A simple white kimono and a katana. These two things have only one thing in common; death. Usually these two particular objects wouldn't be associated with one another, but when put together they exist in complete harmony. While one is a symbol of purity, the other is one of violence. It's simple as one plus one equals two. In this case the sum is pureness and cleansing, an escape from the human hell which we call Earth. But this wasn't what Uzumaki Naruto was thinking as he was prodded along a thin, narrow walkway to meet his fate. What consumed his weary mind now, was fear.

Fear of what was, what is, and what will be. If there was an after life, or if it was just nothingness. Fear of what would happen to his loved ones, his village, and his once-lover. A thin line of spit leaked from the corner of his gagged mouth while bound hands lay limp behind him. Sapphire eyes were closed off to the world behind a black blindfold. One last nudge and he was pushed over the edge of a cliff, falling to meet his violent end at the bottom of a sharp pit filled with broken shards of swords and metal.

A gasp filled the air as metal pierced scarred flesh. Muscle, bone, tissue collided with deadly glittering spikes. An exhale of breath, then, stillness. Naruto Uzumaki was no more.