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"Are you absolutely sure Ron would be alright with this?" Draco asked as he pulled a bit away from George and placed an impeding hand on top of Fred's.

"As we said before…"

"…we can call him…"

"…if you'd like." Fred finished as he stood and made his way to the floo. He stood with his hand in the floo powder for a minute while waiting for Draco to make his decision.

"It's probably a good idea, I want him to trust me."

"Very well, then," Fred smiled in reply as he threw the powder into the flames and shouted "Gryffindor common room!" before sticking his head in the flames.

"That was a very smart move," George said softly as he placed his hands on Draco's shoulders and began to rub small circles into his back with his thumbs. Draco felt himself melt backwards into the twin's embrace, his thoughts going a bit muddled. He had just enough clarity in his brain left to ask "and why is that?"

"Ron is the youngest son, and our family has always been rather poor. He's had very little that wasn't used by someone else already. If you had agreed to shag either, or both, of us, without letting him know first, we would have promptly let him know afterward, so that he'd drop you like a bad habit. We're a close family, but we're also an honest one. Don't like to him, because it will hurt him, and if you hurt him, one, or all, of us will hurt you."

Draco shuddered a bit at the quiet seriousness of George's voice, laced with a bit of menace. He almost wished he'd had older siblings to look out for his welfare like his boyfriend did. He came to the sudden realization that Ron's family had become, de facto, his, and he did have siblings to look out for and love him. He wouldn't have been able to explain how happy that made him.

Fred pulled his head out of the grate and backed up, grinning as he explained, "Ron is coming through, but only for a minute. He says he had a load of review to do." When the tall redhead came through the floo, Draco was up and in his arms in a matter of seconds. Ron gave him a tight hug and asked if he was arlight.

"You're brothers scare the shite out of me." Draco replied, his grin belying any actual fear.

"Yea, they scare me too. Just think, I had to grow up with them. Drake, Love, you do what you feel you need to do, just tell me about it later. I would prefer we not keep secrets from each other. I'll see you at dinner, yea?"

"Definitely. After all, someone has to teach you table manners before you meet my parents." Draco laughed at the look of pale shock on Ron's face at the thought of eating dinner with the Malfoy's. When he realized his boyfriend had been teasing him, he regained his color a bit, grinned and punched him very lightly on the arm before returning to his common room through the floo.

George waved his wand at the floo, creating a privacy ward, so that no one could come through and interrupt, whatever happened. Draco stood contemplating the flames for a few minutes before coming to a decision. He made his way across the room to George, who was still lounging on the settee, and banished the small table that had been between them to the far corner of the room. He knelt on he floor before George, cocked his head to the side for a minute, waved his wand and divested the three of them of all clothing.

"A man who knows what he's about, Gred." George grinned at his twin, who was still standing near the fireplace. Fred made his way across the room, coming to stand behind Draco, and simply nodded in reply. He whispered a prophylactic charm, and Draco felt the tingle of protection settle over his body.

Draco stood on his hands and knees, and after a few minutes of gauging, grabbed George by the back of knee and pulled it towards him until he'd wedged himself between his legs, face to cock. He took George's member in hand, sliding up his length, catching the pearl of precum and using it as lubricant to slide his hand back down. He felt George shudder a bit and smiled softly at the feeling of control as he took George's head into his mouth. He pulled back a bit, running his tongue around the swollen member and into the slit, making George moan. At the sound, Draco took him in his mouth again, forcing him past his gag reflex. When he had George fully sheathed in his hot mouth, he felt the coolness of lubrication across his rectum.

Draco spread his legs more and pushed his arse out, encouraging Fred to prepare him. He moaned slightly at the feel of Fred's long digit in his hole, working past the tight ring of muscles, loosening him. He began to suck George off in earnest, in tandem with the rhythm that Fred set with his finger. After a few minutes, Fred inserted another finger, scissoring them inside him, stretching him. Draco moaned and sucked harder at the sensation, and at the suction, George came in his mouth. Draco attempted to swallow all of the salty fluid, but some dribbled out of the corner of his mouth. George pulled his now flaccid manhood out of Draco's mouth and summoned a glass from the kitchen and filled it with water. Draco nodded his thanks, drank it, and handed the glass back to George just as Fred decided he was prepared. Fred stood, and slowly, a few inches at a time, pushed himself into Draco's arse. He stopped when he felt his balls hit the soft cheeks, and held the smaller man to him for a few minutes. In this moment of stillness, Draco motioned for George to turn around. He pointed his wand at the taller man's arse, whispered a lubricating charm, and slowly began to push one finger into his hole.

Fred began to plow into him in earnest, repeatedly hitting his prostrate, causing him to moan. When Draco felt he was getting close to his release, he pulled his finger away from George's hole, replacing it with his tongue. As Draco licked and sucked at George's tight spot, he palmed his own cock, using the lube he had conjured, and jerked himself off in the same rhythm Fred was fucking his arse. He felt his gut clench with an impending orgasm, and moaned into George's arse as he felt himself let go. His arse clenched in reflex, and Fred came also, moaning as he did so.

The three collapsed, Fred and Draco on the floor and George on the setee. Draco, after a few minutes of post-orgasmic bliss, chucked and asked,

"So, who is ready for round two?"

About an hour later, after a very hot shower, and a very affectionate goodbye kiss and hug, Draco took the floo into the Head's Common Room. He wrinkled his nose at the noises coming from the Head Girl's room; he really didn't need to know about that. As he plopped down onto the couch to prepare to do his homework, he remember the box the twins had sent him

He waved his wand over it quickly, checking for any malicious intent. Finding none, he set about to opening it, and found the twins had sent him and Ron an assortment of the Weasley's more "adult" products, from their own personal line. He grinned at the thought of what he and Ron could do with the toys in the near future. He shrunk the box, stuck it in his robe pocket, and made his way to the Great Hall for dinner. After all, he had a private room also.