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"Sakura-Chan...I'm really sorry. I really wish I could go with you."

"Naruto. Relax. I'm just going to collect some medical herbs for Lady Tsunade. Really easy, trust me if you went you'd be bored."

"Still, I wish I could come. What if you run in to Teme again? What if you get hurt?"

Sakura sighed, Naruto could be so annoying. "Trust me, nothing will happen. Besides it was pure luck we ran in to Sasuke. And it is because of him you need your rest…"

"But Sakura-Channnnnn, I heal really fast! Just give me one more day and I'll come with you!"

"No. I don't care if the kyubbi helps you heal quickly. You need your rest. I'll only be gone for three days at most. And that's if I decide to stay overnight at an inn. And about Sasuke, we haven't seen him in seven years, there is no way we are going to see him twice in one week."

Naruto stared at her, struggling to find words, "Yeah...But what if...Ummm..."

Sakura gently put a hand on Naruto's shoulder. "Naruto. Please relax. I will only be gone for a few days. It's only a D ranked mission. The only reason I'm going on this mission is because I know what herbs Lady Tsunade needs and what they look like."

Naruto's head slumped in defeat, as Sakura moved towards the door.

"Hey...ummm...Sakura-Chan?" Naruto asked, his face turning bright red.


"I was thinking and maybe when you come back, we can go out for ramen."

Sakura sighed. Naruto still hadn't stopped asking her out. "I'll think about it." She responded as she exited the hospital room.

"Sorry boys. Maybe another day." Sakura shouted at the rather large men standing around her.

"Awww come on sugar. Don't be like that." The largest man responded.

"Nah, you're not my type."

The man winked, "You can't be sure." He nodded to the surrounding men. The men all sneered at Sakura, before charging her.

She smiled. 'Only 10? This won't be hard.' She thought to herself as she started gathering chakra in her heel. She waited until the men were only a few feet away before slamming her heel into the ground, causing the land around her to explode.

Most of the men got trapped by the cracks that now ran through the earth. The few, who had managed to dodge, were quickly punched into trees.

Sakura had just turned to leave when she felt a strong pair of arms wrap around her upper body, pinning her arms to the sides of her body.

"Shit" She swore.

The man laughed. "You sure are feisty, ain't ya?" Sakura recognized the voice as the one who had spoke with her earlier.

Sakura was able to throw her head back into his face. It hurt the back of her head but it caused the man holding her to shout out a string of profanities.

"You little bitch. I guess you won't be any fun. I'll just kill you here. You're gonna pay for that and what you did to my men. Your death will be nice and slow." He whispered in her ear.

Sakura couldn't hold back the shudder that went down her spine.

"If you beg I'll make it real quick." The man continued.

"You will never hear me beg" Sakura stated icily.

"Wanna bet?" He said as Sakura felt something cold press into her neck. "Let's see how long this will go. Maybe you'll die" He stated casually as he caused blood to flow from her neck.

Sakura let out a whimper of pain as the sharp blade cut into her neck.

The man laughed as tears started falling down Sakura's face.

Sakura saw something in front of her, just before the man's hold on her was broken, causing her to fall to the ground.

She looked up to see why the man had dropped her and she found herself staring up into red eyes.

"SASUKE!" She screamed, curling her hands into fists.

He quickly put his hand over her mouth. "Are you ok?" He asked before moving his hand.

She took a deep breath before speaking. "Yes. But why are you here? Why did you save me?"


"That's not a real answer."


"Sasu…….." She started before collapsing onto the cold ground as the world around her started fading away.

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