AN: Okay, so this is the Elvish Glossary

AN: Okay, so this is the Elvish Glossary. I hope you all enjoyed the story. I should have the sequel up shortly, but I'm only going to post the second installment on fanfic, if you want to read the final it's on my homepage, and there is no possible way I'm moving it over here. Anyway, thanks for taking time to read this, even if it's not the best story out there.


Elvish Glossary




Dilthen min—little one





Mae govannen—greetings

Mani na le umien—What are you doing?


Mellon nin—my friend

Hannon le—thank you


Melo nin—my love

Mani na essa en le? –What is your name?

Manke na le tuulo'? –Where are you from?

Ya na e dilthen min? –Who is the little one?

Mani na ta? –What is it?

Tolo si hun. –Come here child

Mani na roeg dilthen min? –What's wrong little one?

Amin hiraetha. –I'm sorry.

'Quel undome—Good evening

'Quel amrun—Good morning

Saesa omentien le.—Pleasure to meet you.

Khila amin.—Follow me

Le creoso—You're welcome

Hama sinome.—Have a seat

Le ume quel—You did well

Manke na Ammie?—Where is Ammie?

Manke na le—Where are you

Tenna' ento lye omenta—Until next we meet

Mellonea nin—my friends

Tampa tanya—Stop that


Kela—Go away

Noro lim—Ride on

Nae saian luume'—It has been too long

Amin meleth le—I love you

Havo dad—sit down

Hollen am—shut up

Dain—hush (silence)

Boe a hyn, neled herain dan caer menig.—And they should be, three hundred against ten thousand.

Cormamin niuve tenna' ta elea le au'—My heart shall weep until it sees thee again

Lissenen ar' maska'lalaith tenna' lye omentuva—Sweet water and light laughter till next we meet.


Uuma dela—Don't worry

Le na bar—You are home.

Lye na bar—We're home

Aa' i'sul nora lanne'le—May the wind fill your sails

Aa' menle nauva calen ar' ta hwesta e' ale'quenle, hin nin.—May the paths be green and the breeze on thy back, my children.