Ammie Hawk

Ammie Hawk

By Ammie Hawk

Disclaimer: I don't own Lord of the Rings, I only own my OCs.

AN: This was my first attempt ever at writing anything, fanfic or original, so please don't be too harsh on me. By the way, the title was made before my penname, so the main character, while yes, she is my character, is not supposed to be me. By the way, if any of you have checked out my homepage the story here is not the same as the one on there, I did some major editing and revising.

This story takes place before, during, and after the Lord of the Rings. It uses things from both the books and the movies.

Note on pronunciation: Ammie is pronounced uh-me; it's kind of a variation of the French word for friend, ami.

There's also an elvish key at the bottom of the chapter.

Chapter 1: Valin

A scream rent the night air, breaking the usual stillness of the woods surrounding the small one story cottage nestled there. Inside, lying on a large four poster bed, Isilwen panted as her contraction passed.

"That was bad." Sweat flowed freely down her beautiful, aristocratic face as she looked up at Finwe, her husband. "I don't think I can last through much more."

"You're doing fine," Finwe, a tall, handsome elf with a boyish grin, encouraged from his place at the end of the bed. "A few more and it'll all be over."

A moment later another contraction seized her, causing her to rise off the pillows she was propped up against.

"Push," commanded Finwe gently. "I can see the head. One more and this little person will be here."

When the next contraction came, Isilwen pushed with all her might and a moment later she heard her baby's cry fill the room.

"A girl!" Finwe held up the howling infant for his wife's inspection. "A beautiful baby girl!"

A weak laugh escaped Isilwen on a sob as she lay back on the mound of pillows. She had done it. She didn't think she would ever have a child, they had been trying for so long, but now she had a beautiful baby girl as proof.

Finwe handed her the now clean infant and sat down next to his wife. They just sat there watching her suckled for a few minutes before either of them said anything.

"What should we call her?" Isilwen looked up from her daughter to look at her husband.

"Ammie," he nodded firmly.

"Little friend, it's perfect," she sighed and laid back as Finwe took Ammie and put her into her cradle across the room.


Five years later, Ammie sat on the floor of the parlor, playing with some toys her father had made for her. They had very few visitors in their small secluded area of Greenwood, but Mithrandir, the Istar, would stop by occasionally, as he and Finwe were rather good friends. Finwe and Isilwen sat in their chairs, each engaged in their own pursuits.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Isilwen looked up from her mending and gazed at her husband in confusion. He shrugged; he didn't have any idea who it was. Mithrandir had just been there a few days ago and they weren't expecting anyone else. But he got up and answered it. An older looking elf stood there.

"Come in," Finwe motioned for the stranger to enter.

The other walked into the house, "If you will permit me, I have a gift for your daughter."

"All right," Finwe nodded. He didn't know why but he trusted this man.

The old elf reached into his pocked and pulled out something out. It was a gold ring that formed a heart in the center, half of the heart was comprised of seven small stones, no more than chips really, which looked like diamonds.

"This ring is very special," he told them, "for only the one who was destined to have it will be able to wear it, it will fit no one else."

He walked over to Ammie, picked up her hand and slipped it onto her small ring finger, the fit was perfect.

"Never let anyone take it off your hand until your task is done," he said seriously. "For within this ring is the only hope if evil should arise again."

Isilwen and Finwe didn't understand, but evidently Ammie did for she said in her quiet voice, "I won't, not ever."

Isilwen started to protest but Ammie looked up at her, "Naneth, this is my purpose, I cannot forsake it. It was appointed to me. I shall not fail what I was meant to do just because I am small." The voice was Ammie's but it sounded like it came from somewhere else.

The old elf continued, "It is called Valin, and it is the ring of hope. If ever there is a need for hope, remember Valin."

Then the old elf rose, put his hand on Ammie's head and departed.

For the life of her, Isilwen could not understand why Finwe had not said anything. So after Ammie was in bed and they themselves were readying for bed, she inquired, "Why are you so silent, my husband?"

"There is nothing to say, lendemel," he slipped his strong arms around her. "Ammie was chosen for this task, even before she was born, and no one, not you nor I, can do anything about it."

She had to be content with that. She could still hear the old elf's final words:

"Not all that glitters is gold,
It is a comfort to those who are lost.
The cowardly shall be bold,
And never consider the cost.

Hear now these words that are spoken,
And heed the message they bring,
For hope lies within this token,
For this is the heart of the ring."

She still didn't understand them but she would live with whatever came.

Elvish: Naneth—mother


AN: I know this chapter is really short, but they will get longer, I promise, usually they're ten pages on word, but as this was the first part of my revision it ended up being really short.