval. She turned to look at Gibbs.

"I'm fine, Boss." Tony answered plainly and softly, avoiding eye contact. He then looked at Jenny, who motioned that he could leave. Gibbs sat with Jenny for a moment, as they watched Tony leave the room.

"What was that about!?" Gibbs barked the question at Jenny. She gave a questioning look back.

"Why were you asking him all those very personal questions?" Gibbs asked her.

"I needed to know how badly he was compromised." Jenny informed him.

"You were actually considering putting him back undercover after all of this? This ends 'now'!" Gibbs angrily responded to her comment and got up to leave the room.

"No. I wouldn't have, Jethro. That isn't why I asked." Jenny responded as he was out the door.

Gibbs took the elevator down to the bullpen. He was surprised that Tony was at his desk, talking with Ducky and Abby. After visiting with Tony, Abby wanted them to come to her lab to share what she had found, concerning why Tony's car was bombed. As they were about to all pile into the elevator, Gibbs grabbed Tony by the arm again.

"I thought I told you to go see Ducky." Gibbs stated firmly.

"Boss, I spent the night at the hospital. I'm fine." Tony stated.

"Do you have a concussion?" Gibbs asked.

"Just a mild one, but a doctor already checked me out." Tony was pleading with him to let this go. Gibbs continued to glare at him, as they both got into the elevator. As they entered Abby's lab, Gibbs asked Ziva privately if she could find out what happened at the hospital last night and pointed out to her the noticeable bruise Tony had on the back of his neck.

Soon after Abby shared what she had discovered about the bomb maker, Gibbs sent Ziva with Tony to Jeanne's apartment. Gibbs could tell that is where Tony's mind was, at the moment. Ziva and Tony both go into the car.

"Are you all right?" Ziva asked.

"Sure." Tony answered, emotionless.

"What happened to the back of your neck? It almost looks like you were hit there by a gun." Ziva stated and observed his reaction.

"I was." Tony answered and looked at her, surprised that she could spot something like that.

"Were you knocked unconscious?" She asked. "What happened?"

"I stopped by the hospital to have dinner with Jeanne. She just had this patient that had his body packed with heroine. When the patient died, the guy's sister and her boyfriend wanted the heroine. Jeanne and I were held hostage at gunpoint down in the morgue, by the boyfriend. He knocked me out." Tony explained, while letting out a large yawn. Ziva continued to stare at him with concern. She was surprised that the whole evening was this traumatic for Tony.

"The guy was arrested in the end. It all worked out. But, I got a mild concussion from the hit to the head. I had to stay at the hospital for a while after that, so that is why I never made it to the bar." Tony wrapped up the story details, as they pulled up at Jeanne's apartment.

Later that evening, when Ziva returned to NCIS, Gibbs was sitting at his desk. They were both surprised to see each other.

"I thought you would have gone home by now, since it is Saturday." Ziva stated as she sat down at her desk.

"I was thinking the same thing of you." Gibbs replied as he watched her.

"I left Tony at Jeanne's apartment -- alone. That is where he wanted to be." Ziva explained. Gibbs gave her a curious stare.

"He said he was knocked unconscious. He was hit on the back of the head with a gun by a drug dealer that had taken him and Jeanne hostage in the morgue at the hospital."

Gibbs shook his head in disbelief, after hearing that news. Gibbs nodded at her, showing his appreciation then got his coat as he approached the elevator.

Monday morning had approached, which was the first day of the team's polygraph tests. Gibbs, McGee, and Ziva had spent Sunday night at NCIS securing a warrant to arrest La Grenouille. Gibbs had left to get a coffee, while Ziva and McGee had gone out for breakfast. Gibbs had just returned, when he saw Tony was just about to enter the elevator. Tony turned around inside and watched Gibbs enter just before the doors closed.

"You're here early." Gibbs noted when he turned to face Tony inside the elevator. Tony noticed Gibbs examining him.

"Yeah, well, . . .I have that polygraph test to do this morning." Tony answered Gibbs not looking directly at him. Gibbs was closely examining Tony's body language. He looked tired and anxious.

"I called you yesterday." Gibbs stated. Tony looked up in surprise.

"Sorry Boss, I didn't get my cell phone replaced yet." Tony responded.

