Title: All the Things I should've said
Author: Chelsea
Nathan and Haley
Mature Rated – Future chapters
I don't own the show; I just write stories for fun.
Time fame – Season 3. An alternative way of how Nathan and Haley got back together.
Summary: When Royal Scott and Mel Scott notice that their son's marriage is being based on a lie; they pull the family together for a holiday vacation. Desperate to make Dan Scott save his marriage Royal didn't realize he was saving his grandson's marriage; Nathan Royal Scott.
Author's Notes:
I don't understand One Tree Hill timeline and I don't really think anybody else or Mark does either. I'm sure Christmas time wouldn't have happened around the time frame I'm using, but I've figured if Mark doesn't pay attention to it I don't have to either. It's around holiday break, and it's somewhat AU.
Author's Notes 2: Italic is flashbacks.
Author's Notes 3: I need to give sight credit to; JaceDamian23. I read her summary for one of her stories and this idea came to my mind. I don't want it to feel that I'm stealing her idea although I'm positive my story will be 100 different.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Nathan was irritated, no he was furious! His father and his mother affected his life for years; hell their marriage was the worse decision that could happen to them and their families. And now Nathan had to pay for their mistake! It wasn't fair. Wasn't 18 years of his life enough suffering? Did they really have to go and pull him in their lie as well? It was his parent's who were telling lies about their marriage not him! He was perfectly fine to let everybody know he and Haley were not together anymore! Technically they were still married but he did approach Haley about a divorce and although they have a year until they can make it final at least he didn't trick his wife into making her stay, the way Dan Scott was doing towards Deb Scott.

What pisses Nathan off the most is if Dan can have the whole town fooled; expect for the people who really knows him. If he can have the town believing that he and Deb are happily married and have been for years; fuck, he even has the town believing they're one big happy fucking family. Why couldn't he make his own parents believe that too?

Nathan actually really didn't give a fuck if Dan told his parents the truth about his marriage with his mother or not. Hell, this whole trip wouldn't even bug him if his grandfather and his grandmother just wanted to take his parents for the holiday. It would have been nice to have the house and the non-existent of Dan Scott in the home for a few weeks. It would have done him real good. It could of got Nathan back on track and showed him what he should be constraining on; basketball. Now he had to worry about their marriage… and his own!

When Grandma Mel called and spoke with his mother and Dan, after letting Grandma Mel and Grandpa Royal know about their marriage. Royal asked about Nathan's marriage, letting out a scuff, knowing that already failed too. Of course, Dan was going to agree with that statement and laugh too, well maybe not laugh, Royal would have let him have it but Dan was definitely on his side. But his mother, his own mother jumped in and lied. Not only did she lie about them still being together but she said they've been together this whole time; THIS WHOLE TIME! She never mentioned the tour, or the fact that Haley James-Scott broke their grandson's heart, or that Nathan doesn't even live with Haley or in the apartment but now at home. She never mentioned anything!

So now Nathan is having to be dragged onto this frigging vacation because Grandpa Royal feels if a fucking 18 year old can keep his marriage together in fucking high school why couldn't a grown man face up to his actions and keep his marriage alive too? And Grandma Mel feels if Dan and Deb can see them being happy and their son and his wife happy it'll help their marriage.

That meant, Haley… Haley James-Scott had to come along on this so called vacation, that's going to be based on; love and marriages, no scratch that; STRONG marriages! Togetherness and being just plain old happy, and Nathan Scott and Haley James were none of those. They were barley talking how 

was he supposed to act like her husband again? Nathan wasn't even sure if he wanted to work on his marriage with Haley, if he even wanted that with her anymore and now he had this being thrown in their way? This could push them further apart. After this vacation it could be over for good between them.

And now, Nathan was in his room, packing his bag for the worse vacation in his whole entire life! What a great fucking Christmas this was going to be; 'Merry Fucking Christmas Scott family! Hope we all enjoy this lovely fucking holiday!'

