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Chapter: 1- Maid A La Mode

"Come on Itachi-chan, Sasuke-chan! It's summer and I know it will be very nice if you invite your friends over to spend the summer with you at our beach house!" Mikoto tried to persuade her ever so emotionless sons. Her expression fell when she noticed her sons weren't going to agree any time soon.

She sighed and decided to do Plan B. She frowned and looked down, fake tears glistening in her eyes after years of practice. She murmured in a quiet voice, "Well then… I guess if you don't… want to, I can't force you…" she looked up at them, her eyes shining with 'tears.' Sasuke twitched and looked at Itachi.

Itachi was twitching inwardly. "Hn," he replied before walking to his room. Mikoto inwardly grinned, yes! The eldest agreed! Now… Mikoto turned to Sasuke with her expression. She sniffed and looked at him sadly. Sasuke twitched again before looking away, "Whatever…" he replied and soon walked to his own room as well.

Mikoto grinned and waited for him to be out of earshot before pumping a fist into the air. "Yea!! Go Mikoto!!" she cheered herself on before humming merrily and skipping down the stairs to arrange the beach house (coughMANSIONcough) for her boys. "Lalalalalala…" it was such a great day!!

Mikoto looked through the selection and sighed as she fixed her glasses onto the bridge of her nose as they started sliding off. She clicked to the next page and her eyes shone brightly when she saw just the right description! She highlighted the part as she read the description once again carefully.

Name: Haruno Sakura

Birthday: March 28

Current Age: 21

Status: Single, lives alone with mother

Work Habits: Very neat, very obedient, finishes tasks on time

Negatives: Wakes up slightly tardy, tendency to be a tiny bit klutzy

Final Word: Good enough to be one sole maid for a single large household without any problem at all

Mikoto grinned and immediately dialed the number on her cell phone. She waited for the ringing to transfer her though to the person. She smiled when a voice was heard. "Hello this is Maid A La Mode! The perfect place for you to find the right person to help you! How may I help you today?" a chirpy voice answered the phone.

Mikoto countered the voice with an equally chirpy voice, "Yes! This is Uchiha Mikoto, and I would like to hire one of your maids." Mikoto smiled, she was getting closer and closer to hiring that perfect maid!

The voice on the other line answered happily, "Yes, I believe you've looked through our selections if you want to hire a maid?" Mikoto answered with a yes cheerfully. The voice sounded to become happier, "Excellent! So do you have a maid in mind?" the question pounded in Mikoto's head as she immediately turned to her computer screen.

"Yep I do!! I'd like Haruno Sakura please!" Mikoto chirped cheerily as she waited for her reply.

There was a sound of typing on the other line before the voice answered her, "Alrighty! Lucky you! She's open! She's very good but other people don't hire her because of a small clumsiness! But no worries, Sakura-chan is one of our bests! She keeps our store looking shiny! Hehe, well then Uchiha-san, if you can give me the address of the house you want her to be sent over to, and what day and time and such, I'll write it down!"

Mikoto nodded to herself and remembered the address of the beach house, "Alright! The house is in Konoha City's Beachy Island Homes, it's number 92306 and I want her there by this Friday and the latest time to be there will be 10 A.M.! She'll be serving my sons and their friends, there is a key under the mat, tell her to go inside when she gets there and just relax until they get there please!"

The speaker on the other line suddenly remained quiet before saying something, "Ano… Sakura-chan is a bit different from everyone else in our store. So she will look different, such as she will not be in a usual maid uniform, I hope you do not mind. She tends to like doing things a bit differently."

Mikoto smiled, "Iie… I like different."

"Hai! Domo! Everything is set then! She will arrive in Konoha City's Beachy Island Homes house number 92306 on Friday before 10 A.M!"

"Oi teme! Hasn't your Okaa-san really outdone herself this time?! This mansion is AWESOME and off the chain!" Naruto shouted loudly, ending his sentence proudly with something he had heard on TV once. A smack on the head made him stumble. He was dressed in khaki shorts, orange t-shirt with a picture of a bowl of ramen on it, and sandals.

Sasuke glared at Naruto, "Urusai, dobe. Stop watching TV, you sound retarded." Sasuke said once before reaching in his pocket to get his key. He widened his eyes when he felt nothing. He was dressed in jeans, sleeveless black shirt with a blue lightning bolt on it, and sandals. "Shit!" he cursed when he looked under the mat and found nothing.

He looked over at his older brother whom was chatting with Kisame about something quietly. "Aniki! I can't find the key; the one under the mat is gone." Sasuke reported as he continued to look around. The group widened their eyes and immediately started looking everywhere. Itachi raised an eyebrow.

"Try knocking, un," Deidara suggested casually. When no one listened to him, he rolled his eyes and pressed his knuckles against the door a couple times.

Sasori slapped him on the back of his head, "Baka. No one is in-." he was cut off when the sound of a creaking door was heard.

The group of all men looked in surprise as the black double doors suddenly opened before them. But their eyes widened even more when they spotted someone before them.

It was a girl wearing a white kimono with large sunflowers here and there on it with a yellow obi around her waist. She had on traditional Japanese sandals and her toe nails were exposed, revealing their painted shade of bright orange. Her finger nails were painted pale yellow and were only noticed in the sunlight. She had pink hair that reached about 2 inches below her shoulders and tied into a braid and brought over to one shoulder, she had side swept bangs and… she had these bright jade green eyes.

A blush tinted on Naruto's cheeks when she flashed them a large and bright smile.

"Ohayo! Watashi wa Haruno Sakura! And I'm your personal maid here for the rest of your stay!"



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