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L blinked at the images on screen, owl-like eyes taking in all that the surveillance cameras recorded. The Yagami and Kitamura households were a painfully boring stereotype of a traditional Japanese family. It almost bored L to tears and if it weren't for the fact that he was 97 sure that one of them was Kira then he'd have abandoned the whole project a long time ago.

But there was one bright spot, in the investigation and the monotony.

Yagami Raito.

The boy was intelligent, extremely intelligent and when L had read up about his achievements he had been mildly impressed. Not to mention that Raito-kun was very handsome. L spun around in his chair, his place of chocolate cake gripped safely in his hand as he mused on the boy. Wide honey tinged eyes, pale skin, and a slender body. L took a bite of his cake, despite what his co-workers might think he was human and he was male.

He also was a sucker for pretty eyes.

Raito had a schedule and almost clockwork he'd go to sleep, wake up, shower, and head off to school then come home, study, have dinner, study yet again then go to bed. L was not interested in all that but...Onyx eyes darted to the clock.

It was 7 A.M. now and that meant there were approximately 10 minuets to watch Raito-kun sleep before he woke up. L spun around and faced the monitors again. Raito always looked so grown up when awake but he looked almost adorable when he was asleep. His face relaxed and his hair had a tendency fluff up when in sleep. Slowly Raito woke up, almond eyes blinking tiredly and stretching like a lazy cat before getting up and walking to his closet to pick his clothes for the day.

That didn't interest L...but when Raito headed to the shower. L sat down his empty plate and sat with his hands upon his knees. Raito slowly undressed, first shedding his pajama top and revealing the lithe chest and even more pale skin. L watched his thumb going to his mouth, nibbling already chewed nail. Raito stepped under the cascading water and L nearly broke the skin of his thumb. He watched intently as rivulets of water slowly ran down Raito body as if in a trance, L shifted slightly in his chair.


L flicked the offending monitor off and whirled around to Watari. The old man gave him a scolding glare but L just picked up another slice of cake and took a bite.

"Yes, Watari?" he muttered innocently, the old man just sighed and shook his head.

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