Well I started writing this Fanfic one day because I was bored and I absolutely love the SasoSaku pairing! So I really wanted to write a SasoSaku fan fic, this story will probably have a twist of DeiSaku because I like that too, but SasoSaku pwns that all the way!

The name of the story may change somewhere along the timeline but for right now it will be named Utopia, I think thats a good name for this theme but I think its too short at the same time. Well whatever I am just arguing with myself.

This story doesn't quite follow the Naruto story line. Sakura knows of the Akatsuki but doesn't know Sasori or anyone in it. Just to clear it up for you. Her and his fight hasn't happened in this fic.

Please Enjoy! I will update if it is popular enough, so REVIEW!

- Chihiro


Chapter 1

Sakuras POV

The wind started to pick up and blew through my hair ever so beautifully. Its one thing I loved the most about the village; the weather was primarily idle most of the year, compared to the other villages. I looked around at the beauty that surrounded me. Perfect. That was the best word to describe it. Though everything round me was truly breathe taking, I felt a stab of loneliness seeing so many people with their significant other. How I long to have that, the feeling of need and true love.

Sasuke was but a fading memory; not hearing or seeing him for what seemed like a million years. Naruto had finally gave up on me and was rather fond of Hinata now. Kakashi was always so busy nowadays she had hardly ever seen him. Though, even though he wouldn't admit it, I think he has a girl friend.

I sat down at the top of the hill I was standing on. It was probably the best place outside the village; it had a great view of the entire village. Thought is was technically outside the village; it was still considered a part of the village.

Out of Sakuras POV

Two man where lurking just a few feet behind the girl. They had hid themselves in the trees very well.

"Is that her un?' A blonde man asked his red-haired partner.

"That is correct." He answered ever so cooly. The blonde man observed the girl a little closer.

"Hm, even though I hate to have to admit it Sasori-dana, but you have a great taste in woman!" The blonde said while imagining all the different ways he could get that beauty to fall in love with him.

"Don't over exaggerate Deidara." Sasori had said like he was reading the blondes mind.

"Tch. Whatever. So when are we doing this thing?" Deidara said rolling his eyes.

"Patience Deidara. Allow her to drift off in though a little more." Sasori said calmly while watching the pink beauty that sat not too far in front of him. Deidara sat down rather roughly.

"Tch baka." Sasori whispered to himself looking at Deidara from the corner of his eye then returned his gaze on the cherry blossom that awestruck him.

10 minutes later

"Deidara!" Sasori whispered loudly while kicking him slightly in the foot. It caused Deidara to wake up from his little slumber. He looked at Sasori, angered from being awaken.

"What the heck is it un?!"

"Our little cherry blossom has fallen into a light slumber." Deidara smirked while pulling out a little bottle of clear liquid and a handkerchief.

"Lets do this thing un!" Deidara stated excitedly. Sasori inwardly rolled his eyes at how stupid his teammate could be sometimes.

"Deidara, just be careful with the chloroform. Inhaling large amounts of it can kill you…"

"I know! Let's just do this thing before her wakes up un." Sasori nodded his head in agreement.

The two S-Class ninjas slowly crept behind the slumbering girl. It seemed to take forever to the two criminals when it truly took a couple seconds. Deidara poured a couple drops on the handkerchief and in one quick motion grabbed Sakuras mouth and nose hardly with the handkerchief on the inside of his palm.

Sakura's eyes jolted open as soon as she felt the mans strong hands wrap around her. She desperately attempted to pry the hands off, but her attempts had proven useless. Her hands started to drop to her sides while her eye lids became heavy.

"Just relax." Deidara purred into her ear. Even though the kunoichi tried to fight, she ended up doing just that. Her body became limp and she fell back into Deidaras arms.

"Hm...That was easy un."

"Yes, surprisingly it was." The two criminals then carried the girl into the darkness.

Lord willing the next chapter will be longer! I hope it will, but it might not be! This was like 7 pages in my notebook and I write small. Send me some ideas, I need some. If I don't get some I will just run with the story!


Sakuras POV

Darkness. It surrounded me. I slowly opened my eyes, the lighting was not much better wherever I was. I looked around, searching for some sort of light..I couldn't find any. I slowly sat up, and felt around. I was in a bedroom but whose and where? My hands searched a little while more, looking for somthing unusual to identify where I was. I then felt a throbbing pain in my head, my stomach felt naucious. I brought my heads to my head, trying to releave the pain. It didn't help. I sat there in pain for a couple moments. The pain started to subside.

Voices had started to reach my ears. I listened very careful to what they where talking about, but it was so muffled I couldn't make out anything they where saying. There where two man. Older about in their late teens early twenties. That was all I could get out of the conversation. The voices then stopped. I heard someone pull out their chair and start walking around. I then heard a loud noise, similar to a door opening. Light began bath my skin, a door to my room had opened. I squinted my eyes, trying to get them used to the light. I saw a man in the light but couldn't make out who exactly he was or any of his features.

End of Sakuras POV

"So...You are finally awake my little cherry blossom." The man at the door smirked.