A/N: HopelessSoul wrote a sequel. The vampire in her sequel just so happens to fit perfectly with a certain babysitter from Allyson's past (That is a vampire), thus this little extra.

I tucked my cell under my chin as I pulled out the keys to unlock the house. I had left Jake with his dad to come inspect the house. Inspect the house was just code for plan the wedding, though. Alice had bribed her way into being my wedding planner, and Jake rather didn't like it when she was around. Not to mention that Jenny had bullied her way into being the caterer. They weren't supposed to be here for a good hour, but I had come to realize that arriving early and calling them expedited the process. Otherwise, Jenny would never arrive.

I opened the door easily and moved into the dining room, closing and locking the door behind me. Finally, Jenny picked up the phone with a weary "Hello?"

I smiled, relieved. "Hey, Jenny. What time do you think you'll be over to discuss the menu?" I paused, listening. "What do you mean you won't be able to cater my wedding? I'm sure you can plan around something that's eight months from now. Is that Alice in the background?" Jenny rambled on about the need to be able to predict problems. I knew my expression was getting stormier by the second. "Jennifer, are you trying to tell me that she won't be able to plan my wedding either?"

I heard a scuffle over the phone, and Alice screamed into the receiver, "Don't listen to her. I can still plan it!"

There was another power play and Jenny regained the phone. "I'm sorry Ally. Something came up, and I don't know when we can come back."

I pulled a blue manila folder out of my purse and opened it. "Would this have anything to do with you missing our double date? Or the file in my hand with your name mentioned a dozen times just in the synopsis page?" Jenny was speechless. "I thought so. I haven't read past the part where you turned Scott, but you know you should come to me with problems like this, right? I explained this to you."

A pair of cold hands slipped over my mouth and around my waist. The phone slipped out of my hand and fell to the floor as I froze. How could a vampire sneak in without my notice?

A soft whisper next to my ear made me shudder. "Hello, my little Allyson. I am so very glad I waited the extra fifteen years." My eyes widened even more. That was Christopher's voice. No wonder he had freaked me out when I was little. "Oh, yes. You would not remember, but when you were four you exhibited truly remarkable healing abilities, little Allyson. I wanted them, you, so badly, but an advisor of mine said I should wait, darling. She told me to hide your abilities from you and come back later. When you met that Hexenwulfen, I could neither come get you, nor continue to sequester your magic. I was most disappointed, until you led me to another specimen of interest." My eyes flitted down to phone.

Christopher laughed. "Yes, I am talking about your friend Jennifer. She already knows me, do you not darling?" He directed his last comment at the phone. Judging from the outburst of noise from it, Jenny had heard him. Christopher forcefully turned me around, showing me a number of magical creatures, all under his control. "Welcome to my menagerie, Allyson."