A Night at Naruto's

Summary: Naruto and Hinata have been together for a while now, and this is just a fluffy one-shot of a just a random night of them hanging out, enjoy Rated T for safety, I do not own Naruto cause if I did Naruto and Hinata would already have started going out XDD man I suck at summaries. And although it's a one-shot, it might be two chapters, just have to see how it all work's out… .


Chapter 1

The sun was just beginning to set over the Hidden Leaf Village. The evening air was cool, and the pink and red hues of the setting sun were splashed across the sky like a painting. The first stars of the night were just starting to pop into existence. If there was an evening described for romance in a dictionary, then this scene would have been pictured right next to it.

The village of Konoha was just beginning to turn in for the night, although one could still see some activity in it's many streets and buildings. One building in particular was still completely full of people, although since Ichiraku's was a small building to begin with, saying it was full just meant that all of the six seats at the bar were taken.

One seat held a business man, tired and having just got off work, another was taken by a chef of anther restaurant, talking with Mr. Ichiraku himself about food, and the other two seats were taken by a father and son duo, the dad having taken his young son out for some quality time together. And finally the last two seats at the ramen bar were taken by a couple out on a date, the girl was Hinata Hyugga, the future heiress of the noble Hyugga clan, and the boy was Naruto Uzumaki, the number one most unpredictable ninja in the Hidden Leaf Village. And from the point of view of everyone else, it looked like they were just finishing up their meal together.

"Ahhh man that was awesome." said the blond haired ninja. "Mister Ichiracku you've done it again, another delicious masterpiece!" he said with a laugh. Hinata gave a small nod and smile in agreement, "Y-yes, t-thank you v-very much for the delicious food. I-it was really enjoyable," she said in the shy voice that most people were accustomed to hearing.

Mister Ichiraku was smiling himself, along with his daughter who was tending to the other customers at the moment, but still listening to the compliments her father was receiving. "Why thank you Naruto, and you too Lady Hinata" he said as he referred to Hinata with the respect that the Hyugga clan were normally accustomed to. Hinata nodded with small bow to him, to also show him respect as well, as was her style to do so.

Naruto then paid the man his money, and then turned to Hinata, with a slightly quieter voice than he was using before, "Ready to head back to my place?" he said with a cute little grin to his girlfriend. Hinata blushed at his cuteness then nodded with her own smile "O-ok, let's go."


Oy vey.. XD yeah that was the setup for the evening, now for the fun stuff!! XD

And yeah it's gonna be two chapters.. I changed it from a one shot to a two-shot XDD

And to the question that's probably on everyone's mind, No there will not be sex in this story at all . if there was, it would have been rated M instead of rated T

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