Summary: What if Harry wasn't quite the putz we see in cannon

Summary: What if Harry wasn't quite the putz we see in cannon? What if the Greatest School in Britain wasn't all that great? What if Harry had contact with the magical world before Hogwarts?

Hello. Welcome to a brand new story. I've been kicking around various versions of this story, which, I hate to say, started as a Mary-Sue.

I've always been dissatisfied with the cannon Harry Potter world. It just seemed to be stuck in the past. I've move the story up about ten years, having Harry be born in 1988, mostly because I wanted to add more modern technology.

Please review. (insert shameless begging here) This chapter is short (yes I do know this) but I promise more is coming.

Chapter 1

Discovering A Whole New World

Harry slammed the door behind him and stood on his tippy-toes to stare out the window. Dudley was just standing there, on the Library steps, seemingly unwilling to follow him inside. He waited a few more minutes, catching his breath, until he was sure Dudley had given up on this round of Harry Hunting.

"I knew he was allergic to books." he muttered to himself.

"No, its probably the authority figures." came a voice from behind him.

Harry's eyes grew wide. He hadn't thought anyone would be paying attention to him. They never had before. "Uhh, sorry about that." he said turning around.

"No problem, Squirt." said the most unusual librarian Harry had ever seen, and that included the school librarian who barked at people and swore her cats wrote the overdue notices. The lady had blue hair cut short and styled into spikes. She had a row of earrings in both ears and even an earring in her nose! Harry wasn't sure what to make of the lady, but he decided he like the blue hair. "Want a book to read while you wait for Gordo over there to disappear?"


"It's Spanish for fat."

"Can you teach me that? Spanish, I mean. Or help me find a book?"

"I'll do one better. I'll find you a book about Spanish. My name's Nicole. Call me Nikki."

"I'm Harry. Thanks."