Author's Note #2!

First off, I want to say I'm so, so, so sorry. You guys really have no idea how sorry I am…I'm ashamed. :'( To show my sorry-ness, I want to dedicate a song to you guys.

But baby here I am
Banging on your front door
My pride spilled on the floor
My hands and knees are bruised and I'm crawling back to you
Begging for a second chance
Are you gonna let me in?
I was running from the truth and now I'm crawling back to you

Yeah, im crawling back to you guys…

So, here's the thing: I was rereading this story right now…and it kinda sorta sucks in my opinion. I think I may have rushed things…I don't know, its just not as good as I thought it would be. A lot of people have been asking me to keep writing, so here's what im asking: do you guys want me to continue writing this story? I have another idea for a story, one I really want to write (and I promise I will not abandon it once I start), so it's up to you guys if I keep writing this one and start the other one or just focus on the new one. Would you guys be willing to keep reading this one?

So, that's my question…leave a review or PM me with your answers. Thanks, guys, I couldn't do this without you


P.S. That song was Crawling Back To You by Backstreet Boys.