Words from the Author's Mouf (er...I mean) Mouth: This occurs in a world where Raito-Raito-kun has won...And I must say he Mikami/Raito pairing is greatly unappreciated, in my point of view. Even though I kinda hate Mikami for bein' a crazed up fruit loop and ruinin' Raito's chance at demonic voice WORLD DOMINATION!!1!...Although Raito is a tad crazy himself.

"Please...I'm sorry, God...Forgive me, please please forgive me!"

Light glared ahead, his face a mask of subdued rage. He had his hands laced together and was resting his chin on them as he listened to Mikami's pleas. The other man kneeling, no, groveling on the dirty floor. Grey eyes were wide and tears streamed from them as he sobbed and covered his head in shame.

"Please God! Please!"

Raito's eyes narrowed and looked up at the bodies of the SPK and the Task force that litter the warehouse. It had been Mikami's foolish assumptions and disobedience that had nearly cost Raito his chance at paradise...Luckily for them both he had rewitched the notebooks..just to be safe. Raito looked down upon Mikami again and beckoned him forward.

"Come here...Mikami." he purred, his voice cold. Mikami crawled forward and supplicated himself at his God's feet. Raito just smirked at the man's blind loyalty, to come to him even though he held the real Death Note in his hands. He raised his hand and Mikami flinched.

Then gently ran his fingers through the black strands making Mikami blink in surprise.

"You could have failed me, Mikami. You disobeyed me..." Raito said, sharply tugging his disciple's hair eliciting a whimper. "But I am feeling lenient. Do you promise to obey me, Mikami?"

"Yes, God, yes." Mikami sighed, nuzzling Raito's leg and murmuring words of loyalty. Coming to his master even under the threat of pain and death, Raito smiled madly at the thought.

Mikami was much like a dog in that sense.

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