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The title means "Fate or love" in Japanese

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The ages from the start:

Sakura- a year old.

It was another dark night, a figure dressed in tattered robes walked quickly holding a large box in her arms. She had been walking for hours. It was a damp and chilly October night. She stopped at the house of a large mansion and rung the bell, it was her last chance. Hastily putting the box down she walked away...

In the mansion:

Uchiha Itachi walked to the door, he opened it but no one was there. He cursed and was about to shut the door when he caught sight of the large cardboard box. He opened it, and doubled over in shock.

There in the box, lay a pink haired baby, about a year old. She was sleeping peacefully until the gust of wind hit her. She woke up and started. She realized no one was about who she knew she started to cry. Itachi picked up the baby and cradled it in the crook of his arm. Engulfed by a warm pair of arms she stopped crying and suckled happily on her thumb.

He wandered back in the house.

"Sasuke! Hey Sasuke!" Itachi yelled.

A dark haired boy walked into the room. His name was Uchiha Sasuke. He was five years old, but he had the vocabulary of a ten year old, he was just as intelligent and very mature. By the age of four, he could speak fluidly.

"Yeah?" He said slowly.

"Someone left this baby on the steps, you are going to take care of her." Itachi said handing the baby to him. Sasuke said nothing, no questions whatsoever, as he cradled the baby. The baby was light. Too light.

"Follow me, I am going to go through this once, so watch carefully." Itachi said curtly.

Sasuke followed Itachi into the kitchen, at the same time activating his Sharingan.

Itachi first washed the baby, made food and fed her. He nurtured her like a mother. But that soon ended, as soon as the baby was asleep in a sheath of black blankets, Itachi left and went upstairs.

Sasuke looked at the baby. It was a small and fragile thing. He took in the pink hair. He wondered about a name. Deciding to be poetic he named her Sakura for her pink hair.

"Hello Sakura." Sasuke whispered against the cheek of the babe. Carefully he carried her to his room and put her on his bed. She didn't even stir. He killed time reading some books and watching tv. He rarely saw Itachi, except for mealtimes. He daren't go into Itachi's room. In short he lead a pretty lonely life. So the result was he didn't really like people. He didn't even remember his parents, who died when he was one. Heck, so he didn't even know a mother's warm love!

Itachi had covered the basics of caring for a baby. But there was one thing he hadn't taught Sasuke...

Sakura started to grizzle, Sasuke looked up. He went over and tried to shush her. It didn't work. If anything, it made her howl louder. Sasuke started to panic. He looked around his room frantically, but he couldn't find anything that would be useful.

Suddenly cries stopped, and warmth and wetness engulfed his digits. He looked down to find Sakura suckling on his fingers. Surprised he yanked them away. She puckered up, threatening to blow any second. Sasuke offered his fingers again and the volcano was inactive once again.

The feeding time came again. He carefully prepared warm milk on the stove. He copied Itachi exactly, but somehow the milk was rising over the top of the pan. Switching of the stove, the milk went down, leaving a skin. Sasuke skimmed it off and poured the warm milk into a mug.

He wet his fingers with it and offered them to Sakura again. She took them licking the milk greedily. He did it again till all the milk disappeared. Which took a really long time, but Sasuke had the patience for it. (For now he did...) Sakura soon was fast asleep, sleeping heavily. She smelled of milk, and that fragrance of baby. From that day on, when she suckled on her fingers, it meant she was hungry.

Sasuke sighed himself. He hadn't known that taking care of babies was so hard. Itachi had made it look so simple and easy. Sasuke curled up next to Sakura and slept the night away.

3 years later:

Sakura was three, Sasuke was eight and Itachi was thirteen. They first year had been difficult for Sasuke, Itachi had refused to help him. But in the end, he got it right and Sakura even bonded with him. As in, she calmed down when he soothed her. And felt most of the emotions he felt when he was around her.

But never did she feel like a sister to him. She was another person, a young person who couldn't do anything so he had to help her. He never played with her, so Sakura learned to entertain herself. She thought this was normal.

A random memory:

Sakura had gotten used to Sasuke now, she wasn't two yet but she was growing out of her babyness. So Sasuke decided to introduce himself.

"My name is Sasuke." He enunciated clearly and slowly.

"Sa'ke!" She said clapping her pudgy hands together happily.

"No! SaSUke." He said pronouncing the SU more.

"Sasu!" She said.

"No no... SasuKE." He said trying to make her say his full name.


"...Sa...Su...Ke..." He said slightly losing patience. He really shouldn't have started this...conversation?

Sakura started to cry feeling Sasuke's ominous aura.

"Ok fine..."Sasu" is fine..." He grumbled.

Memory finished

"Sasuke, Sakura. I'm leaving." Itachi called from downstairs. Sasuke came downstairs with Sakura. Itachi was at the front door, luggage with him.

"...You're leaving?" Sasuke said raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah...I'll contact you when I'm coming back. But it won't be for another year or so." Itachi said hefting the bag up higher.

" 'K...bye." Sasuke said coldly.

Sakura copying Sasuke started jumping up and down while holding Sasuke's hand and yelled,

"Bye 'Tachi! Bye 'Tachi!" ("Tachi" was her name for Itachi, because Itachi was a little difficult to remember.)

The door slammed shut.

"Tachi no like me?" She questioned Sasuke worriedly.

"No, he's just going on vacation." He sighed and went upstairs.

Sakura climbed up the stairs using her hands and feet going up slowly. When she got to the landing she stood up carefully and toddled to her room. There was a collection of toys which she took out and amused herself with them till supper time.

When she felt the time was right she went downstairs, she sat herself on the stool and swung her feet while watching Sasuke cook. He made a simple meal and she ate using her hands.

You see, Sasuke gave her a home, gave her a room, gave her clothes, fed her etc, but he didn't really care what she did. So Sakura ate with her hands. Once she turned five, he would tighten the reins a little more, but she was still three...


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