(A/n As I always I don not own anything mentioned here but one day I will

(A/n As I always I don not own anything mentioned here but one day I will!! I tell you I will. LOL read and review please.)

Esme's POV

"This house is a mess. Oh well time to clean. Oh how I love cleaning, today I might even try cleaning at human speed. That's what I will do, oh how fun! This house will be spotless. Spotless I tell you! Muahahaha!"

"Uhh, Esme?" uh-oh when did Edward come in? Curse him and his stupid vampire power.

"Uhh, yes dear?" just play it cool maybe he didn't here me.

"No, Esme I heard you." Curse him "And this house shall be spotless" he said mockingly and then laughed. Oh rude.

"Well…umm…let's…keep this as out little secret or you will help make this house spotless."

"Ugh yeah ok whatever, but you probably shouldn't start your cleaning spree yet."

"Why not," the sooner the better

"Well Bella's kind of on a sugar high."

"No, my house, my poor house," I cried "Oh wait just take her home to Charlie."

"Well that's the problem he kind of sent her, um, here."

"What?!" He has no manners. I should go have a talk with him.

"No, Esme don't do anything rash. I'll get Alice to take her shopping. Nothing kills one of Bella's sugar highs like shopping.

"That won't work. Alice and Jasper went hunting for the weekend." And who knows what else.

"That's fine I have a better idea. I'll take her to the werewolves. Ha, she can torment them to death."

"That's fine just get her out of my house, before we don't have a house."

"K, bye Mom," He kissed me on the cheek and left the room.

"Bye dear," Ok, back to my planning.

Emmett's POV

"Bella!" gosh I will never again give that girl a monster.

"WHAT?!" oh shoot that was Edward and he seemed angry. Uh-oh scary run! Run for your life! "Yeah, you better run." Ok, I don't need any more warning than that, I'm out of here. Theres that door he'll never catch me now. Ha-ha.

"Oh…No! he got me." I screamed "Rosalie! Help me!"

"Ha, right, your on your own." She yelled down the stairs.


"Your own stupidity." Such a good wife she was, wasn't she?

"Emmett, why the heck would you give bella an energy drink?" hmm why would I" Oh, because it was entertaining for one.

"Ahhh!! COOKIES!!" Bella screamed from somewhere in the house, see entertaining I told you.

"Emmett, why would you choose to inflict this torture on all of us?" Dude Edward really looked like a mean scary vampire right now, koolio.

"Because, the name of the drink was Monster"

"So?" hmm Edward seemed to be getting even more annoyed if that was possible.

"Well, I wanted to see if it would turn her into a monster, duh." Gosh it was so obviouse, and my plan did kind of work.

"Yeah, it did work are you happy now?"

"What answer should I say to get you off me?"

"Emmett, your are so dumb" Edward said after he slapped me. That's wasn't to nice of him.

'AHHHH!!" dude Bella could scream loud for a human, "Esme, NO!" uh-oh.

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