Chapter 7

There were times in Naruto's life when he wondered why some people were so messed up. He was trudging up the path to his apartment, the sun setting over Konoha and the dim orange glow bouncing its way off of windows to the ground below. As he reached the stairs leading up, he slowly went up them, letting his mind reel in what he had experienced the past few days. He had been sent on a mission by Tsunade to take care of a killer that had been preying on a peaceful little village. What he had found there had been inhuman. Bodies were torn apart, some having to just lie in the street as the few remaining townspeople tried to clean it up. The following night he had finally found the killer, who was a ninja that had a strength enhancing jutsu that had such power as to tear limb from torso. On top of all that, he was an ex-Rain nin, having suffered the civil war that had happened not too long ago. From what the blond could venture, he must have survived across the land on his instinct and chakra alone. His wits were all but gone as he had degraded to a cannibal, Naruto after all had come upon him just as he had killed a little girl and was eating her guts. The rage that had built into Naruto upon seeing this sent him over the edge as once again he let himself submit to the Kyuubi's chakra, just enough to negate the man's strength jutsu and have the exact same punishment that he had been giving to the villager's exacted on him, his limbs torn asunder from his body in seconds. Naruto afterwards violently threw up in the forest on his knees.

After he was done he did something he normally never even thought about. He left a note in the village square that the killer was for certain dead and his body was left as proof, and that payment for the mission was no longer required. Naruto simply hadn't wanted it. Normally when a mission was completed, even if the ninja himself screwed up or didn't do it himself in the process, it was still a mission complete and was paid for it. Naruto no longer wanted pay for it as he somehow felt it would remind him of that night. As Naruto reached the door to his lit apartment (he had given Hinata a key so he wasn't worried yet) he began to feel sick again as the thought filled his mind. He had never acted so violently before, even with the fox's chakra flowing through him and it had scared the hell out of him. Swallowing to prevent himself from getting sick, he opened the door to his apartment only to be welcomed by the most heavenly thing that his eyes could lay on. Hinata eyes widened a bit as she turned to see her sweet man home, and she brightly gave a smile that lit up the entire room.

"Naruto-kun! I was hoping you were home!" Hinata dashed across the room and gave him a huge embrace.

"I just got back with my father from a training session; I learned a lot of new techniques. Have you eaten yet? I was just getting ready to make some dinner."

Hinata was dressed in a pretty blue dress and had a white apron wrapped around her curvy body that showcased her chest quite well.

"How about I fix you your favorite ramen and I tell you all about it?"

Hinata smiled more as her arms were wrapped her boyfriend's torso. He was just staring at her with an odd look on his face. He wasn't usually this quiet nor never seemed this sullen.

"I-is something wrong Naruto-kun?" Her stutter came back for a moment as she kept looking up at him.

Suddenly all her thoughts went out the door as he caught her up in his arms and gave her the kiss of a lifetime, his lips captured hers, acting as if they never wanted to let go again, his tongue pushing against hers as she blushed three shades of red in the same second.

"Mmmf!" N-Naruto-kun!"

She managed to squeal out as she giggled in a bell like tone as he kissed her again and again until finally she gave in and began kissing him back. He then stopped and picked her up bridal style, closed the door with his foot, and then set her on his couch, apron and all, and then laid next to her and began kissing her again, not even bothering to take off the backpack from his trip on his back.


Three hours later he finally stopped kissing her, her face was flushed a perfect pink, and somewhere in all the fun her apron was on the floor, and most of his equipment was in a pile next to it. She couldn't help but smile as she rubbed her hand against his cute whiskers and kissed his nose. Naruto had a smile on his face and his eyes were closed, as if relishing in the aftermath of some choice Ichiraku's. Hinata giggled as she couldn't help but find him so utterly adorable that she kissed his cheek.

"Now what was that all about silly? Miss me?"

Naruto slowly opened his eyes and looked into the gorgeous lavender orbs he loved so much.

"Well, Hina-chan…for the past couple of days I was caught in such a horrid nightmare that when I saw you, I thought heaven had come to earth and uh…heheh, I indulged myself in it some."

He said as he laughed sheepishly and blushed himself. Hinata could only giggle again as she kissed his lips this time softly.

"Well mister dreamer, how about I make you something to eat and we can talk about it.. only if you want to ok? Still want that ramen?"

Naruto smiled at his angel and nodded yes. As he watched her get up off of him and tie her apron around her backside (with a cute flourish, just for his eyes only no less) he wondered how he had ever even felt bad to begin with.


Naruto was happily eating his favorite ramen when a thought suddenly hit him and looked over to Hinata across the table.

"Oh yeah, Hinata could you come over and fix this for me for the next few weeks or until I get a new mission?"

Hinata's eyes widened curiously a bit as she knew he loved Ichiraku's and rarely went a week without going to it.

"Well sure Naruto-kun, I don't mind, but whatever for?"

Naruto grinned sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head. "Well…I'm kind of not getting paid for the mission so…."


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