Game On: Shane/Mitchie: Would You Rather

Game On: Shane/Mitchie: Would You Rather?

Shane Gray was sitting with his girlfriend, Mitchie Torres, her friend, Caitlyn Gellar, and his band mates, Nate Taylor and Jason Smith. They were gathered around Mitchie's kitchen table, staring at a pamphlet in the center of the table.

"So," Shane cleared his throat.

"So," Mitchie countered, raising an eyebrow.

"Are we going?" Shane looked at Mitchie with a furrowed brow.

"I am," Caitlyn raised her hand and brought it down quickly.

"I kind of miss it," Nate looked at the pamphlet wistfully, "I'll go."

Jason shrugged, "If Nate's going, I want to, too. I never did get my birdhouse, you know."

Shane looked up at Mitchie, "That leaves you."

"What about you?" Mitchie questioned.

"I'm going only if you are," Shane set his jaw stubbornly.

Mitchie sighed, looked at her boyfriend for a moment, then yelled across the house to her mother, "MOM?"

"Yes, Mitchie, I'm coming!" Mrs. Torres entered the room, "What is it?"

"What did Brown say about this summer?" Mitchie looked at her mother.

"Full-time," Mrs. Torres smiled.

"Okay," Mitchie turned her head toward Shane, "Looks like we're all going back to Camp Rock!"

Shane laughed, "This is cause for a celebration!"

The teens headed to the nearest ice cream parlor. The stood in line, and, after Shane, Nate, and Jason signed a few autograph, started to order.

"Mitch? Would you rather have mint or vanilla?" Shane asked.

"Vanilla," Mitchie turned her head towards Caitlyn, "Would you rather have chocolate or bubblegum?"

"Chocolate!" Caitlyn giggled as she turned towards Nate, "Would you rather have strawberry or fudge?"

"Fudge," he laughed as he looked at Jason, "Jase, would you rather have mocha or mint?"

"Mint," Jason grinned, "Shane, would you rather have chocolate or vanilla?"

"Vanilla," Shane smiled at the cashier, "Did you get all that?"

After they got their cones, they sat in a secluded booth in the corner of the parlor.

Mitchie laughed suddenly, causing everyone to stare at her.

"What is it, Mitchie?" Caitlyn looked at her friend as she licked her cone.

"Let's play 'Would You Rather?'" Mitchie grinned, "Or, should I say, continue it, since I think we already started it."

Shane smiled, and offered to go first. When no one objected her turned to Mitchie, "Okay, Mitch, since this was your idea… Would you rather ride an elephant or ride a camel?"

"A camel," she laughed, "Jason, would you rather never have a birdhouse, or have thirty the size of a penny?"

Jason thought hard, "Thirty the size of a penny."

Nate raised his eyebrows, "Really, dude?"

Jason nodded, and turned to Caitlyn, "Caitlyn, would you rather kiss me or Shane?"

Caitlyn made a face, "No offence, but I wouldn't really want to kiss either of you."

Nate laughed.

"Nate," Caitlyn smirked, "It's your turn. Would you rather dance around on national television singing Barbie Girl or singing Wannabe?"

Nate shuddered, "Do I get a third option?"

Caitlyn smirked again, "Nope."

"Wannabe," Nate mimed gagging, then turned to Shane, "Would you rather proclaim your undying love for Mitchie on national television in a straightjacket or a dress?"

Shane groaned, "A straightjacket, I guess."

"Shane!" Mitchie smacked his head, "People would think you were crazy!"

Shane, who had been about to take a bite out of his cone, felt his nose being pushed into the ice cream. He glared a Mitchie, who took one look at his nose and started laughing with tears streaming down her face.

Caitlyn, Nate, and Jason joined in, and Shane glared at all of them. He then took his cone and smeared it on Mitchie's cheek. She immediately stopped laughing and felt her cheek, yelling, "Shane!"

Caitlyn, Nate, and Jason started laughing harder, until Caitlyn's cell phone went off. She picked it up and, after a few words, stood up, "Sorry, guys, I have to go. See you all later!"

"Wait," Nate stood up, "Jason and I'll walk you home."

"Thanks," Caitlyn smiled, and the three waved towards Shane and Mitchie, who still had ice cream on their faces.

"Now, Mr. rock star," Mitchie glared at Shane once the others had left, "How do you propose to clean off this ice cream?"

Shane raised an eyebrow mischievously, "Like this."

Shane leaned forward slowly, and watched as Mitchie's eyes widened. He pressed his lips to her cold cheek and started to kiss it. Slowly, the ice cream disappeared, but Shane still continued to kiss her cheek, moving from the corner of her mouth to her cheekbone.