After packing his suitcase he made his way downstairs to find his parents and grandparents already making plans on what they'll be doing on this vacation, of course activities that they believe will make them a 'stronger' couple. Nathan wanted to punch the fucking wall, no; no he wanted a drink; and a fucking strong one at that.

It would have been nice if somebody gave Nathan a time on when his grandparents would be arriving. Their lie has already caught up to them, 'No more vacation now, thank you Jesus.' It's going to look pretty stupid on his parents now that Nathan is walking downstairs, with no wife, suitcase in his hand, and oblivious coming from his bedroom. Nathan wasn't worried he never actually told his grandparents he was married or even still seeing Haley, his parents did all the lying.

"Nathan." Deb called her son after noticing his presence in the room; her eyes popping out of her head. He wasn't supposed to be here and he wasn't supposed to be walking downstairs on his own without Haley. Deb needed them if she was going to survive; Dan was horrible but Royal was worse. Plus, even though this vacation is supposedly 'saving' her marriage it was actually a chance for maybe her son to save his marriage.

She knew the lie was a big risk; Dan could have called her out on her buff the second she told it, he still can and that's what scares her most was why didn't Dan say anything? Was he going to enjoy this and milk everything from it, Also, Nathan, her son; who puts their own blood through this pain? She understands Nathan's hurting and he's probably going through the worse pain he has ever come into contact with. But she, just like everybody else in Tree Hill, knows Nathan and Haley are meant to be together! She didn't care if she had to lock them in a frigging basement to make Nathan realize that. She has watched Nathan give up on Haley for months and she was sick of it. Nathan should be grateful that he has found a love that will last a lifetime! But, instead he's wasting it. And Haley, Deb was worried the most for Haley.

She was going to be thrown into the lion's den. Haley already had a hard time dealing with Nathan's family; Deb and Dan were never accepting of Haley and her marriage with their son, Royal thinks this whole thing was and still is a joke. The first time Haley actually met the grandparents were at Dan's birthday dinner; let's just say there's a reason why Haley never spoke to them again. Haley didn't have any problems with Nathan's grandma but she now realizes where Dan got his ways when it came to knowing Nathan's grandfather. On top of all of that, Haley was going to have to act like a perfect wife. She was going have to be happy with Nathan. Yet Nathan acted like he couldn't even stand to be in the same room as her.

Although Deb was worried the most for Haley she knew out of everybody Haley would be the most excited about the vacation; even if she didn't admit that to Nathan or really anybody, Deb knew Haley was thinking the same thing she was; time to save her marriage!

Nathan didn't tell Deb how the conversation went, he just let Deb know that Haley was a go; she would be there.

Nathan was asked a lot from his parents growing up and at times he would complain, hell yeah he would complain. It was a lot to put on him; why did he have to pay for their mistakes? But this, this was a whole new low especially for his mother. He expected this from Dan Scott, hell, this had Dan Scott written all over it; Dan loves this kind of shit. He would take any opportunity to fuck with Nathan's head but it wasn't even Dan who did this. It was his mother, and what was worse was they actually expected him to say yes. Because his parents fucked up and didn't lie to his grandparents 

about their marriage, they were going to have to deal with it on their own! But now they've thrown Nathan into the mixed and lied about his marriage! How fucked up was that?!

He wasn't in the mood to spend his holiday with his family and he really didn't feel too happy to spend it with his wife either. Fuck if his mother wanted Haley there so badly and lied about his whole marriage to his grandparents, then shouldn't she be the one to ask Haley? Or even tell Haley the real reason why they have to play house while on break? Fuck! Nathan wasn't in the mood to be explaining all of this to Haley. Hopefully Haley had plans and wouldn't be able to make it.

He only prayed and hoped that was true.

After knocking twice and ringing the door bell three times Nathan gave up. Maybe this was better, at least now he didn't have to explain anything to Haley and he didn't have to lie to his mother. He can't help it if Haley isn't home.

