Little Blue Pill Of DOOM!

WARNING: Contains adult themes, Yaoi, M/M, gay, BDSM, bondage, servant-master, SnM, incest, and what could be considered a kind of rape. Or at the very least, non-con or dub-con. It's basically "date-rape", just to be clear. Also contains some alcohol and drug-use. And yeah, after reading this again, I am aware that there are lots of mistakes. Including the use and effect of the pills in the first place which were just plain inaccurate. But this story is almost 2 years old now… My writing has changed a lot since back then.

Also, you're WELCOME for the warnings. If I am forgetting something, please let me know.

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Chapter 24:

"Are you Sasuke Uchiha?" The man asked. Sasuke nodded. "What's this you told the 911 operator about a rape taking place?"

"Hold it, I'll handle this!" A familiar female voice rang out through the small crowd that had gathered. She flashed her badge at the police officer, and stepped into Sasuke and Itachi's house. "Anko Mitarashi, I'm I detective. I was already assigned to their case weeks ago."

"I see."

Sasuke sat down across from Anko on the couch. The three police that were there now just watched as he told her his story. Once again, itachi and Deidara looked on, scared shitless.

"Anko-san!" He wailed convincingly. "It was h-horrible..." He's already turned on the tears, just to make it that much more convincing.

"Tell me about what happened. Who did this to you, Sasuke?"

"I was at Sasori-san's house... Nii-san and his boyfriend, Deidara-kun... They had asked him to w-watch me for a couple of hours. And, and... He m-made me... suck him off!"

Itachi rolled his eyes, and Deidara tried to keep from laughing. Thankfully no one seemed to notice.

"Oh my gosh, that's awful!" Anko was obviously buying his tale. "You poor boy... Sasuke-kun, has anyone else ever done this to you?" She eyed the other two men in the room warily.

"N-no..." He continued to sob. "They would n-never... But S-Sasori-san... He did awful things to me!"

"And was this consentual?" One of the officers asked.

"Do you have any proof of what happened?" Another one added. "We can't convict him without proof."

"N-no, I didn't th-think about that..." Sasuke concentrated on making his teas even worse. He knew it was shameful for a sixteen year old boy tobe crying, but... He had to convince them it was real. "But no, it w-wasn't... I mean, I d-didn't want to, and... He made me!" The crying only got worse, and he tried to continue, but it was incoherent.

"Can we get a cheek-swabbing done?" Anko suggested. "That will show whether he is lying or not... Can we get a med kit over here?"

Soon one of the cops went to get a small white box from the car. He ran back with it, and a sample was taken from the inside of the sobbing boy's cheek. Itachi looked confused now, and asked Anko what was going on.

"Why are you doing that?"

"They'll test it back at the lab, and also we'll send someone over to get some of Sasori's DNA. We have crime-lab specialists who will be able to tell... And if the DNA matches, then that means Sasuke-kun was telling the truth. He obviously isn't lying, but we need a way to prove that it happened. That's all."

"Alright..." Itachi just stood back and let Sasuke and Anko handle everything.

When all was said and done, the fuss was soon over, and everyone left the three males alone. Itachi hugged his little brother, only to be violently pushed away again.

"Stop it!" Sasuke spat, no longer crying but the dried tears shown like tiny jewels all over his face. "I hate you, Nii-san! Don't ever touch me again!"

"Wow, that was harsh..." Deidara remarked.

"Hn. He'll get over it." Itachi followed him up to their room, and Deidara decided to stay up late watching TV downstairs.

Itachi was sore and tired from everything they'd been through recently. But he was just so happy to have Sasuke all to himself at last... All he wanted to do was make love to his little brother over and over again until they were both spent. But he knew Sasuke was angry with him. So angry he'd probably cut him off for a month or more...


"Don't fucking talk to me!" Sasuke shouted. He was obviously not too happy about being back here after all he'd just been through. "Can't you see I've been through enough?"

"Whatever, look... Can we just talk abou-" Sasuke threw a pillow at him, effectively silencing him.


Itachi didn't want to see Sasuke being all emo and pouting. And he especially didn't want to see him acting out his childishness now that they were alone. He couldn't stand seeing his little brother mad at him!

