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'Quickly Scorpious! Or we'll miss the train and we wont see them off!' Hermione cried out to her son. He ran at the carrier between platforms 9 and 10 and disappeared.

'It's ok babe, we have still got 10 minuets' Draco explained as he helped his very pregnant wife through to platform 9 ¾.

'Oh I know, I know! I'm just so nerves for Lily, it's her first year!!' she told her amazing husband

As they made their way along the platform Hermione couldn't mistake Ginny long red hair, standing with Harry and their three children. Behind them Were Ron and Lavender with their two children.

'how is everyone!' Hermione called smiling. Ginny spun around and beamed.

'You made it! How are you?!...James stop teasing your brother! Albus darling you will get to go next year ok?' Ginny said to her tow boys.

'Hello Draco how are you?' Ginny asked Draco turned away from his conversation with Ron and Harry and smiled.

'I'm just great! You?'

'I'm good thanks, excited of course!' She told Draco patting her daughter Lily on the back.

'And how do you do miss Potter? ' Draco asked Lily. She giggled and smiled at Draco.

'I'm well Uncle Draco'

The whistle blew from the train.

'Quick! Lily, James on the train!' Ginny called and with final good-byes to everyone they borded.

Lavender and Ron stood waving and smiling. Their twins, Rose and Hugo, were talking to Albuse about all of them going to school together following year together.

'When do I go mum?' Scorpious asked Hermione

'You don't go for a long time yet buba, another 6 years! You have to stay home and help take care of your little sister…'

'Or brother!' Draco interrupted

Hermione just smiled at him and he smiled back, he put one arm lovingly around her and the other on her stomach, the baby kicked and Draco Malfoy beamed.

'I love you Mrs Malfoy' he told her

'I love you too Mr Malfoy' she replied smiling sweetly

The whistle blew again and the train started to pull off from the platform. Everyone began waving and all the children on the train gathered together to wave back…The Slytherins waved with the Gryffindors, the Gryffindors waved with the Hufflepuffs, the Hufflepuffs waved with the Ravinclaws and the Raviclaws waved with the Slytherins.

Everyone was united and Kings Cross station was filled with smiling, happy faces.

All was well...



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