She shivered, knowing it had nothing to do with the temperature. He moved his mouth to her ear, and she almost moaned aloud. She raised a hand to his chest, and pushed him a little ways away, "Shane…"

Shane smiled into her clouded eyes, "Yes?"

She shook her head to clear it, then looked at her boyfriend again, "It's clean now," and she kissed his ice cream covered nose, "Thank you."

"Anytime," he grinned, "Really, I mean it. Anytime."

"Shane!" she giggled, regaining function of her brain. She gave him a playful shove, and he wrapped his arms around her.

"I suppose I should walk you home now," he whispered into her ear.

She nodded as they got up and walked towards her house.

Shane's arms stayed wrapped around her as they took the long way home. Mitchie leaned into his embrace, and asked, "Shane? Do you want to continue the game?"

"Sure, Mitch," Shane murmured.

"Would you rather kiss my cheek or nose?" Mitchie giggled.

"Your nose," Shane laughed, "Would you rather hug me or hold me?"

"Hold you," Mitchie wrapped her arms around Shane as they stopped for a minute, "Would you rather go back in time and not give me the promise ring, or have things the way they are now?"

"Things the way they are now, of course," Shane pressed his forehead against hers, "And that'll always be my answer."

She sighed, and he kissed her nose. She wrinkled it and he laughed.

"Speaking of the promise ring, how did your parents react?" Shane asked casually, or, at least, trying to seem to be.

"Well, my mom was overjoyed, and well," Mitchie looked up at Shane guiltily, "Shane, I didn't tell my dad."

"Mitchie," Shane sighed, and dropped his arms to look carefully into her face, "Why not?"

"He thinks I'm too young for falling in love," she touched his nose lightly, "And that's exactly what happened with you."

Shane smiled, but that didn't stop him from pushing her to tell her father right up until they reached her front door. They stopped on the porch, and Mitchie faced Shane, "Fine. You want to tell him? Be my guest," Mitchie opened the door and pushed Shane in.

Shane pulled Mitchie to him in the hallway, "Mitchie, I would rather do this than anything else in the world. Remember that."

Mitchie knuckled away a tear, and kissed him softly, "I will."

Shane dragged her into the living room where her parents were. Mitchie discreetly flashed her mom the ring, and she immediately understood what was going on. Mrs. Torres sat up a little straighter as her husband looked from Mitchie to Shane and back again, "What's going on?"

"Mr. Torres, sir," Shane took a deep breath, and squeezed Mitchie's hand, "I'm in love with your daughter. I gave her a promise ring to show her that, and I just want you to know that I'll be here for as long as she wants me, even if that means forever."

Mr. Torres looked from Shane to Mitchie to Mrs. Torres, "Did you know about this, Connie?"

"Yes, sweetheart," Mrs. Torres smiled, "And I think Shane is doing the right thing."

"Okay, well," Mr. Torres looked a little shocked as he ran his hand through his hair, "Aren't you a little young to be thinking about forever?"

"Love knows no age limits, Mr. Torres," Shane stated clearly, "That's always been a firm belief of mine."

"It'll just take some getting used to," Mr. Torres exhaled, then paused, "Why do you need to tell me?"

"I just want your blessing, sir," Shane looked Mr. Torres in the eye.

"You're getting married?" Mitchie's dad panicked.

"No," Mitchie ran and hugged her father, "No, daddy, no. Shane just wants you to give your blessings on his dating me."

"Ah," he sunk deeper into his chair, "Okay, you have them."

Shane smiled, "Thank you, sir. I best be going now."

"I'll walk you out," Mitchie grabbed Shane's hand and led him to the door. Out in the hallway, she kissed him passionately.

"Thank you," Shane chuckled, "But what was that for?"

"For standing up to my dad respectfully," Mitchie grinned, then punched Shane in the stomach.

"What was that for?!" Shane grunted.

"For almost giving him a heart attack," Mitchie laughed.

Back in the living room, Mr. Torres was still staring at the spot where Shane had been standing.

"Honey?" Mrs. Torres moved closer to her husband.

"Sorry," he blinked, then looked at his wife, "What do you think about him, dear?"

Mrs. Torres smiled, then looked at the door where her daughter had exited with her boyfriend, "I think he's the best thing for Mitchie."

"Humph," Mr. Torres looked at the door, too, "If that's what you think, honey, then he's fine by me," he smiled reluctantly.

Mrs. Torres laughed and laid her head on her husband's shoulder as they heard the front door close.