"Sasuke-chan..." He teased lightly.

"Shut up, Nii-san! I got that tape back for you, and I saved your ass form having to go to jail too!"

Sasuke was sitting on the edge of the bed, pouting with his arms crossed. Itachi slowly crawled his way over to him, while removing his clothes along the way. He knew that no one would have been able to find it within themselves to resist such sexiness.

"Let me make it up to you."

He began kissing him all over, while gently pushing him back onto the bed. His hands were everywhere, rubbing up Sasuke's chest, where his lips soon followed. He rubbed the boy's neck, hearing a soft sigh from him... Then he heard a gasp, when he gently bit down on the pulse point on Sasuke's neck. It felt heavenly.

"Mhmm... otouto... How would you like to be seme tonight?"

That caught his attention. "What? You mean it? Really?"

Itachi laughed. "Hn. That got you."

"Ahhh... Aniki..."

Itachi continued to ravish him, until there was nothing he could do. He gently ghosted his fingertips across the pale flesh, and continued his game of following it with small kisses, and tender licks. He kissed hia way up Sasuke's shirt, before lifting the boy up slightly, so he could raise it over his head. He reached toward Sasuke's pants, but didn't go so far as to touch him.

"Please, aniki!" Sasuke whined. Sex seemed like a pretty good way to cope with everything right now. "I need you to-"

"Sshhh..." Itachi covered his brother's lips with his own. "Not yet. It's the seme's job to see to all of that. Do what you will, Sasuke-sama."

"Y-you're letting me do whatever I want?" He perked up at this news. Itachi nodded, with a small smile.


Sasuke knew he was going to enjoy this. Itachi really didn't know what to expect from the boy. He'd never allowed anyone to top him before, and he wasn't sure what to expect at all. But Sasuke meant the world to him, and he knew he owed him something in return. And sex always makes the perfect gift.

The new seme was certainly taking his time in removing Itachi's clothes. Not that he minded...

"Stop squirming, Itachi!"

"Sorry, otouto... I can't help it." The older Uchiha whimpered.

He was begging with his body for more, as he felt Sasuke's tongue cleverly dip into his bellybutton, and linger there. It moved slightly further down at his request.

He gasped when Sasuke suddenly became fierce, and ripped his pants from his body, exposing him to the former-uke's heated gaze. He could have sworn he heard Sasuke take in a breath of air, but he could have just imagined it. He didn't understand exactly what the big deal was. Sasuke had seen him naked before, and never reacted this way. But then again, he supposed being on top may change one's perspective of the experience.

Sasuke was admiring how amazing his brother's body really was. There was no doubt that Itachi was perfect! He was stricken for a moment or two before continuing with his pleasant task.

"Oh gods, Itachi... You're so... Nnnh!"

Itachi had gripped his crotch through his pants roughly. he moaned at the sensation. Then he decided two could play at that game! Sasuke became an animal! He viciously sucked Itachi's cock, just to get him ready for what was to come. He put two fingers to Itachi's mouth, in a silent order for him to suck.

"Otouto, I never knew you had it in you," Itachi chuckled, before doing as was indirectly asked.

Sasuke panted, and groaned around the erection that was slamming up into his mouth each time his brother would thrust his hips. Itachi's leg was also rubbing against his own aching need, adding fuel to the fire, so to speak.

"You're about to have it in you, soon! Bend over Nii-san," He growled sexily. Itachi's eyes widened in shock for only a moment, before he was roughly made to turn around, on his hands and knees.

He had never felt so exposed, so open to another person before. And the only person he ever wanted to feel thsi with was Sasuke. He was everything to Itachi. Even if he didn't always see it.

Before he knew what was happening, he felt something ice cold scraping against his hands, which were above his head by this point. Itachi looked up to his cute, innocent little brother fastening his wrists to the head of their four poster bed with two sets of handcuffs. There was a wicked gleam in Sasuke's eyes that he had never seen before. And he was loving every second of it! He couldn't even think straight, when he felt a rope being very securely tied around the backs of his legs, tying it around the whole damn bed, pinning him in place so that he couldn't change positions, even if he wanted to.

