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The brothers charged at each other again, the clash of metal rang through the air.

'Goddamn it, nothing works on him.'

Sasuke jumped back a few feet, his breaths coming in pants, his chest rising and falling rapidly. He clutched his arm, trying to numb the pain, ignoring the blood soaking the grass at his feet. He noted with a smirk that Itachi was also struggling to catch his breath, and that his arm and torso were also bleeding.

'Smug bastard. Now he will see why it is foolish to underestimate me, I have lived off his words, fed my hatred and now, I am finally strong enough to beat this bastard of a brother.'

His Sharingan saw Itachi's eyes shift slightly to the left, where Suigetsu and Kisame were currently battling. His eyes slowly observed the situation, and grimly noted the Naruto starting to glow red, next to Suigetsu lying unconsciously on the ground.

Sasuke boldly looked into his brother's deadly eyes, "Tell me why."

"Why what? There are many things I could tell you off…"

"Bastard. Don't play dumb with me, Itachi" Sasuke growled, spitting out Itachi's name as though it was a vulgar curse, "Why the hell did you murder our family?"

"To test the limits of my pow…"

"Bulshit." He interrupted, "What's the real reason? What does that asshole holding Sakura have to do with it?"

Itachi's eyes widened slightly, "You are more perceptive then I thought, but as I said earlier, it is not my place to tell, and it would be best to you to focus on our fight, not our history…" Itachi said as a clone held a kunai to Sasuke's neck.

Sasuke elbowed the clone in the stomach causing it to disappear with a faint pop, his attention was drawn back into the battle and he didn't notice a single Sharingan eye glaring at him from inside the eyehole of an orange mask.

'That didn't go as planned, I knew I would eventually have to tell him, now it is much too soon. With Itachi's blindness, he won't survive this battle, however; maybe I can convince the younger Uchiha to help me, I just have to use the right words and leverage. And if I am not mistaken that leverage is lying helplessly in my arms…' "Tobi" thought evilly as he glared at Sakura. He smiled, although the mask obscured it and no one was close enough to see the edges of his eye crinkle, as he turned his attention back to the brothers.

Sasuke's eyes scanned the battlefield, 'Shit. How could I have taken my eyes off him? Of course he's gone, he's Itachi. Not some second-rate ninja. I just wanted to make sure my Sakura was okay…If these bastards touched her I will make sure I kill them all slowly and painfully...Shit, where is he? This is what Itachi meant about bonds, isn't it…'

Itachi smirked as he appeared in a swirl of leaves in front of his brother. Roughly grabbing his shoulder as made Sasuke look up, trapping him inside Itachi's Mangekyo Sharingan.

Sasuke soon found himself drifting in to a familiar world of black and red. His eyes narrowed as he found himself as a little boy again, helpless to stop anything. He knew this room, the bedroom of his parents, and he knew that in a few seconds he would watch Itachi mercilessly kill his parents, leaving them in a heap on the floor. He felt weak and useless again, unable to stop the impending deaths He screamed in horror as he watched his mother's limp body fall to the floor. This was the scene that had haunted his dreams every night, motivated his hatred for Itachi.

He knew what would happen next, yet it never happened, the world around him slowly faded. The red and black fading away, clearing the way back to the real world. Sasuke stared in shock as blood slowly covered his right arm. He looked at the source, finally locating the hand, his hand, clutching a kunai, stabbed into Itachi's heart.

Itachi looked at his shocked brother and smiled, blood leaking from his the edges of his mouth, "You have grown strong. But I'm sorry Sasuke…This is the last time" He slowly reached up, Sasuke flinching back reflexivly into a fighting stance. Itachi laughed softly before poking his younger brother on the forehead, before gently closing his eyes.

Sasuke quickly withdrew his hand, leaving the kunai emended in the black fabric of the Akatsuki cloak covering Itachi's chest. And watched with haunted eyes as his brother fell silently to the ground. Before looking blankly at the sky, wondering if his ancestors were finally in peace, and trying to find happiness from killing his brother, his old role-model. He found none, so he turned his eyes to the orange-masked ninja holding his love, blaming him for his lack of relief.

Tobi frowned. This was not good, Itachi was down, and Kisame was fighting the kyuubi. He looked around for the red-headed girl before spotting her cowering behind a rock.

'The pathetic brat is probably looking for a hole in Kisame's defence. Good thing there isn't one, nor will there be until he runs out of stamina, and that won't happen for a long time.'

He turned to face the incoming Uchiha brat. A plan forming in his mind.

"Oh no. Don't come over here Itachi-san's little brother. No. Tobi doesn't want to fight you without his hands, cuz you took down Itachi-san. And Tobi knows he was strong. And Itachi told Tobi to hold the pink-headed lady. And Tobi is a good boy and listens. So Tobi can't fight you without his arms and still win. So he won't fight you."

'What the hell is up with the idiot?' Sasuke growled. "I don't care what Itachi told you. And I know it doesn't matter, because either way Sakura is coming back with me. But first, why did Itachi kill my clan?"

Saskue heard "Tobi" chuckle darkly before answering in a voice lower then his normal cheery one, "If you want to know I'll tell you. And I'll even give you back this girl. And tell you a secret about her. But you have to met me alone, find a way to get away from your team, I'll leave a trail from here that I know you can fallow..."

Sasuke glared before muttering, "Fine."

The man again chuckled before turning towards Kisame's and Naruto's fight, "KISAME-SAN!!!" He yelled, reverting back to his cheery voice. "Tobi has bad news. Leader-sama won't be happy. Oh no he won't. Itachi is dead. And we can't take out the kyuubi and Itachi's little brother and the red-head with only the two of us. But fear not! Tobi has a plan! As long as we have the pretty pink-haired lady, they will fallow. And since Tobi is not hurt and you have lots of chakra we can outrun them. And fight them better later!"

Kisame glared at Tobi for a second, trying to figure out when and where idiotic, innocent little Tobi could have figured out a good plan. He decided to figure it out later, remembering that even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while, so nodded his head at Tobi as they both disappeared off into the distance.

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