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As the train moved swiftly along the track Hermione found her way to the Heads compartment.

She still couldn't believe that she had been made Head Girl. She felt surreal, like her dreams had come true.

She opened the door and stepped inside. The only difference this compartment had to all the others was the fact that the words 'Heads' was imprinted in the wood of the door and as the fact that it was empty, her stomach fluttered with a new sense of excitement and nerves – she still didn't know who the Head Boy was.

She slid her trunk under the seat and sat down, opening a book. But she couldn't concentrate, her thoughts were going a million miles an hour and she was getting more anxious by the second.

The door clicked and she looked up from her page.

She cringed and nearly bust into tears when she saw who had strolled into the compartment. She couldn't believe this, it wasn't happening – it just HAD to be some kind of stupid joke or mistake…

'MALFOY??' she stated, sounded more outraged then she ment.

'Oh great…Granger…the last person on earth I wanted to see and yet the only person I was expecting to find. This is going to be a fan-fucking-tastic year…' Malfoy said sarcastically

'I couldn't agree more! Who did your daddy have to threaten and bribe to make you Head Boy?! This is ridiculous!' She was absolutely furious!

The next thing she new Malfoy had leaped forward pinning her hard against the wall of the compartment. She gasped, no body had ever man handled her this way – how DARE he! She tried to reach he wand but he was holding her in such a way that she couldn't move.

'Malfoy, I swear…' she sounded more confident then she felt, he was a lot stronger she would've thought he'd be.

'Don't EVER mention my father! Do you hear me mudblood? You've got no idea what you are talking about, so just shut your fucking mouth!!'

And with that he let her go and dropped onto one of the seats.

Hermione felt light headed and realised she was holding her breath, so she breathed. She'd never seen Malfoy loose his cool like that. She was so angry at him; he had no right to treat her like that! But then, the more she thought about it, the more she realised that she was the one that had brought his family into the argument…perhaps she was partly to blame.

'Look, Malfoy… I'm…sorry. But don't ever try to intimidate me like that again! Do you hear? If we are both Heads then we are just going to have to try and work together, whether we like it or not.' Hermione finished.

She knew that this was going to be horrible but they didn't really have a choice. She sure as hell wasn't going to give up her roll and she was pretty sure Malfoy wouldn't either.

With that the door opened again and in walked both Professor McGonigal and Professor Snape.

Hermione took a seat and the Professors greeted and congratulated both the students. They then proceeded to tell them, what their rolls would include this year, where they would be staying and all the other finer details. Once they were finished talking, both Professors left the compartment with a final good luck.

Malfoy sat across from Hermione looking bored, she stood up and turned to leave, desperate to find Roan, Harry and Ginny.

'I agree with what you said before Granger. No matter how fucked up this is going to be, we will just have to try and make it work…' Malfoy stated simply

'Thank you Malfoy' and she turned to leave again feeling slightly less ill, but then…

'I don't however, agree that I TRIED to intimidate you, I fully believe that I DID manage to intimidate you. Face it Granger, I'm more of a man then you could ever handle and that scares you.'

he said smoothly with a smirk

That pushed her over the edge, she was fuming now.

She threw open to door stormed out.


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