Sakuras POV

Darkness. It surrounded me. I slowly opened my eyes; the lighting was not much better wherever I was. I looked around; searching for some sort of light...I couldn't find any. I slowly sat up, and felt around. I was in a bedroom but whose and where? My hands searched a little while more, looking for something unusual to identify where I was. I then felt a throbbing pain in my head, my stomach felt nauseous. I brought my heads to my head, trying to relieve the pain. It didn't help. I sat there in pain for a couple moments. The pain started to subside.

Voices had started to reach my ears. I listened very careful to what they where talking about, but it was so muffled I couldn't make out anything they where saying. There where two man. Older about in their late teens early twenties. That was all I could get out of the conversation. The voices then stopped. I heard someone pull out their chair and start walking around. I then heard a loud noise, similar to a door opening. Light began bath my skin, a door to my room had opened. I squinted my eyes, trying to get them used to the light. I saw a man in the light but couldn't make out who exactly he was or any of his features.

End of Sakuras POV

"So...You are finally awake my little cherry blossom." The man at the door smirked. He walked closer to Sakura, who was sitting on the bed. Sakura pushed herself farther back onto the bed, trying to keep a safe distance from the men in front of her. Her fear was oblivious to the men.

"Do not fear. We have no intention of hurting you, unless you give us one..." Sakura's vision came clearer and she could make out more of the person in front of her. He truly was beautiful; he had radiant crimson hair, and such a beautiful structure. She turned her gaze to the doorway where the other was standing. His beauty was stunning also. They didn't seem real; they looked like they belonged on a magazine cover, not as ninjas. Sakura lost herself in their beauty, she didn't notice Sasori so close to her. He raised his hand, brushing her cheek.

"Will you be a good little girl, blossom?" Sakura threw herself back into the wall feeling Sasori touch on her skin. Deidara smirked in the door way.

"Hn. Seems like you frightened her Sasori-Danna." Deidara said coming alongside Sasori.

"W-Wh-Where a-am I?" Sakura stuttered.

"Should it not be obvious? I thought you where a smart girl." Sasori raised an eyebrow trying to suppress laughter.

"You're in the lair of the akatsuki." Deidara finished Sasori's sentence.

"A-Akatsuki? What would the akatsuki want to do with me?"

"What? Are you serious?" Deidara said sitting next to Sakura. "The pupil of the hokage, experienced medical-nin and you're asking what the akatsuki wants with you?" He said as if it was a joke.

"You see cherry blossom, us akatsuki do not take our job lightly. When we get into to battle we get serious injuries, ones that take weeks to heal. So seeing that you're learning from the world's greatest medical ninja, and so easy to capture, we took advantage of our opportunity." Sasori said smirking when he said 'easy to capture'.

"I-IF YOU THINK I'M HELPING YOU THEN MUST BE MORE STUPID THAN YOU LOOK!" Sakura shouted at Sasori. His smirk quickly turned to frown, especially when Deidara started laughing. Sasori shout him a look and he immediately stopped. Sasori grabbed Sakura's chin roughly pulling it close to his face.

"Now that wasn't too pleasant. It seems you have quite the attitude blossom, so I'm only going to say this once. 'Be good and your stay will be pleasurable; be bad and you will never have a worse experience.' Understood?" Sakura tried her best to get out of Sasori's grip but he forced her to look him in eyes.

"Understood." Sakura said lowering her head in defeat.

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