Summary: When Edward though he was protecting Bella when he left he was mistaken. Bella got bit. Now 50 years later they meet again. How will it go?

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Bella's P.O.V

50 years, 50 years without him, 50 years since he left. Hi my names Bella Swan and I'm a vampire and have been for 50 years. After heleft me i was wondering through the woods when a vampire named Victoria who was out for revenge cause my ex boyfriend killed her mate. So here i am in North Carolina. I live at the the high school i go to. I go to Asheville School. Asheville is a boarding school and me being able to go through more than one high school i had the grades to get in this year for eleventh grade. Its easy for me to control my thirst for blood because i don't like the smell of human blood. I never had so I'm guessing that's why. I have a power just like him. I can read minds but put my own thoughts in minds. I can also block anyone powers. But only if there in a thousand foot radius. I can still blush for some unknown reason. And even if I ever saw the Cullen's again not even Carlisle could tell me why. I don't think anyone could know. I followed after Carlisle way and hunted animals i knew if he ever did want to turn me that he would want me to be the way i am.

"Bella" My room mate Erica called me. She's from Australia, At Asheville people from all over come here. She has this thick deep Aussie accent ",I'm leaving"

"What!?" She's like my best friend (though she will never replace Alice)

"Something happened back at home so i have to leave"

"Oh I'm sorry" I hugged her "I'm going to miss you"

"I'll miss you too. Just don't let Raven get you down in the dumps okay?" Raven is like a Lauren. She hates me.

"I wont" We spent the whole day talking about old times and pranking the teachers on prank day. Sooner than we thought there was a knock on the door

"Well its time for me to go. See you Bells" She hugged me

"Later Erica" and she left.

Tomorrow classes restart..and people are saying we are going to have a project I guess. I stared to think about Jacob. About two years after my transformation I'd come back and called Jacob. Lets just say getting a call from your "dead" friend was surprising i told him to meet me out side of Forks. He had told me that he was a werewolf and even thought that vampires and werewolves don't get a long that he still love me, but like a sister. And I said that I loved him to but like a brother, i could never love anyone as i do Him. He also told me he imprinted on a girl name Samantha and i was happy for him. he's around 46 now and looks like it. Him and Samantha wanted to grow old so they did. I got a letter from him and he had two kids, twins really. There names where Eric Sam Black and Emily Bella Black. I was really horned that he had my name. I talked to Samantha once in awhile through letters and she seemed to like me (she did really put "i think your cool even for a bloodsucker" no joke). I remember the first time i went back to Forks. my funeral. I had everyone think that I had fill into the water with my car on a trip to San Fansico. I pushed the car of the side of the road and someone found the truck. My parents were devastated. My mom had come down and the last time i had seen here she was skinny. This time i see here with a belly and knew that she was going to be fine without me. My dad didn't take it to well. He died a year after what happened. They said it was from a broken heart. Mom had passed away four years ago of old age, Phil died a little after. That's all I've heard about my family. That was the last i heard about anyone from Forks. Never heard if his family ever came back. Never knew if he ever though of when he heard of me being dead. I didn't want to know. It would do me no good. I would never see him again

Edwards P.O.V

50 years. 50 years without her, 50 years of never going back to that town, 50 years. she didn't even last that long without me. Alice left 2 months after we left though i protest her not to. When she came back she was all said and not very pixie like. I asked her why and she told me that Bella had died. The pain in my dead heart hurt so bad. I though I had protected her. I though leaving her that she would forget me and live a happy life. Stupid me! Now 50 years later we are still doing the whole go to high school then high tale it out of there. Me, Alice and Jasper will go as juniors while Emment and Rosalie go as seniors. We going to North Carlina private school in Asheville. Believe it or not its called Asheville School. Original. (note sarcasm) There about to start there new semester and said were weren't aloud but with our grades (and a little dazzling) we were able to come and live here. Its a boarding school Esme and Carlisle live in a little apartment near the school so we could see them when we wanted to. Though Esme was not so happy that it was so small that she couldn't decorate but she said she'd live with it.

"Eddie!" Emment called me over

"Emment i told you i hate that name."

"Come on bro. look we get to room together. You me and Jasper are going to party!" I laughed

"Yeah party about you being dumb?"

"Oh ha ha ha Mr. Eddie thanks he can crack a joke on me" He laughed

"EMMENT!" Rosalie called after him "If you destroy anything your dead" I gave her a questioning look then Alice came up

"I had a vision he was going to make you so mad that you guys would get in a fight and he would pick up Rose's stuff and thought it at you breaking her crystal Rose she had in there" Emment had given Rose a crystal rose for her and she loved it.

"Oh" we walked up and got our schedule and walked toward the dorms

"Well me and Rose go this way" She said pointing toward the east part "and you guys are over there. We'll see you guys at lunch" She kissed Jasper on the cheek and skipped off Rose doing the same thing as her (expet she kissed Emment of course)

"Ready to go?" Jasper asked. Me and Emment nodded

"Emment you know how pissed Rose would be if you broke that"

"Yeah i would pay a lot about it" No sex! no! oh god i wouldn't be able to see her in that...

"Emment please stop thinking about that"

"Oops sorry Eddie"

"EMMENT!" I stared to chase after him

"They will never listen" I heard Jasper while running toward us trying to keep up "Guys lets do this AFTER we find our room" Me and Emment nodded and slowed down.

"Lets go!" Emment boomed. same old Emment

Alice's P.O.V

"So who do you think our roommate will be?" I asked Rose while walking up to the door

"Who knows"

"I hope she'll be nice and do makes overs. OH! and shopping" I smiled at the thought as Rose rolled her eyes and knocked on the door

"Come in" A scent hit me

"Rose shes a" Her eyes widen and nodded agreeing with me. we opened the door. The girl had brown hair and i could of swore she looked like Bella "Hi" I said and she turned around. all our eyes widen

"Alice? Rosalie?" The girl asked

"Bella?" All our eyes widen


continue yes no?

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