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Three years later:

"And I now pronounce you husband and wife… You may kiss the bride." Col. Caldwell says to the happy couple.

John Sheppard pulls Teyla towards him and kisses her square on the mouth, dipping her backwards for a more dramatic effect. A big round of applause erupts around them as they stand in front of the stargate. It's they're wedding day. And after only two months of preparation and several years of denial they finally exchanged vows. Ronon and Jennifer stand beside them, holding hands. John and Teyla have already gone through the Athosian bonding ceremony two days before.

Torren, now three years old, drops the pillow that held the wedding rings and flings himself at John. As John catches him Torren whispers to Teyla "Now can I call him daddy?" John squeezes him tight and kisses his forehead, Teyla just nods and smiles lovingly at the men in her life.

As they walk down the parted crowd they hear a thump behind them. Turning around they see Ronon supporting a slumped and very pregnant Jennifer. Swinging her up in his arms he heads straight for the infirmary. Teyla and John, with Torren in his arms, walk behind him trying to keep up. Behind them is Rodney who is radioing the on-duty doctor to prep a bed for Dr. Keller.

"Is she going to be okay, daddy?" Torren asks John.

"Yeah, she's just about to give birth." John reassures him "Hey, pretty soon, you'll have another playmate."


Ronon bursts out of the delivery room with a big smile on his face. "A girl! We have a girl!" Looking around, he spots his one year old son, Marcus being held by Teyla. Reaching out, he takes his son from her and beckons them to follow him to Jennifer. As they reach her bed, he sets Marcus on the bed by Jennifer's legs and whispers to him to be careful with his mother. They find Jennifer slightly drowsy, cradling her baby girl.

"Hey! How ya feeling?" John asks her.

"Pretty good. It was easier this time… she's not as big as Marcus was." Looking at Teyla. "I am so sorry about this… I ruined your wedding."

"You did not. We've already said our vows. twice." Teyla answers her with a smile.

"Mother… why's the baby's face red?" Torren asks, his nose scrunched up, as he sits by Marcus on the bed.

"All newborn babies are like that, sweetheart." Teyla answers him.

"So what are you naming him?" Sam, who came from Earth to attend the wedding, asks.

Jennifer looks at Ronon then smiles and turns back to look at her daughter. "Well, since she was conceived when we were on our second honeymoon, we'd like to name her Anastasia… Asia."

"Why not just name her China or something?" Rodney asks as he's playing with Asia's tiny fingers.

"Coz we're not exactly sure in which Asian country she was conceived." He replies with a naughty grin.

"Oh!" Rodney says, his face beet-red.

"Ok… too much information!" Sam blurts out. "Well aside from my coming here to attend the wedding, I'm also here to give you the good news."

"Lemme guess! You're back to heading the Atlantis expedition!" John says. Richard Woolsey, who has been silently congratulating Ronon, looks up with a hurt look on his face.

"I'm just kidding…" Sheppard says sheepishly.

"Nope." Sam replies. "The president believes that since you've defeated the Wraith and Michael everyone has the option to stay here in the Pegasus galaxy or go back to Earth. Whatever your decision, we will be building a new city on the mainland."

"Wow, so does that mean we're actually letting earth know of the existence of the Stargate?" Rodney says.

"Yup. We still have to figure out how to break the news. But yeah, no more secrets." Sam tells him.

"Cool." John adds. "So do we get to pick our own spot? Coz there's this little spot with a pond that's perfect for…"

"I just wanted to give you a heads up… we'll be doing this formally. This is not going to be first come first serve basis." Sam interrupts, but seeing the dejected look on John's face, she adds "But every representative of every government has agreed that the Atlantis Expedition Team gets first priority."

"I hate to break this… but I want some alone time with my wife and our kids." Ronon says as he claps Johns back and shakes his hand. "Congratulations, John… took you long enough."

"Thanks, buddy." Turning to pick up Torren.

Before he's lifted from the bed, Torren kisses the baby's cheek, and then says "Bye, Uncle Ronon, Aunt Jennifer."

"Bye sweetie." Jennifer says with a smile. Teyla squeezes her fingers and then turns to John and grabs his hand.


As everyone leaves them with their kids, she scoots to the left side of the bed and lifts the corner of her blanket for Ronon to slide in. Marcus crawls over to his dad and falls asleep on his chest from the excitement of the day. Ronon's arm slips around her shoulders as Jennifer turns her head towards Ronon, lifting her chin.

Bending down to catch her lips with his own, he swallows her sigh. Pulling away from her slightly, he asks her "So, what do you think? Are we staying? We can always go back to Earth. I know how much you miss your home."

"Home is where you are." Jennifer answers with love in her eyes.

The End!

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