As if on cue; or some sign from above when Nathan was going to give up on waiting for her to answer, Haley showed up from behind, "Nathan?" Haley was surprised, that word didn't even justify how she was feeling right now. Nathan Scott was the last person she thought she would find standing in front of her door while she was coming home from work.

Although it was winter holidays for the kids at Tree Hill High, Haley didn't make any plans. She couldn't afford to make any plans, if she plans on living somewhere she was going have to take on double shifts at Karen's Café just to keep up with the money Brooke was bringing in. Haley wished she had rich parents at times.

"Nathan, what you doing here," Haley was slightly taken back. The last time they talked was about a month ago when Nathan brought up the subject of a divorce. Since that conversation, they both seem to be avoiding each other and now with break Haley knew she wouldn't be seeing Nathan until the New Year, or so she thought. "Nathan?" Haley didn't liked being ignored especially because Nathan is coming to her.

"Um, Crap," Nathan let out a groan. "Look, um, can we talk?"

"Nathan, son it's so good for you to be joining us; you and your wife. Oh darn," Dan snapped his fingers, while smirking, "I don't see her. Where is your lovely, so adorable, amazing, perfect wife?"

Nathan rolled his eyes at his father behavior, why the fuck did they lie about his marriage if Dan was going to call him out on it the whole time? He was not in the mood for this vacation at all. Deb elbowed her husband in his chest and gave him the death glare. Dan maybe ruined their marriage a long time ago but she wasn't going to allow him to do it to their son's.

"Dan," Deb glared at him. "Remember, Haley needed to stop by at work first and then she was meeting us here?"

This time Dan felt the need to roll his eyes. This vacation wasn't going to be fun if his stupid wife came to the rescue for Nathan every time he pulled something.

"That's okay Nathan, you and Hales aren't the problem, your parents are. I'm sure Haley will be here soon; in the meantime come give your Grandma a hug."

Nathan would never understand how somebody as amazing and caring as his grandma could be with somebody like his grandpa, even his own mother got sucked into that one. He loves his grandma and his mother so much, but he would never understand how they could be with men who disrespect them so much.

Nathan chuckled at his grandma; if anybody was going to keep him sane from this it would be his grandma. Nathan pulled his grandma in for a hug and gave her a kissed on her head, "How are you grandma?"

"I'm good. Although I was slightly heartbroken, my only grandson got married and didn't invite me."

Dan let out a chuck, this vacation was going to be fun, "Don't feel bad 'ma, he didn't even invite his own parents. In fact he didn't even let us know about the wedding until after he was married. He sure wasn't embarrassed or ashamed of his wife or their actions."

Nathan stepped away from his grandma, he wished his grandparents weren't in the room, the things he wanted to say to his father right now he couldn't. "You know dad—,"

"Dan." It's all Deb had to say.

"Danny, you should be proud of Nathan! Your son found love at such a young age and he wasn't afraid to let her know he wanted to be with her forever, most kids at his age can't even commit to one girl and Nathan married his."

Not only did Dan chuck this time but he let out a laugh, a laugh that couldn't be control. His parents might have believed that now and maybe Deb and Nathan could fool them for a few hours but the second Haley arrives and sees how distance and non-connected Nathan and Haley were, they'll realize that statement isn't even close to being true.

"Danny, why are you laughing?"

While all four faces had their attention turned on Dan, nobody realized the front door opened, "Hello?" Haley thought it was best to open the house, instead of knock. If she was family, Nathan's wife, happily married and in love it would have been slightly stupid to knock.

There's the first chapter of my new story, it kind of came to me out of nowhere after reading the summary of JaceDamian23 story. I've only written one chapter so far, and although I haven't written out a storyline or anything yet I know where I want to take it. The reason why I'm posting it before I write my other chapters is because I want to know if it's worth writing. Should I continue with this story?

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