Lover's Spat

Matsuda looked from L to Raito, wondering why there was such a heavy atmosphere around the two. L looked the way he usually did, pigging out on his confections and saying 'hm' as he read about the Kira case.

But Raito gave it away. Every time he glanced at L, he huffed, pouting in a shockingly cute way. Matsuda was surprised Raito was even capable of such an expression. Again, Raito huffed as his eyes strayed to the genius detective.

"Raito... why are you upset?" Matsuda ventured, hoping the younger man wouldn't bite his head off.

Raito's pout became more prominent. "Ryuuzaki and I are fighting." he purposely turned his head from the sweet-loving man as he practically inhaled a slice of cake, licking the cream off of a strawberry. Matsuda blinked in surprise. Fighting. What could they possible be fighting about?

"Fighting?" he asked carefully. You never knew about these things. Raito was very unpredictable (except to maybe L himself), he might blow up in his face.

Finally, Raito turned to look at him. "I keep telling him not to bring his cakes into bed with us! He gets crumbs all over me!"

Ryuuzaki turned to look at Raito then. "If Raito-kun dislikes having crumbs on him..." he paused to suck some icing from his thumb. "I will lick it off him."