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Jacobs POV

"BELLA IS WHAT!?" I couldn't think straight there is just no way this could be happening. She was pregnant I know and she was one of them, but she wasn't supposed to marry him, she was supposed to hate them.

Doesn't matter much anymore if she hates them or now, because I can never have her she's a freakin' leech now. Not a leech a vampire I could never think of her as a leech she is just to perfect. No matter what she was she would always be too good for me.

"Jake, hello?" I was unaware of anything until a hand slapped me in the face.

"Owww what the heck was that for?" I yelled

"For being an idiot," Sam replied. "Anyways you were invited to the wedding, are you going?"

"There is no way in hel…"

"Watch the language" Emily warned.

"In heck I am going to leeches wedding." I look over a smiled at her.

"Thank you" she replied before returning to cooking.

"I don't blame you if you don't want to go," he paused to think, "but imagine how it will make Bella feel."

"No, there is no way your trying to convince him to go to her wedding!" Leah screamed. "Of all people you at least Sam should be encouraging, not make that ordering him not to go."

"All I am saying is Bella was a good friend to him, someone he loves, and it isn't right for him not to go and loose her."

"Oh what the hell would you know about loving and loosing people? Those things mean nothing to you!" here we go again it had actually been a while since she had brought anything up about his imprinting, but now I can see it a full on fight. Awesome!

"No, everything is just perfect for you now. Doesn't matter at all how other people feel."

"Leah, calm down." Seth walked over to his sister putting an arm around her, she was shaking and I was actually surprised she hadn't phased yet.

"No, Seth just screw off." She pushed him away and ran out the door.

"Sorry about that man." Seth looked at sam.

"No, its not your fault."

"Yeah Seth you should be sorry." I yelled, "I wanted to see a fight. Yo Quil get in here." I was still pretty pissed at him for knocking Bella up so he'd be pretty easy to get in a fight with.

"Jacob, stop it." Sam warned.

Always has to be the better person gets so annoying sometimes, of course I have no choice but to listen to him. "Sam you really think I am in the mood to listen to take orders from you?"

"Well weather your in the mad or not," No he was not about to order me to do something.

"Just shut it man I'm outta here man."


(3 weeks later)

Bella POV

I still couldn't believe my wedding was tomorrow, but what was even harder to believe was that Jake had killed himself. I mean I knew we wouldn't really be able to be friends anymore, but I never thought I would have to live without him completely. Nothing feels right anymore. When I pictured my wedding I pictured walking down the aisle, not with Charlie, but with Jake. Now, I guess the only person I have to walk me down the aisle is Carlisle, because Charlie refuses to come around saying we are the reason for Jake's death. Then soon after Jake died Billy did to.

Of course could he actually be gone, I mean he was a werewolf. I guess I should have learned by now anything can happen.

"Bella, please, please tell me what your thinking?" Edward begged pulling me out of thoughts.

"Oh, nothing,"

"Bella, I know you better than that." He pulled me on his lap, "Now, what are you thinking?"

"Just everything that has happened recently, do you really think Jacob is dead?" I know he isn't someone I should bring up, but he was my best friend.

"Honestly, Bella no." wait did he just say no? That's impossible. I stared at as confused as I have ever been. "Well, Bella he loved you and I don't think he could ever leave you for good like that."

"AHHH! Nonnonono." Rosalie screamed from a crossed the hall. In a matter of seconds we were across the hall by rose's side.

"What?" the entire family yelled together. I looked around the room, but saw nothing.

"Rosalie where is Abbigail?" I shouted.

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