"I called your home phone." Gibbs clarified and waited for a response. Tony looked back down.

"I wasn't . . .home, much, this weekend." Tony replied slowly.

"You nervous about this polygraph?" Gibbs asked, wondering if that was the reason why Tony appeared so warn down.

"No." Tony laughed and popped his head back up, as if he thought that was a preposterous idea. Tony then looked straight at Gibbs. They both knew that he was lying.

"I don't know a lie from the truth anymore, Boss." Tony admitted quietly, then avoiding eye contact from Gibbs as the doors opened. They both headed for their desks. Gibbs looked over at Tony, who was sitting at his desk now, looking so lost. As Gibbs was watching him, Jenny Shepard walked into the bullpen.

"Good morning, Tony." She said to him in concern. He looked up at her and gave a small smile.

"Morning." Tony said in a very quiet, unenthusiastic, and un-Tony-like manner.

"I thought you might want this back." Jenny stated as she put her gun clip on Gibbs' desk and then headed for her office. Gibbs looked at it for a moment and then placed it into his drawer. He then took one last look at Tony and angrily stood up, heading for the director's office.

"We need to talk." Gibbs stated when he barged into Jenny's office. Jenny turned to face him, waiting for Gibbs to start.

"Jethro, you did this before. When someone says that 'we need to talk', usually that person needs to start the talking." Jenny smiled as she repeated herself. She could tell how unhappy Gibbs was with her right now.

"Look Jethro, I told Tony he should take some time off. I received the police report concerning that incident at the hospital. Also, I know personally the number of long hours he has been working for months now. I insisted that he take some time off." Jenny stated, giving him a smile. Gibbs lifted his eyebrows but didn't respond.

Jenny's ringing phone finally interrupted them, as they continued to stare at each other. She went to pick up the phone, as Gibbs watched her.

"Director Shepard. Yes. . . Failed? What do you mean he failed? Did you retest him? Well you have to understand that this was a bad time to give him a polygraph. Over the weekend, he was in a hostage situation, he suffered a mild concussion, he was almost killed in a car explosion, . . ." Jenny planned to continue, but the representative from Homeland Security interjected.

"Yes, I think you need to give him a polygraph at another time!" Jenny yelled into the phone. She then looked up a Gibbs who heard and understood the whole thing.

"Where is he?" Gibbs asked in concern.

"They are in the conference room." Jenny replied as she started to get up. Gibbs quickly left the office and headed for the conference room. Tony was exiting the room, when Gibbs arrived and blocked his path. Tony saw him approach and faced down at the ground, looking ashamed.

"Tony." Gibbs said firmly. "The director gave you some time off, and you need to take it. Go home. Don't you worry about this polygraph." Gibbs tried to make eye contact. Tony just nodded and walked past him with his head hanging down. Gibbs watched as Tony passed Jenny and went down the stairs to leave.

Gibbs turned to look at the man from Homeland Security that was giving the polygraph.

"How badly did he fail?" Gibbs asked him curiously. Jenny had approached from behind him.

"Almost everything that I asked him showed that he was lying." The man answered. "I kept making the questions easier even, such as --who is your supervisor and what is your assignment at NCIS? On the polygraph, it showed him lying every time he answered."

Gibbs shook his head and looked at Jenny. Gibbs went down to the bullpen, where he found Ziva and McGee sitting at their desks.

"Gibbs would have told us." Ziva said as Gibbs walked by her, wondering if she had talked to Tony and knew about the failed polygraph.

"Gibbs would have told you what, Officer David? Gibbs responded.

"If Tony was taking some time off." Ziva said concerned.

"Yeah. You're right. There's always more work to be done when you're a man down on the shift." Gibbs answered. The team then planned to raid the yacht where La Grenouille was believed to be staying, since no one else on the team needed to take the polygraph today. As they were leaving, Jenny approached Gibbs.

"I managed to convince Homeland Security that Agent DiNozzo did not need to be given a polygraph." Jenny quickly explained. Gibbs glanced at her and nodded.

"It is just unfortunate that Agent DiNozzo seems to believe that everything that he is saying is a lie, Director." Gibbs pointed out to her in a sarcastic tone, as he approached the team in the elevator.