"Hn. I've always wanted to taste you, Aniki..." Sasuke's voice had gone soft-rough, it was strange.

"Aaaahhnn! Sasuke!"

Itachi cried out when he felt something warm and wet wiggling it's way just inside his entrance. He hadn't been expecting that...

"Oh yes, Aniki. Scream my name!"

And again, the slick wet appendage found it's target, and wormed it's way inside once more. Itachi couldn't stop himself from slightly pushing back on the tongue that was invading his privates in such a way... Sasuke pressed in two fingers to join it, sending Itachi into instant heaven. He closed his eyes, threw his head back, and moaned.

Sasuke had had enough. he decided to go ahead and stretch Itachi, let him experience what it felt like to have someone inside of him. His older brother didn't mind the stretching, and in one swift push, he was in.

"Mhmmm, Nii-san..." Sasuke moaned, and was panting heavily, not moving. He brought his hands around to grip Itachi's hips firmly. "I never thought you'd be like this... Nnnhh, so tight!"

"You're my first, Otouto. And you are the only person that I would ever allow to top me."

These words really got to Sasuke, but he didn't show it at all. He just began moving, setting a slow and torturous pace for them. Right away he knew he had hit Itachi's prostate, when the older man cried out loudly. He'd never thought he would hear Itachi scream, but he was wrong.

Sasuke began slamming into his ass, the moment he found what he'd been searching for. He wanted to make this an experience that itachi would never forget.

"Ah, ah, AHHH!" Itachi found that he could no longer form coherent speech. It was all vowel sounds from that point on. "Ah, eee... ohhhh, Sasuke-kun..."

He felt every rough movement, as his little brother pounded the daylights out of him. He was literally being fucked into the mattress, and there was nothing he could do about it. Not that he wanted to, but... The force that Sasuke was using to fuck his ass was amazing, and each time he hit his sweet spot dead on! And when his brother found his long black ponytail dangling so prettily across his back, Sasuke grabbed it and pulled cruelly, using it for extra leverage to help him ride Itachi. He could feel the heat tightening in his belly, and soon he knew it would all be over. Itachi's balls tightened up, and...

"Ohhhh, my gods, Sasukeeeee!"

"Mhmm, 'tachi-Nii-san..." Sasuke closed his eyes, as he came deep inside his lover's depths. It felt amazing, the way Itachi's ass squeezed his shaft just right, the way it seemed to suck the sticky white cum right from his body... It was hot!

"You're still not seme..." Itachi panted out, once it was all over. "But I'll have to let you do that to me more often, Sasu-chan. We can switch..."

"Hn. Sounds good to me. Aniki?"


"I love you."

Itachi smoothed the hair out of Sasuke's face. "I love you too, Otouto. Never forget that. I will always love you with all my heart, Sasu-chan. You are all I will ever need."

The next day, the morning news showed Sasori being taken away to jail for child molestation, and other seedy things. Itachi had decided that Deidara should have his own share of the lottery money, so he could get his life back on track, without that creepy redhead to screw things up for him.

"I'll miss you guys un!" He said after giving both uchihas a fond hug goodbye. "But I'll still be around. Especially when you need someone to party with un. See ya later, yeah! And thanks again, Itachi-sama!"

"Goodbye, Deidara-kun," Itachi stated, with a slight smile on his face. Leave it to Sasuke to bring out the best in him.

Sasuke was even a little sad to see him go, but he only hugged him and let Itachi handle the rest. He was still a little pissed off about what he'd found out Itachi did with the blonde. But that really was Itachi's fault, not Deidara's. And he really had made up for it.

A few weeks later it was reported that Sasori hung himself in prison. It didn't surprise anyone. All his possessions had been left to Deidara, who had them burned.

As for the Uchihas, they grew bitter and antisocial together. Itachi and Sasuke both realized that they didn't need the outside world at all! All it offered them was trouble. They became known as the two crazy millionaires who hadn't been seen leaving their mansion in over 20 years. But everything was alright to them.

Sometimes, a pink-haired girl could be seen weeping out in front of the gates to their estate. Other times it was a blonde guy.

"I love you Otouto..."

"I love you too, Nii-san... Punish me again?"

"Hell yes!"

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