Today was one of those days when I was very glad that I didn't have a boyfriend

A/N: It's M because Ally likes to mention sex. No graphics, I promise. Please tell me if it's any good. I feel like it's lacking something.

Today is one of those days when I am very glad that I don't have a boyfriend. Yes, Allyson Hunsacher doesn't want a boyfriend. My logic is usually that boys are stupid, but that wasn't the case today. I don't know whether I decided not to have premarital sex because it was breaking the seventh commandment, or because I didn't want to disappoint my Mormon parents by breaking a commandment. But either way, it's easier to keep the seventh commandment if you don't have someone to break it with. I was speeding down a two-lane highway trying to think about the properties of integrals instead of rose petals and silk.

I had accompanied my family down to the Oregon border before visiting my best friend in Bellevue. Her brother had asked me to drop off some flowers at his girlfriend's house up somewhere near Forks. Being the sucker I am, I agreed. I'd already been through half the state, another hour wouldn't hurt. And I had dropped them off, no big deal. The problem was that I didn't know how to get back to civilization, and it was going to take me forever to get back to Spokane. That's when my tire popped. I carefully pulled over. "Fuck." I whispered under my breath. I had decided to go get a spare that weekend. On top of that, I was in a skirt and flats. At least I always carry hiking boots in my trunk. Pulling out a map, I figured that La Push was maybe a mile up the road. Not too far to walk. I walked around my ancient Saturn and opened the trunk. When I turned around to sit on the bumper, there was a huge guy at least a foot taller than I standing behind me. He was seriously huge. He was also shirtless. If I had been a little more cynical of a mood, I would have thought he was going to molest me. Instead I blurted, "This is hell."

He laughed at me. "Why do you say that?" I blushed crimson.

"Nothing," I told him. But under my breath I whispered, "Only the devil would send a hot shirtless guy to help me on a day like this." I returned to my normal tone, "Hi. I'm Ally. Would you happen to know the way to La Push?" I knew exactly where I was, just not how to get home.

The boy's eyes seemed to brighten. "I'm Jacob." He shook my hand. "I live in La Push. Need a tire change?"

Great. Jacob is hot and nice. Maybe I should just go live as a hermit. "I need a tire too." I told him.

I swear his grin got even bigger. "I have a few tires you could choose from. Come on, I could give you one." That was when I noticed his feet were bare. Surely the buzzing at the back of my mind couldn't be about him? I shook the thought out of my head. For now, I would enjoy Jacob's company.

By the time we got to his house, we were talking like best friends. People tend to take a liking to me rather quickly, but nothing like this. Jacob's eyes sparkled every time he looked at me. Normal? I think not. He'd just had his nineteenth birthday. My eighteenth had been earlier this summer, more like late spring. We were both planning on heading to the University of Washington in fall. He said he'd gotten a scholarship.

When we got to Jake's house, there were a few other huge boys out front. Jacob waved to them, saying, "Hey, I need to fix Ally's car. Be right back." Jacob grabbed my hand and led me around back, to the garage. I blushed again at the contact. My parents would have freaked if they had been there. Jacob threw a tire exactly like mine into the trunk of his tiny VW Rabbit, and gestured for me to get in. I knew I shouldn't trust some man I had just met enough to get in a car with him, but Jacob seemed different. I had a feeling he wouldn't let me get hurt. We were back to my car in two tiny minutes, a huge contrast to the time it had taken to walk. Jacob stayed and helped me change my tire. He seemed reluctant to let me leave. "Hey, call me sometime if you wanna hang out." Jacob sounded nervous as he handed me the paper.

"That sounds good," I replied, smiling. This guy really was nice.

Jacob's hand caught mine as I turned to climb into my car. "Call me when you get home safely."

I smiled again. It didn't feel creepy to have a guy I just met worried about me. It felt as if we had known each other for years. "I will."

With his directions, I made it to the freeway and to Spokane in far less time than I thought it would. It felt like no time at all. Yes, I would definitely be calling Jacob.