Little Blue Pill Of DOOM!

WARNING: Contains adult themes, Yaoi, M/M, gay, BDSM, bondage, servant-master, SnM, incest, and what could be considered a kind of rape. Or at the very least, non-con or dub-con. It's basically "date-rape", just to be clear. Also contains some alcohol and drug-use. And yeah, after reading this again, I am aware that there are lots of mistakes. Including the use and effect of the pills in the first place which were just plain inaccurate. But this story is almost 2 years old now… My writing has changed a lot since back then.

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Chapter 1:

Itachi sat alone in his room. It was raining out, and he was becoming more bored with every minute that passed. His thoughts drifted back to his brother, where they always went on dreary days like this. It was cloudy out, and raining a bit. But there was no lightning. None at all, not like he had hoped.

He remembered the way his cute baby brother would always sneak into his room at night, frightened of the thunderstorms that happened so frequently during the summer. And while it was hot and humid out, it wasn't quite hot enough for him to remove his clothes, which only made him more itchy and uncomfortable.

Itachi wondered what Sasuke was up to on a day like this. They were stuck in the same house together, but that didn't mean it had to be boring. He had been appointed as his brother's guardian after their parents had died.

"I wonder what Deidara's up to..." He thought out loud, grabbing his cell phone from the table beside his bed. He waited patiently, until he heard the blonde pick up.

"Hey Itachi-sama!" He cried excitedly. "What are you and that cute little brother of yours up to on a day like this, yeah?"

"Not much, really. Listen Dei, I was wondering... Do you remember those pills you said you could get me?"

"Yeah, sure thing, un."

"Could you bring them over here tonight? I'm bored, and I think they might prove awfully entertaining."

Deidara giggled on his end of the phone. "I'll be over around six, yeah?"

They hung up. Itachi never was one to waste time with words. Not when he had much better things to do with this time, and Deidara knew that. He also knew about the Uchiha's long time obsession with his younger sibling. But he had kept quiet about that subject over the years, and accepted it. Dei was not the type to judge him, and Itachi knew that.

"Litte brother," A soft voice, that was almost a growl, muttered quietly from across the room. It seemed to startle Sasuke, and this pleased Itachi to no end. "Dinner is almost ready. See you downstairs."

"Hn." He remarked, in the typical Uchiha fashion.

He left the room, but soon was greeted with a delicious sight. His little brother wasn't wearing a shirt, and had some very low-riding black jeans on. They were practically big enough to fit two people in, and that thought alone made Itachi smirk wickedly, as he fixed their plates.

"How is it?" He was courteous enough to ask Sasuke what he thought of the meal he had prepared.

"It's good, aniki," He smiled cheerfully, oblivious to what was going on. A doorbell going off interrupted him. "Is that the door? I'll get it."

"No, you stay here, otouto. I'm expecting someone."

The older Uchiha, grinning rather wolfishly the whole way, decided to go get the door. He knew it was Deidara, here with what he had asked for. Or so he dearly hoped.

"Dei-chan, come on in!" Itachi was unusually cheerful, when he saw the look on his friend's face.

Deidara and Sasori came into the living room, and sat down. Neither of them said anything, but Deidara did hand Itachi a small bag full of little blue pills. There looked to be about ten of them, or so.

He took the bag. "How much do I owe you?"

"A bet," Deidara and Sasori exchanged looks, as the redheaded bishounen spoke.

"This should be interesting," Itachi arched an eyebrow. "Do tell."

"We bet that you can't go a whole day without fucking your brother," Deidara openly challenged. "Once he has a taste of these, that is, yeah."

"And if you lose, you owe us a hundred bucks," Sasori added.

"Sasori-danna! Are you sure, yeah?"


Itachi smiled at the two lovers, as Deidara straddled Sasori's lap on the couch. "It's a deal."

"Who was that, nii-san?"

"No one you need to be concerned about," Itachi told him the first thing that came to mind. He would have to remember not to do that, later. "It's just Dei-chan and Sasori-kun. They came over to have a few drinks with me."


The two brothers finished their meal in peace. They didn't hear anything out of the two who were waiting for them in the living room. Itachi grabbed some wine coolers and some sake out of the fridge, and carried them out there. He noticed Sasuke giving him a funny look, but said nothing.

"What are you doing?"

He paused in his strides, but did not comment, merely taking the alcohol out to the living room for his guests.

Itachi wasn't surprised to see his little brother join them in the living room, after he'd finished his dinner. He'd made sure to bait him well, knowing how far his curiousity normally went. Sasuke looked around to see Deidara with a watermelon wine cooler, while Sasori and Itachi both had sake.

"Would you like a glass, baby brother?"

"I'm sixteen," Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Don't call me that. And yes, I'll take one of those." He pointed to the small pink bottle, similar to the one his brother's blonde friend had.

Itachi had to scoff at that. "Funny. I always thought you'd be into the heavier stuff, when you started drinking."

"Leave him alone, un!" Deidara remarked cheerfully. "He probably has a low tolerance for the stuff, yeah. Have you ever drank before, Sasuke-kun?"

"No..." The raven muttered, so low everyone could just barely hear him. He ignored the way the blonde had almost just insulted him.

Sasori sat and watched the scene before him, amused at what Itachi was secretly doing while Deidara had the boy distracted. The older Uchiha was busy crushing one of the pills, and putting it into the bottle of watermelon flavored booze.

"Well, now is a good time to start," Itachi handed the bottle to a confused Sasuke, who just sat there staring at it in disbelief.

"Y-you're letting me drink?"

"Sure, yeah!" Deidara chuckled like a giddy school girl. "We promise, we won't tell anyone, un! Besides, once you try it, you'll like it. It's really good, yeah!"


And with that, the party was on. Itachi was so pleased that his brother had taken the bait. He probably would have thought the stuff tasted funny, but as he'd just said, Sasuke had never had alcohol before. And therefore, he would not have anything to compare it to. Itachi could read his younger sibling like a book, and was fairly certain he was telling the truth. He knew he wouldn't get in trouble for drinking, anyway. Itachi had always been a very laid-back guardian.

After a few drinks, Sasuke complained that he was starting to feel a little funny. So Itachi told him to go to his room, and lie down.

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