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A Tag to Echoes…

"If I'm reading this correctly, this is the training room. Cool… I'm liking this whole sensor thingy. A tiny bit creepy… feels like I'm a cyborg. Next thing you'll know we'd all have x-ray vision… wouldn't that be the coolest?!" Dr. Jennifer Keller thought. Two weeks fresh and still unable to navigate through the halls of Atlantis. She's seen most of the important rooms already. Including the botany lab. Even met Dr. Katie Brown. Sweet girl. "Wonder what she sees in Dr. McKay… that man needs to see Dr. Heightmeyer." She saved the gym for last… especially since it seems like it's the only room that is never empty. "Carson says that Colonel Sheppard and his team always use it… well except for Dr. Mckay… shocker."

"Hmmm… finally empty." As she steps into the room, Jennifer accidentally stumbles over something… or rather someone. "Holy crap!"

"What the…?!" Says the now moving rock.

"Oh my god… I am so so so sorry. I didn't see you there. Let me get the light… Shit! Shit! How the hell do I turn the light on?!" She nervously looks for a switch, unfortunately she's on Atlantis and switches are different here.

"You should've turned it on as soon as you activated the door, then you would've seen me sitting there." Growled the moving rock.

This infuriated the doctor. "How dare he condescend me?!" Jennifer turns around and says "How was I suppose to know that someone would be sleeping in here?! It's a gym… not a lounge!" And as soon as she says that, the lights turn on. Her face mere inches from a linen covered chest… and oh what a chest. She lifts her chin to look at the face of the man standing in front of her. "Whoa!"

Ronon looks at her from head toe and back again. "It's her."

Flashback to 2 weeks ago:

Sheppard and his team walk through the Stargate.

"Dude? What's that?" A puzzled Ronon asks Sheppard.

"It's a slang word… you know what slang means, right? Informal… uh…"

"Yeah, I get it… like an expression." Ronon suggests.

"Yeah, yeah… you've seen some movies by now… well that's how you use it." Sheppard replies.

"Colonel Sheppard, I'd like for you and your team to report as soon as possible in the conference room. We need to wrap this up so that you and Rodney can help me debrief the new arrivals." Elizabeth Weir says as she stands on the balcony in the control room.

"Sure… it won't take too long. Teyla apparently knows one of the leaders of Pelion. So it went smoothly." Sheppard says with a smirk.

New arrivals mill around the control room, some checking the controls that are so alien to them. Others, watching Sheppard and his team with interest. One in particular catches Ronon's interest.

"Melena? It can't be…" Ronon thought. He keeps staring, willing her to turn around. And as though she hears his thoughts, she does. But it's not her. Just someone almost like her. But definitely not her. "Sheppard, are they new marines?" He asks, not taking his eyes off the girl. She seems so out of her element. She's looking around, but oblivious to the SGA team that had just arrived through the stargate.

"Nope. Mostly technicians. A few doctors. Oh and a new cook! The Daedalus dropped them off today, along with some more supplies. Popcorn! Teyla, popcorn!" Sheppard says excitedly.

"I hope they got my new pillows and sheets. My allergies are acting up. I need to change them right away." Rodney complains. "Being on the water causes so much humidity, therefore causing dust mites to rapidly multiply… next thing you know, molds!! Rodney frantically explains to Ronon, then Teyla since Ronon seems to be ignoring him even more at the moment.

"She's not gonna last." Ronon unconsciously says out loud.

"Who's not gonna last?" Teyla inquires.

"Huh? Uh… nothing. He denies. And wonders why he's being silently hostile towards the blond newcomer.

Teyla follows Ronon's gaze and settles on a pretty blond woman who seems so fascinated with everything in the control room. Even gets her hand slapped a few times for being overly curious.

Back to the present:

"I fell asleep." He mumbled.

"What, training marines getting too easy and boring for you?" She replied.

"I was meditating. Fell asleep. It's not for me."

"That's what I thought, too, the first few times I tried yoga." She says as the tension in the air slowly dissipates. "I was thinking too much, I couldn't concentrate, and was tired at the same time… the music they played and the absence of light made me sleepy. One of the very few times I can actually sleep. But I got over it and learned to just let go."

"Yoga?" A frown forming on Ronon's already confused face. "What's yoga?"

"You know… yoga. India. Meditation. Shiva. Karma. Yoga. Geez! What planet are you from?!" A frustrated Jennifer throws her hand up in the air.

"Sateda." Ronon answers proudly, as he straightens up and crosses his arms across his massive chest.

"Oh. Ooooh. Ronon Dex. Right?" Guessed a blushing Jennifer. The tension's back.

"So you've heard about me?" He arrogantly asks. The left corner of his mouth lifts just a tiny bit. "What'd they say?"

"Oh that you and Dr. Mckay are the worst patients in the city. Him being psychosomatic, and you, refusing to let anyone treat you unless it's Dr. Beckett. A whiner and a growler, Rodney being the former, and you the latter." She retorts.

"Sounds about right." Ronon says as he steps forward, forcing her to move aside, and leaving her to wonder as he walks down the hall. His answer, a surprise to her.

"What's his problem?" She thinks to herself.